Monday, September 24, 2012

Homey Listicles

It's Monday and time to join Stasha over at The Good Life for Monday Listicles! Each week Stasha gives us a theme for our lists. This week, we have THINGS IN YOUR HOME theme. All you have to do to join the fun is click on the link or the button!

  1. Dog hair. From the shedding dog. The one that's not mine but that I have to vacuum up after a gazillion times every day. 
  2. Living room walls that still need to be painted but that will take even longer to get around to now that I'm working again.
  3. My big ass television that gets very little play time until football season starts- then it's on every time there's a game on. AND, with Knology, there's a game on nearly all the time! WooHoo!
  4. A couple of area rugs that are going to have to be replaced when Birdie moves into her apartment because of the dirt her shedding dog brings in the house AND because somebody's little dog who sneaks in with dirty paws while I'm wiping the big dog's feet off. 
  5. A bazillion/gazillion pictures of the lovelies.
  6. A vacuum cleaner that never gets put away because I have to use it a gazillion times a day to vacuum up the dog hair.
  7. BooksBooksBooksBooksBooks! EVERYWHERE! Most have already been read, others are on the list. We have little kid books too- because I've always been a collector of children's books and loads of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas themed books that I adore. Then there are classics and newer works; all of Jen Lancaster's books; historical biographies; name it, we probably have it. Oh, and the Fifty Shades trilogy. 
  8. Christmas music boxes. I love these things!
  9. Very eclectic decor. I'm not kidding. We have everything from my great-grandmother's sideboard to handmade bookcases to a sofa and chairs we bought 10 years ago. Nothing's new. But it's quite cozy in our house. 
  10.  Dirt. That's right. There's dirt in my house. From the big shedding, male dog and the little stinker, male dog and the man who tracks in everything. The two females in the house don't track in anything dirty. See the pattern?
Thanks, Stasha! This is always such fun! Y'all can have fun with it too! Just click the button at the top of this post and join in! 


  1. I could say ditto to about 8 of those 10, including all the dirt tracked in by the males of the household on two and four feet. Thankfully, the bipedal male cleans up after himself and his gang of dogs. Hope you have a great day at school :)

  2. There is a definate theme running through this post.... LOL
    Luckily Millie doesn't shed because I hate to vacuum :)

  3. I can see you need to have dog hair tolerance therapy. It involves staying at my house for a few days. LOL

    Speaking of your Christmas books, what's one of your favorites? I collect children's Christmas books and like to get a new one each Christmas.

  4. I enjoy your lists. Ditto on the dog hair. Except I have cat hair too.
    I like that you have so many books and that your collect holiday kinds and that you like children's books. I have a very large collection of children's books too. I just love them.
    I hope this is a great week!

  5. I hear you about the shedding dog; corgis are notorious for being big shedders, year round too.

    Your house seems lovely with the furniture, the books, and the music boxes! My sister got into the habit of sending the kids music boxes at Christmas when they were young. I rarely display them any more and not sure the kids want them as they have grown, but it was neat to have them decorating the house at Christmas in years past.

    A lovely Monday to you!


  6. Even though they bring in dirt, what would we do without those little rascals?! :) When our Nico gets up from his favorite sleeping place behind the chair in our living (lucky with tile floors), he leaves behind a pile of sand! :)
    No vacuuming for me, but enough sweeping...

  7. See, that's one of the nice things about tortoises - they don't shed. :) Have a great week!

  8. When we got a dog, a non-shedding breed was a pre-requisite for me. I can't deal with constant vacuuming. You are a saint!

  9. I think I would feel quite at home in your house!!

  10. i love music boxes too---and so need to paint my main rooms!!! one day :)

  11. ditto 7, 9 and 10. Oh, big ditto on the dirt. I'm trying to live up to my mother's saying I would eat a peck of dirt before I died. She didn't give me a head start so I'm making up for it. Gardeners are dirt trackers just like dogs.

  12. dog hair... when I had a shedding dog I felt like all I did was vacuum and sweep. Kinda liking this little non-shedder :)

  13. I'm from the eclectic school of decorating myself. Of course, it's all covered in dog hair as well. And cat hair too.

