Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dogs, Squirrels and The Daybook

 I just love participating in The Simple Woman's Daybook! Y'all should really check it out! There's a giveaway going on too! Peggy also has 2 brand new blogs-- The Simple Woman's Creative Journal and The Simple Woman's Kitchen and Garden that you can link up to as well!


Outside my window...the squirrels are giving the dogs a fit. Which leads to the dogs giving me a fit because I am constantly having to stop everything to let them out, and then let them back in. Then I repeat this process about 498,566 times JUST IN THE MORNING.
I am thinking...that maybe squirrels aren't as cute as I once thought.

I am thankful...for getting a heads up about an opening at the elementary school the lovelies attended and for getting the job.

In the kitchen...people (read: the husband) keep leaving their dirty dishes for me to wash. Who says there's less cleaning in an empty nest?

I am workout clothes because I have yet to do my Synergy workout for the day. Though I did take the dogs for a walk. Where they pulled me all over the trail because they were trying to chase squirrels.

I am creating...knitted squares to be put together in a quilt. We'll see how this goes since most things look great in my head but rarely do the results even remotely resemble what was in my head. 
I am where. Because it's too hot outside.

I am wondering...when, exactly, cooler temps are going to arrive.

I am reading...THAT book. And I will post about it at some point.

I am hoping...and praying for a long, chilly fall and cold winter!

I am looking forward to...a long, chilly fall and cold winter!
I am learning...that I am quite good at skimming through THOSE parts in THAT book.

Around the house...there is dog hair everywhere. I vacuum at least twice every day but there's still dog hair all over the place. I keep telling the lovelies that I love it when they come home but no more big, shedding dogs. And every time they come, there's a big shedding dog. Tucker is little. And he doesn't shed.

The shedder:

The non-shedder:

I am to keep the squirrels out of my yard.

A favorite quote for today..."A squirrel is just a rat in a cuter outfit."

One of my favorite not vacuuming up dog hair. Though I have to do it at least twice a day. (Did I already mention that?)
A few plans for the rest of the week: praying for a long, chilly fall and cold winter (SERIOUSLY- several of us are going to pray together on Friday at noon [eastern time] if y'all would like to join us!); finishing up THAT book; letting the dogs out...and then back in...and repeating all day/every day.

A peek into my day...Here's Tucker (my dog who does NOT shed) sitting on my desk where he can look out the window at the squirrels. See that look on his face? "PLEASE, can I go out and bark at the squirrels?"

What's on your agenda today?


  1. Stop sitting there at your computer and get on with hoovering up that dang dog hair!! LOL! This was a fun post and I enjoyed it. When you say 'that' book , do you mean THAT book, that is actually three books?! Perhaps you could Hoover up the squirrels at the same time!

  2. I enjoy doing "The Simple Woman's Daybook", too.

    Vacuuming dog hair doesn't sound like much fun :(

    Are you going to read the entire trilogy, or stop with the first one? The last two books are the best, and have somewhat less of THOSE PARTS. I'll be waiting to see what you post :)

  3. How fun :)
    I'm a disaster with a vacuum cleaner - somehow I always get tangled up when I'm trying (the solution is to just let the hubby do it) - your dogs are adorable!

  4. A Job? Hope you love it! When does it start?
    Annnnd.......Squirrels are just rats with a fluffy tail!

  5. Diane- ARGH! How I have come to hate that vacuum! Yes, I mean THAT book that is actually THREE books. It's flat out scandalous! :)

    Kathy- It's not fun at all. Thankfully there are things like the daybook to break it up, right? :) I'll probably read the whole series. I hope the writing gets better.

    Plum- The husband? Ha! Mine is not the least bit bothered by dog hair or anything else. So the vacuuming would NEVER get done if I waited on him. Even if I got tangled up in the cord. LOL

    just- Yes! I will love it because it's with elementary students and they are the best to teach! It begins Monday! Fluffy tail- and annoying. LOL

  6. The birds and lizards do that to Skye! Don't get me started on the dishes the husbands leaves on the counter. Cute pictures. After having Labs for years we eventually went to non-shedding dogs!

  7. I just finished a book called Gone Girl. It is generating a lot of buzz (not the same sort as your book, ahem) but I still can't decide how I feel about the end.

  8. I genuinely laughed out loud reading your post!! I've had to read out what was making me laugh to my husband because he kept asking me what was so funny and I've ended up reading most of it out to him lol!

    You could combine two of your problems at one time here - why not use your dog hair to make a blanket? That way you can kill two birds with one stone haha!!

    Hope the squirrels don't torment your dogs for too much longer. Praying for cooler weather for you too.

    Best wishes - Pam

  9. I took the dogs to the park today for our walk. I drove bus and instead of coming home thought how nice a walk/jog in the park would be. My goodness, there were squirrels everywhere and I spent more time pulling here or getting pulled there then walking/jogging. I think more arm and back exercise then legs. We don't have to many squirrels out here, to many foxes, cats and other things that think they taste good (my sister too). I am way out of the loop so haven't a clue what "that" book is, or those three books.
    Take care Pam and have an awesome evening.

  10. Debby- Strider will go after the birds too but Tucker is only interested in those squirrels. We had golden retrievers and a german shepherd...that's why we went to a non-shedding dog. And I do not miss the hair!

    Joyce- I'll have to check that one out! I read a book recently that I was disappointed with the end...but the second book in the series was helpful---I'll be posting about those soon and hosting a giveaway!

    Pam- Trust me, there's enough dog hair around here to do just that! LOL Those darn squirrels are here all the time. It's going to be interesting should one of the dogs actually catch one!

    Julie- We ended up going to the park with the dogs too. And it was HOT! Poor Tucker was gasping for breath so I had to carry him. Strider yanks me every which way on our morning walks trying to get those squirrels---THAT book is Fifty Shades of Grey. You have a nice evening too!

  11. Without a doubt, this is the best day book entry I have ever read, you had me laughing at every bit. Your photos are wonderful. Did I read you right? Did you get a job? Cool!!
    I will be praying with you at 9:00 Am my time.

  12. nice post thanks for sharing i found your blog thrue other followers looking for to visit more blessings

  13. On my agenda today? Hoping our tortoise finally comes home from the vet today. He's been there forever and we miss him!

    A note re GONE GIRL - a lot of people have mixed feelings about the ending. I thought the book was wild but my husband wouldn't even finish reading it, he hated the characters that much.

  14. Enjoyed your post. My dog would fit in with yours very well. Loves to bark at squirrels and cats and most anything that moves. She's shedding too.

  15. On my quest to find out what job, I reread your posts. I remember reading this one, but the job thing went right over my head and radar didn't pick it up. Teaching?


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