Saturday, September 29, 2012

If the Days of the Week were People

Since I've gotten back into the working world, I saw a prompt at Writing Fix that I thought would be fun to do. The prompt suggested picking one day of the week, but I wrote about all of them....since they all carry meaning now.

If Monday were a person, we would have a love/hate relationship. Though I would try to embrace him as someone who offered new opportunities and a brand new start, there would be times when I would shun him for showing up too soon and waking me up before the sun.

If Tuesday were a person, she would be encouraging by reminding me I survived Monday’s visit and provide me with humor by reminding me that the rest of the week is WTF…

If Wednesday were a person, I would love him. I would know that, as soon as he arrived, my friend Friday would not be far behind.

If Thursday were a person, I would embrace her as a friend near and dear to my heart for she would always bring me hope that a time for rest and relaxation was coming soon.

And then there’s Friday. If Friday was a person, he would be my BFF. I would look forward to seeing him every time he came around. I would spend the entire week awaiting his arrival. I would do spins and dances and shouts for joy every single time he arrived. And sometimes, just because he was my BFF, he would bring the lovelies home with him!

If Saturdays and Sundays were people, I’d love them unconditionally from August to February because they would bring me football every time they came by and would never ask me to get up and go to work. They would encourage me to get my chores and workouts done early so that I could spend the rest of the day watching football! But then, I would pout and be moody and not talk to them from February through July because they would take my beloved football away. 

How would you look at the days of the week if they were people?

BTW- the winner of the book giveaway-- Until My Soul Gets It Right--is JUDY at CRANBERRY MORNING! Congrats Judy!!!


  1. What a cute writing prompt and I love how you described the days of your week! Each day was so unique in your description of it that it was hard to pick a favorite of them (though I did like your weekend, definitely I think you like football :)

    Sunday is my truest best friend, especially around 2:30 p.m. (naptime :)

    enjoy the games you watch this weekend!


  2. Great description of the week and love the personal touch of football love. Enjoy your football weekend :)

  3. Clever idea. I kind of like Thursday because it's an awkward sort of day. I think I just like its name :)

  4. Wednesday would be my favourite at the moment, cos once it comes, I know Friday is her way, but actually I try not to wish away the days and to unwrap and enjoy each one as it comes. It helps that I love my job, and have great colleagues.

  5. That is a very neat exercise. I never thought much about the others like I do Monday.
    I am glad you wrote that I will be thinking of it. I hope you are having a nice weekend.

  6. What an interesting exercise. I really enjoyed how you view the days of the week.

  7. I like this Pam. Each day means such different things. So cool.
    Hope all is well. Take care and God Bless!

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :-)

    And I'll have to give that some thought - about the days of the week. Fun thing to contemplate. :-)

  9. I enjoyed reading your take on daily personas. But it would be too difficult for me to compare since I don't do much according to any daily schedule. In fact, I'd probably suffer from Halfheimerz 'cause most days for me just mingle on to the next. I'd see Monday and wonder if he/she was actually Tuesday or Sunday. I'm not good at face recognition either. ;0)

  10. betty- I thought it would be fun! I definitely do like football…no, LOVE football! LOL I’m not opposed to nap time either.

    Lucy- Thanks! I did enjoy all 4 college games yesterday but my Panthers broke my heart again today.

    Stephanie- Thursday is sort of awkward. So is the word ‘awkward.’ LOL

    Mimi- I try not to wish mine away either. Especially when I saw how quickly time flew by with the lovelies growing up. I have great colleagues too. It’s the powers that be that drive us all nuts. LOL

    Kim- Thanks! Give it a try, I bet yours would be fantastic!

    Kathy- I had fun with it! Thanks!

    Julie- Thanks! All is well here. How are you doing? How’s Mike?

    Judy- So glad you won! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

    Anni- Thanks! My days were like that too until I took this job. Now, they have a whole new meaning. LOL

  11. What a creative piece - Saturday is my favorite, Sunday nights get me down :)

  12. I really like this post. My favorite ones are of course saturday and sunday, saturday because I go to the beach and relax and sunday for the same reason as you do, football. My stupid Giants lost tonight, so I'm not too happy right about now, and stupid MOnday is on its way...oh well!


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