  14. I've got the book thing going on too. Had to buy another bookcase so they weren't laying all over the floor. And I have dirt too. Lots of it. Maybe I should pull the vacuum out and just leave it out like you do...then maybe I'd use it. ;-)

  15. Books everywhere here too, no dog hair cos no dog, but lots of cables- we must surely have enough to open a cable shop. I can't see why manufacturers cannot all use the same size and shape socket thingys, then ONE cable would remain, and I could throw away all the others, all of which I've no idea what they're for!!!

  16. Alessandra- Why the heck are they so dirty? It seems they just don’t pay attention or something. Lucky for you at least one of them does clean up. The day was a good one! How was yours?

    Kim- My Tucker doesn’t shed either. It’s Birdie’s dog, Stider who sheds. Birdie does do some of the vacuuming though so that’s helpful.

    Judy- Yikes! I think I’ll just stick with Strider. At least I know he’s moving in a month. LOL We had a golden retriever and that was some shedding too! I’ll have to email you some of the titles of my children’s Christmas books!

    Kim- thanks! We used to have cat hair but, once the last one passed away, I decided no more. Children’s books are the best! Thanks! Hope yours is great too---and problem free.

    Stacie- I have a non-shedder too. It’s my daughter’s dog that sheds. Luckily, he’s moving in a month. LOL

    betty- My dog is a non-shedder but my daughter’s dog isn’t so I’m not used to having to deal with the hair. Everyone says our house it cozy. And I like that. Our girls take their music boxes once they move into a permanent home. So far, that’s just one of them. LOL I love those music boxes though- my mother is the one who started the tradition and she gave me one each Christmas too. Thanks!

    Betty! Where have you been?! I wouldn’t give up my little Tucky for anything! The husband, on the other hand…LOL

    MMS- Excellent point. LOL
    wife- Mine is a non-shedder but our daughter came back home for a few months and her dog does shed. A lot. A saint? Nope. A wuss is more like it. LOL

    Betty! I’ve missed you! Good to see you back! I’m glad you feel that way- and you’re more than welcome here any time!

    LP- One day is right! But it’s not today. LOL

    Stephanie- I love the eclectic look. It’s cozier. And the dirt blends in better. LOL

    Jessica- I enjoy our non-shedder too. We had a golden retriever when the lovelies were growing up. Now that was some dog hair! Birdie is moving in a month and the dog hair is going with her.

    South-Isn’t eclectic cozy?! I love it this way. Hahahahaha! All covered in dog hair! LOL

    Kate- We’ve got 9 bookcases now. And I should probably get rid of some of the books. But I just can’t! I love reading them and seeing them! You know, it really does help if you leave it out. Which is the real reason I do leave it out. LOL

    Mimi- Cables? Yep, we’ve got those too. All exposed because the husband has never built the little thingy he said he’d build to hide them. Maybe I should have said that one thing I have in the house is a man who doesn’t do what he says he’ll do. LOL

  17. I'm going to take a wild guess and say you are tired of vacuuming. I know what you mean, I got so fed up with the dog hair at one time I ripped up all the carpeting thinking that would be easier. It meant I had a broom in hand at least several times a day, should have had it surgically attached :-)

    I finally picked out the color to paint my bathroom, but now need to find the time to do it.

  18. I never put my vacuum away either. Too much hair here, too. Think of all the time we have saved not putting away that appliance. ;) Ellen

  19. Eclectic is good, I think. If we get another dog, it will be a golden retriever, even if it means a lot of shedding. ;-)

  20. living- You got it! I know, it doesn't matter whether it's carpet or not- the hair is there and it gets everywhere! What color?

    Debby- It does. And cozy too!

    Ellen- That's a good way to look at it- as a time saver not putting it away. Though I think I'll be glad to put it away when they move out next month. :)

    Kathy- I like it. I don't feel like I have to stand on ceremony. We loved having our golden retriever. He was great- even with the hair. It was so sad when he passed.

  21. I want to come over! You're house sounds warm and comfy, but mostly to check out all of your books!

  22. If you ever come to my house for dinner there is a very high chance you will ingest a dog hair. These creatures never stop shedding do they???! Love that you have lots of photos displayed!


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