Friday, October 19, 2012

Bits and Pieces of This and That

Good grief! Where does the time go?! I've missed so many Friday Fragments here lately and the only excuse I have is that danged adjustment time of being back at work and then, because of being back at work and having to be around kindergarteners for over 2 weeks and the fact that they breathed/coughed/sneezed on me and got me sick. But HEY! It IS Friday and I do have a fragment or two to share. Thank goodness Mrs. 4444s doesn't desert us!

Mommy's Idea
This is my 6th week back at school and my second week of being sick. Most of you who have worked in education understand about processing. And it's taken them a long time to get me processed and into the position for which I was hired. Meanwhile, I spent a lot of time in a kindergarten class because the regular teacher fell and hit the back of her head. It took her over 5 weeks to be able to come back full time. I'm in my regular position now but not before those little kindies had their way with me and got me SICKSICKSICK! I've had laryngitis for so long that I know how to spell it without looking it up. I'm finally feeling better.

One thing about having laryngitis is that your classes are very quiet. They even whisper. It's been good in that way.

The computer lab is right next door to the library...excuse me- the media center--there is a door and then some rather high windows. The librarian...excuse me--media specialist--is wide open! She found a broom that follows you when you pass by it and makes the sound of a witch laughing. It's about 4 feet tall and she brought it to school yesterday for the kids. She's reading Halloween stories to them this week, of course, and had a few little surprises planned for them--one being that broom. During one of my afternoon classes yesterday, all was (as usual) very quiet when all of a sudden we hear an entire class in the media center screaming bloody murder! Then, when I looked over at the windows, all I could see were little heads running all over the place in there! They were either kindies or first graders and she had scared them with that broom! Funny thing though? They went right back over there and asked her to do it again! Gotta love little kids!

The laryngitis has also interfered with my phone conversations with the lovelies who don't live close. But I had enough of a voice today to talk with them! That totally made my day!

I've discovered that I do indeed look forward to the weekends now. It's not that I don't like working at school, I LOVE it! But I also love having a couple of days when all I have to do is watch football! Even if I can't yell at the refs right now. Hopefully, by next weekend, I'll be screaming my head off in a ventful manner!

Our high school football team is still undefeated- I think this is their best record since the early 90s...maybe even before. Tonight, they play the only other undefeated team in our area. This should be interesting. No, we're not going. There will be quite a crowd there- and I believe the seats should be used by current parents and students. But I'm hope they win!

Ok, let's get ready for some FOOTBALL!


  1. No worries. I will yell at the refs/players/coaches LOUD ENOUGH FOR BOTH OF US!!!!

    Woot - - - gotta LOVE football season.

  2. Glad you can talk on the phone - a little. Enjoy the weekend. It's make you sick LOL

  3. Keetha- Thank you! It's good to know that they'll be hearing from someone! LOL

    Stephanie- Me too! I've missed my voice! And yes, kids do make us sick. :)

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling better, and that you can spell larang... Whatever!

  5. LOL about the broom and the little ones!! Too funny that they wanted to do it all again! Glad to hear the laryngitis is getting better and you can actually talk above a whisper!! Enjoy the weekend!


  6. Oh I hope you feel fully better very soon!!:) You sounds as though you love what you do and also love your downtime and if that isn't the best way to live life, I don't know what is!:)

  7. Awww, a class of whispering littles sounds downright darling! Back in my teaching days, I was sick so often I finally decided to become one of thos "vitamin people." Darned if it didn't work like a charm--so if this cycle repeats itself, gimme a jingle! :)

    Weekends are the best...I love not getting dressed!

  8. I can just imagine you'all whispering to the kids and them whispering back....funny! :)

    I hope you get better soon though. My neighbor who has a day care in her home, has had this virus for weeks now as well and it sure is taking her long to get back to normal. I think working with kids will put you at risk of getting many a virus. Maybe you should take some preventative measures, like vitamins or such.

  9. Wow two weeks? That is a long time to be sick with anything. The broom really follows you? I thought maybe you meant so that you could sweep, you know like a metaphor?
    I right away wanted to get one.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend, with lots and lots of football.

  10. Glad your feeling a little better. That's a long time to be sick. Relax and enjoy your weekend.

  11. Patrice- Thanks! I hope you never have to learn to spell it. LOL

    betty- Thank you! I laughed so hard at those little ones! They were a riot! I'm still trying to find one of those brooms for here!

    colleen- I have to agree with you on that! I'm feeling fine, I just don't have my voice back 100%. It's coming though!

    Chantel- You know what I realized? I stopped oil pulling a few months ago. I wasn't sick a single time nor did I have an allergy attack while I was doing it. Guess what I'm going back to? LOL If it doesn't work, I'll get with you on the vitamins! Thanks!

    Betty- Wedding mama! How goes it?! I feel just fine now. All that's left is getting my voice back in working order. I'm going to start oil pulling again though, that's for darn sure!

    Kim- Right?! That's crazy long! Mostly I think it was because I couldn't take the time to rest and let my body heal itself. So it took longer. That broom is hysterical! So were the kids. LOL

    Debby- Thanks! It was a long time. But I not only see the light at the end of the tunnel, I feel it's warmth. :) Thanks!

  12. When I taught KG/1st grade, I lost my voice often. Not so much now that I'm teaching at a university.

    Love Halloween time at school :)


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