Sunday, September 2, 2012

Synergy Fitness and the End of a Challenge

This first Sunday in September marks the end of the Summer Sizzle Challenge. But it certainly doesn't mark the end of the summer HEAT and HUMIDITY. Stupid weather.

I have been a terrible challenger this summer. I got bored and then I just didn't care to track and then I just didn't care at all. I blame in on the aforementioned HEAT and HUMIDITY that caused me to lose my motivation and eat lots of frozen yogurt. Yes, I really am blaming the weather and I'm not ashamed.

But the challenge was good in many ways---
  • I met new bloggers/challengers
  • I learned more about myself 
  • I learned tons about true organic foods and about those evil monsters at the Monsanto corporation
  • I increased my fitness awareness and level
  • I discovered Phil Campbell's Synergy workout program featuring the Sprint 8
  • I walked quickly up three flights of stairs and did not have to stop at the top for a few minutes before continuing to the car
So even though I wasn't very good to the challenge, the challenge was very good to me.

And Rochelle? She's just the best challenge host EVER! I adore her! Her leadership qualities are phenomenal and her care for the challengers was felt and appreciated by all.

All in all, I only lost about 10 pounds- at least that's what I can figure from my best guess. And that's fine. It's not about the weight loss at this point. I'm focusing on increasing my fitness level now and I'm pouring 100% into that.

Yes, I need to lose a bunch of weight. But the weight gods (as Rochelle calls them) are not in my corner right now. So I called forth the fitness gods and we're kicking ass!

I'm keeping a daily journal of the Synergy workout plan that you are more than welcome to read by clicking here. And feel free to leave comments there too! I've just completed Week 2 of the 8 week commitment and I'm already noticing differences in shape and fitness!

I won't be posting any before and after pictures from the challenge. HOWEVER, I am planning on posting before and after shots for the Synergy program. Only 6 weeks left.

There are some leaves from one of the neighbor's trees falling into my yard right now. Which is a promising sign of fall---even though it's hard to appreciate when the temperature is 91 degrees. The weather app on my phone says the humidity is only 66%. The weather app is lying.

I'm not joining in another challenge for the fall. I'm on my own with this Synergy workout. BTW, I emailed Phil Campbell (the guy who wrote the book) and he emailed me back! He also put me in touch with the woman who is gathering research. She lost 80 pounds just doing the Synergy program. And I do believe here because she's not asking for money. LOL Seriously, head over to my Synergy tab and follow the links. Maybe this is something that will work for you!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Regardless of your personal journey- I wish you great success!


  1. Congrats on your total loss 10 pounds is great!! You are doing a great job!! I am very proud of you! Maybe we can find a new challenge to hop on to!! -Kody

  2. I think 10lbs is a lot! Congratulations! (even if it's not all about weight loss!).
    I always find it funny how you're longing for autumn, while we here want to hang onto summer...wouldn't it be great if you could give us some of your spare degrees? Oh, maybe you have, cos our forecast for this week is sun, and 19 degrees! That's celcius, not sure in F but think about 40? Anyway, warm! So, if you did send over some of that warmth, THANK YOU, WE LOVE IT!

  3. You lost 10 pounds!!! That is so great! You must be doing something right.
    I am so glad you posted this, I always enjoy seeing how you are doing.

  4. I think anything called Synergy has to have something going for it:-) The thing about focusing on fitness is that weight loss is inevitable. It is like focusing on things like kindness and art and beauty and forgiveness and what I can do for you... and you get joy. You weren't focusing on how to get joy but it came through all of those other things. I think life works like that more than we know.

    Wishing you much success with your Synergy program!!!

  5. I think you did great this summer, given the unbearable heat and humidity, what's really important is your level of fitness and that seems to be improving all the time. Great job!

  6. Shhh, last week was an awesome week for me...sure wish I would of been more head in the game all summer. Lost 8 lbs (I know it won't always be that way but will take week one).
    Good luck with your new exercise program.

  7. Ten ponds is A-okay in my book. I will have to look into that synErgy program. I, as you know, am also focusing on fitness.

    Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my log!

  8. It was great to have met you through the challenge! Losing 10 lbs over the summer is great.
    Good luck with your continuing fitness and health endeavors! :)


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