Monday, October 1, 2012

Autumnal Listicles

It's Monday and time to join Stasha over at The Good Life for Monday Listicles! Each week Stasha gives us a theme for our lists. This week, we have the 10 AUTUMN MUST HAVES theme. All you have to do to join the fun is click on the link or the button!

  1. Sweaters. When I have to put on a sweater because the temps are chilly outside, I know it's autumn. I'm not wearing sweaters right now. Because, so far, autumn has eluded us. 
  2. Long pants. I love putting away my capris for long pants when the cool temps of autumn arrive! I'm still wearing carpis every single freaking day. Because, so far, autumn has eluded us.
  3. The changing of the leaves. One of my most favorite sights to see are the stunning colors that come along with autumn. Everything's green here. Because there aren't that many trees in the area that change color...most of them were knocked down by hurricane Hugo in 1989. They never made a come back.  Which is a moot point because, so far, autumn has eluded us.
  4. My big floppy socks. These are big socks that used to belong to the husband. I love flopping around in those things when the weather gets cool. I am still walking around barefooted. Because, so far, autumn has eluded us. 
  5. My favorite holidays. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! As far as I'm concerned, we could get rid of every other holiday. The autumn holidays improve my mood greatly and it's nice that they come when the temps are cool. Of course, my anticipation is quite low right now as autumn has, so far, eluded us. 
  6. Baking. I bake like crazy nearly every day in the cool of autumn. When the temps cool down in autumn, the oven heats the house up just right and the smell of the breads, cakes, cookies, etc...fill the house nicely and take me back to my childhood when I spent autumn days in the kitchen with my grandmother as she baked. I've only baked cookies so far because the oven heats the house up too much still because the temps are still in the mid to upper 80s because, so far, autumn has eluded us.
  7. Football. Even though it starts at the end of summer and runs through the beginning of winter, football is an autumn sport. It also happens to be my favorite sport. And, even though autumn has eluded us so far this year, football is here! Of course, the Panthers pulling it together and winning some games has eluded us again this far. 
  8. Pumpkins! I love seeing pumpkins everywhere- in the stores and on people's porches. I even have some really pretty fake ones that I use to decorate inside. I haven't bought any real pumpkins this year because the temps are so warm I'm afraid they'll rot quickly and I haven't put out my inside ones either because it doesn't feel like autumn because, so far, autumn has eluded us.
  9. Gas logs. I would love to turn on the gas logs in autumn. But we don't have gas logs. And we would put a fire in the fireplace, but I'm allergic to the smoke from the fire. It's all moot (again) anyway because it's too hot for a fire of any kind because, so far, autumn has eluded us.
  10. Flannel! I love flannel- flannel sheets, flannel shirts, flannel jackets, flannel ANYTHING! If I brought out anything flannel right now, we'd sweat to death because it's so hot out still because, so far---AUTUMN HAS ELUDED US.
Happy Monday y'all! Hope you enjoyed the autumnal listicles today! Want more? Head on over to Stasha's and join in the fun! 


  1. Those all sound soooo good to me. Outside it´s already almost 40/105 so we are getting ready for a scorching day today. And this is only spring!
    Hope your fall shows up soon for you. I know you love it, like I do.

  2. I'm thinking autumn truly has eluded you! Let's hope you get a bit of it and don't just jump into winter from summer without a touch of autumn! We never get autumn here; rarely I should say. Today is forecasted to be 95 degrees.

    But I do like reading what you enjoy about autumn when it doesn't elude you!

    Happy October 1st!


  3. Fall has come to Pennsylvania and I love it!


  4. i love your autumn list! we have had hot weather still too--although today is in the sixties, but not typical---have you ever tried candles in the fireplace--i love to do that--and it doesn't put out too much heat :)

  5. I totally understand that no fall thing, and I am feeling just a bit left out. I love your list and I can ditto every single thing on there. :)

  6. Flannel sheets are for the likes of us, here in the Northwoods, deep in the heart of winter! Maybe there's a plastic log and flame that you could put a lightbulb in. Somehow doesn't evoke the same warm fuzzies, does it.

  7. Once again, a great set of listicles!

  8. You do love Autumn! I do enjoy baking, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Other things don't change too much in Southern California.

