Sunday, September 23, 2012


I really enjoy my job. Except this past Friday when I had the day from H.E.L.L. and seriously considered quitting--just for a brief moment. Hopefully that travesty will never happen again. I just don't appreciate it when people ask someone to change horses in the middle of the stream and then give them no time to get your ducks in a row before taking on the challenge. Good thing I'm quick on my feet. And still have relatively sharp mental faculties.

The for real worse part of every day is that I completely miss this face---

I am quite glad that our schedules are different so that someone is home with him all the time-- I'd hate for him to miss out on chasing the squirrels up the tree--

And playing frisbee---

It's a dog's life around here!

How was your week?


  1. I totally feel ya on the job thing. I think we should have a bring your dog to work day every day at school. That way, when the kids or adults get on my nerves, I can control my blood pressure by playing with my chis. I looooooove Tuckerrrrrrr:)

  2. What a cutie Tucker is! I can see why you would miss that face being gone from him during the day. I bet he is really glad to see you when you come home! Sorry Friday was not the most ideal of work days, but good that it was Friday so you had Saturday and Sunday to regroup and recoup. One of the advantages to me working at home is I get to see Koda's face and pet him throughout the day; the disadvantage is when he decides to lie right on my foot pedal as I'm trying to work or when he decides he needs to bark at something outside when I'm listening to a particularly hard thing to transcribe :)

    Good in your case that someone is home with Tucker most of the time so he is able to enjoy his freedom to explore his yard and keep it safe from squirrels!

    enjoy Sunday!


  3. Alessandra- YES! Fantastic idea- though I might be tempted to get a bigger, mean dog to deal with those who thwart my efforts at being a nice person. LOL

    betty- I have been home with Tuck for 3 years so it's been really hard. But he does have Birdie here every day and Strider so he's not bored or upset. And, yes, he is quite happy to see me when I return home. It's only a 6 hour day, so it's not so bad. Hope your weekend was a good one!

  4. I wondered about you, I hope you don't ever have that many kind of days. It would really be hard for me to leave that cute little face too.
    I love that shot with his food on the Frisbee.
    I am glad you updated. I would have to say that my whole week starting last Sunday was a week straight out of hell. But today so far things are going okay. :) I have my fingers crossed that it will be a nice week. Anyway that is the plan.

  5. Ouch! That sounds serious if you thought - even for a nano-second - about quitting. Hope this week is better. You could put a little Tucker video on the iPhone for a quick pick-me-up during the day.

  6. Kim- I shouldn't have any more of those kind. I had to switch gears quickly and I hate doing that. I read your post about the crazy lady. I had to catch up with several posts at your blog! I'll email you soon!

    Stephanie- I was so aggravated. But I persevered and got through it. Even though it SUCKED. LOL Birdie actually sends me video and pictures on the phone during the day- and it really does help!

  7. I have those wanting to quit my job days about 365 days of the year... ok, so I'm exaggerating slightly... your wee doggie, though, he's about as cute as they come. Adorable. Can't you take him to work with you?

  8. Cathy- I WISH I could take him with me! But the students would spoil him and he's quite spoiled enough as it is. LOL

  9. Tucker really is SUCH a cutie, and I love, love these pics ! Fantastic shots. I can imagine that you miss his little face when you're at work :( Hope your weekend has gone well.

  10. Diane- I have to agree with you. :) The weekend has been fantastic- football for two days! LOL Hope yours was nice and warm!

  11. Aw Pam, sorry you miss your pup... :( Also, sorry you had a sucky day Friday.
    --boy, you are right, I see serious similarities in tucker and my pup Maizie. They might be long lost doggie relatives!

  12. Such a cute face!
    I know what you mean, someone is always home here which makes for some happy dogs.

  13. Jessica- It's the part of the job I hate the most, leaving Tucker. But I do enjoy teaching little kids. Friday was just a fluke. I hope. :) We should get Maizie and Tucky together! Then you and I could go over to the beach and hang out with a case...I mean, a glass of wine. LOL

    Debby- Isn't he a cutie?! :) It does help that he's not alone, that's for sure!

  14. I miss Wilbur and Scout every day too. Being a daycare mama let me be home with them all the time and now I'm gone for so long almost every day. This next week will even be worse. By time my week is done with regular bus, daycare and activities I will have over 80 hours in the bus and no puppy time.
    I am also missing the daycare kids really bad this weekend and Mike, even worse. Which by the way he's doing much better now after his professors had a talk with him about how great he is and his grade point average is 3.9 with perfect attendence. He wanted to quit and come home, just not feeling it for a couple of weeks. Now they have him tudoring, doing a work study program and found him a couple temp jobs to fill in the blanks. He gets to work at a haunted prison for the month of October. He's excited and I am happy he's happy.
    Life is good, just so different and sorta lonely.
    Take care Pam and have a blessed rest of the weekend.

  15. I know what you mean about someone keeping them company!!!...:)JP

  16. Tucker is such a cutie, I see how you miss him when you're at work.
    Hope things are better now, must've been bad for you to thinnk of quitting, cos you're no quitter.

  17. He is adorable! What kind is he?

    Sorry you had a tough day...hope things are better soon.

  18. He is just too darn adorable. No wonder you hate leaving him.
    I have had so many work days like you described lately. Unfortunately quitting is not an option(but I get tempted)

  19. Every day it´s hard to leave Nico home. They just look at you so sad...don´t they?
    I hope your week goes better this week.

    P.S. I posted about my daughter bridal shower and took pictures, while thinking of you. :)

  20. I'm sure he misses you too : ).


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