Monday, September 3, 2012

School List

Stasha, over at The Good Life, is at it again! She hosts Monday Listicles each week and today is no exception. This week's theme is "Back-to-School". Just make your own list, head over to Stasha's blog and join in the fun!

  1. Less money spent on back to school items and yet, money still spent on back to school items as I cannot stay away from the pretty pens and journals- have y'all seen what those old black and white marbled composition books look like nowadays? They're awesome- I stock up and use them for my daily journal.
  2. I can leave the house in the mornings after school traffic dies down instead of having to be right in the throws of it. Parents driving kids to school can be quite nasty. And we wonder where the kids get it...
  3. No more rushing around getting four daughters ready and to school on time. Because it always was a rush no matter how early I got up to get started because even though they had bedtimes, NO ONE wanted to get up in the mornings. Except on Saturdays.
  4. I do not have to fill out 547,348 pieces of paper ( x 4) on the first evening of school to be turned in the very next day OR ELSE. Or else what? I think I was the only parent who ever sent that crap back in the second day of school. I guess 'or else' was a good enough threat for me.
  5. I get nostalgic every time I drive by the elementary school and see the little kids on the playground. They're just the cutest little things!
  6. No more scheduling appointments around school hours. I can schedule what I want, when I want.
  7. No more homework to check. And no more asking a bazillion times every night, "Did you finish your homework yet?"
  8. No more sassy mouthed high school students to get out of bed.
  9. No more last minute (and I mean the night before and, sometimes, the morning of) poster board or costume needs. I swear I think we moms learn speedy quick how to pull these things out of thin air.
  10. Plenty of time for that morning coffee! relaxing.
What does 'back-to-school mean to y'all?


  1. Wow, with 4 gone, it must really seem quiet. I won't miss the paperwork, that's for sure!

  2. Four girls to get How many bathrooms did you have? There are many things to look forward to once the children go off to pursue their own interests. With our first off to college this fall, I can already see less chaos in our world.

  3. I miss the Fall - here in FL it's just not the same feeling to me - no crisp autumn air, etc. I sometimes still buy "school supplies" for myself though. :)

  4. Don't forget all the checks that had to be written and attached to some of those 1000's of papers. All in the first week but paying for stuff that wouldn't happen until May!

    Nope, don't miss the kids' school days. My own? That's a different story.

  5. Stacie- That paperwork was ridiculous! It does really seem quiet around here. Except for the husband. And the dog. LOL

    South- We only have 2 bathrooms and the girls shared one. It worked! You would think it'll be less chaos, but college still throws some your way from time to time. But it all works out!

    Betty- Thanks! There are some good times to be had!

    MMS- We don't get much here in Charleston, SC either. But it's usually enough to make it enjoyable. I wouldn't dare move to Florida- cause you're right, it's even less of a change than here. Plus, it's hotter there and I can't take it any hotter than here!

    Stephanie- Oh yeah! There were quite a lot of those! I miss my own too! Good times! :)

  6. I was happy when there were no more science projects!

  7. The bajillion forms drive me crazy. But I'll admit it was kind of weird for me that middle school somehow started with only one form. I was so confused. Do they not need all that information? Is it finally stored in a computer somewhere?

  8. That sounds like it was hectic during school for you. I totally agree with you about traffic too, talk about scary drivers.

    Back to school for me means procrastination. I can always do it tomorrow, right?

  9. I cannot even imagine the craziness that must have been your life with four girls! (hopefully not all or most in high school at the same time!)

  10. Debby- Me too! Especially when they started Science Fair. UGH.

    Katie- We still had the bazillion in middle school. Count yourself lucky! Or else, check the bookbag for escaped forms. LOL

    jennifer- It was but we did have fun. Yep, there's always least, until there isn't. :)

    Bard- It was crazy and it was crazy fun! There were three in high school at once. That was fun. :)

  11. I really like your list and I know I will always have a weakness for the back to school aisle at Target or where ever I am. I always have to buy a new notebook.
    I am almost done well sort of, as soon as the last three get out of college then I will be really done so I guess I have awhile yet. Tuition and books are killers.
    Have a great day,

  12. Loved your list and it brought back memories which were long forgotten! Oh the paperwork!! I had each of the kids fill out their own and I would sign, we had it down to a science with the older ones helping the younger kids!
    Have a great week!

  13. Back to school means just about everything on your list plus...

    vacationers are gone from the cottages along the lake and the playgrounds are now all open to the little ones as the big ones are now gone and so the larger playgrounds are now only filled (during the week) with the young children making it a much happier visit for the little ones.

  14. I agree with your list.
    -7 -8 -9 = 10 in your list. Here's to morning coffee relaxing!

  15. Kim- They really are hard to resist, aren't they? Such pretty colors and, at Target, environmentally friendly! :) Happy wedding planning!

    Shawn- I never had the girls fill out their own paper work. God only knows what they would have put down. LOL

    living- We should have fewer tourists too. For a little bit anyway. Too bad our higher prices don't go away when the tourists leave.

    bill- Thanks! That morning coffee---there's just nothing quite so relaxing. Except maybe an Irish cream by the fire in winter.

    Lucy- Thanks!

  16. 4 girls! I do hope you had more than one bathroom. I do believe that's my husband's greatest fear....four daughters with only one (and a half) bathrooms getting ready for school.

  17. Mine hasn't even started school yet and this makes me look forward to him going to college ;)
    I agree with you, parents dropping kids of to school are the most dangerous drivers around. Sometimes I wish they would have a shot f tequila to relax a bit!

  18. Ha-I don't miss putting my coat over my pjs to hit the grocery store all the while praying there was one piece of poster board left : )

  19. Ditto! and I love the New School Supplies too.


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