  9. Betty- I’m so dang sick of hot weather I can hardly stand it. I hope so too! And I hope y’all have a pleasurable spring/summer!

    betty-You might be right. LOL Last year we didn’t get fall or winter and very little spring. It’s been summer for way too long. Thanks!

    Colletta- LUCKY! I’m so jealous!

    LP- The 60s? I’ll TAKE it! I have not tried the candles in the fireplace but it sounds nice! I’ll have to give it a shot! Thanks!

    Kim- I know you do! Y’all are way hotter than we are. I’ll email you soon!

    Judy- I have flannel sheets and we’ve been able to use them a couple of winters. They’re just like brand new. Hahahahahah- the plastic log and flame is hilarious!

    Wayne- Thanks! Hope the diet and time off are going well.

  10. Debby- I do! It's my absolute favorite and winter is a close second. I guess y'all have the sameish weather as we do.

  11. You hit just about everything on my list, although I can't bake this year without a stove. My two favorites are bulky sweaters and flannel. I use only flannel sheets in the colder months and top the spread with a crocheted blanket which is so heavy and warm.

    With the shorter daylight hours I also find myself getting caught up on the needlework and reading I miss out on during the warmer months. It's a time to hibernate.

  12. Lovely list! Fall leaves are my favorite.

  13. I love everything on your list (except football)

  14. I was skeptical but now I love my gas fireplace. So easy, and not messy or stinky! Still too warm here in NJ for that though.

  15. I love baking this time of year even though I can't eat the good stuff. :(

    And everytime I visit your site, I smile from your profile pic. Too funny. :) Love it.

  16. I'd put blue jeans on the list. They're my love language and I love pulling them out once it cools off.

  17. I love all of your autumn favorites! I like the holidays, too. But, I do enjoy the traditional ones throughout the year, too.

    Snugly clothes are such a perk to cooler weather and I'm already wearing my sweats when it gets nippy. Our weather is sorta cycling on and off at this point. I won't be wearing cold weather clothing regularly until November no doubt.

    I do a lot of baking mainly around the holidays, but I hope to get into the groove of making cookies for football watching - a family favorite.

    Pumpkins are such a fun part of autumn. We may or may not buy one this year, though. I'm a bit indecisive as to what to do with DS in college. He usually carves it for us.

    I enjoy fireplaces, but we never use ours because it's too old. I love visiting our dear friends who have a gas fireplace. It's so nice to sit around their.

    Oh, I love flannel sheets, too! I found the best ones from JcPenny. They're expensive, but worth it. I usually try to catch them either on sale or when I get reward cash from them.

    Thanks for visiting!

  18. Such an awesome list of Autumn Must Haves ... even if autumn has eluded you. ;-)

  19. Hey not so fast with the holiday reduction - Mother's Day was not on your list. I hate lists but if I was forced to create an fall list, outdoor fall festivals would be on it.

  20. living- I guess baking is a bit difficult without a stove. LOL I add a quilt in the winter but haven’t had to use it since winter before last because it never showed up last time. It’s been hot here forever.

    Robbie- Thanks! I like those too!

    Kim- I’d probably put football number one on my ‘things I love’ list. LOL

    Stacie- I would love to have gas logs but that’s just one more thing the husband has put off and will probably never do. Now that I’m back working, I’ll just have to do it myself. LOL

    Jill- I’ve changed all our recipes and this fall I’ll be trying out new recipes and changing some old ones to organic, gluten and sugar free. Should be interesting. Thanks! That was taken in a photo booth at a wedding we all attended last November. It was such fun!

    Joyce- I would too if I could fit into jeans. Soon though. I hope.

    Cathy- Thanks! I really could do without all the others. They just don’t seem like holidays to me. I can’t wait to put on my floppy pants and shirts. It’s just not cool enough yet. Birdie and I are going to buy pumpkins this year. I kind of stopped when they all moved out but now that she’s back, we’re doin’ it. And then she moves back out in November. Sigh.

    Kathy- Thanks! And it has. Completely.

    bill- We don’t have many fall festivals around here but, if we did, I’d go to all of them! Mother’s Day---around here, the way my kids are, every day is Mother’s Day!

  21. Something tells me that autumn has so far eluded us... Am I right?
    Awesomesauce list Pam!

  22. Up here the the PacNW, summer eluded us most of the summer...until Autumn. I'm enjoying the extended sunshine for as long as it lasts! Great list!


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