Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mean and Nasty People Suck

I don't get mean people. What, exactly, is their deal?

They walk around with a scowl on their face. They shoot darts at people passing by. They utter insults under their breath. They send nasty emails.

They NEVER mind their own business.

AND, they have an opinion about everything. Which they believe everyone is entitled to hear. Ha.

It is of no consequence to them whether they know the people they strike out against or not. They are out for blood. They seek to do harm.

Simply put: Mean people SUCK. 

The way I see it, the only way mean people can feel better about themselves is by striking out and trying their utmost to make someone else feel worse. I believe that, somewhere along the way, mean people have been hurt. They've lost their value. But I have to wonder why they take this out on innocent beings. Which makes it difficult to feel anything more than pity for them.

I mention this because a sweet bloggy friend, Julie (click here to go to her blog) has recently been the target of a mean person attack.

Which I find really offensive seeing as how that woman works harder than any other person I know and would give the shirt off her back to someone in need even if she didn't have another one for herself. I have no idea when she sleeps because, with her schedule, there's really no time for that. She's a truly good person.

She's had some trying times- as we all have- and, through it all, has managed to keep up a positive attitude and reaches out with encouraging words to others all the time. But, for some very mean reason, a mean person decided to attack her with hurtful words via email.

I have no idea who the mean person is, but I'm so glad that karma is going to, eventually, take a huge bite out of his/her ass.

To Julie- we love you! You're fantastic! And don't you give that mean-ass-S.O.B.another thought.

And, to the mean-ass-S.O.B.---you suck.


  1. What a great show of support. I hope many people go over there and tell her we love her. Mean people suck!

  2. Mean people are usually very, very unhappy for some reason. Yes, they suck

  3. I'm so sorry Julie had to contend with this jerk when she has so much else going on. I went on her blog site and wrote a note of encouragement. What a lovely lady. She is contending with so much right now and doing so well. How dare someone try to diminish her? I agree that mean people are usually deeply unhappy and sometimes insecure. They also suck -- big time!

  4. Oh Pam, you are such a wonderful person. You are awesome and sweet and such a great friend. Thank you for this post.
    I am trying to move forward It is suprising how hurtful words last.
    I stopped by Dr. McCoys blog and boy does that woman have some great post. I have to comment soon but am still reading.
    Thank you Pam, truly thank you!!
    Blessings my friend!

  5. I am seeing more and more of this on social networking sites. I don't mean just Blogger (less here, actually). But Twitter is the meanest. Then places like Facebook. And I am coming to believe that people are emboldened to be mean when they can do so without looking at you. They can just "throw it out there" without really having to face the consequences of their words. And the more times they do it, the bolder they get. What I am getting at is this: the more times someone is mean and hurtful online, eventually they will be mean and hurtful offline. It will build up their courage to take it to the next level. I hate to say this, but I think that in some way these platforms are a double-edged sword.

    Just like everything. There are two sides to every coin. One person reads a story of a person in pain and wants to offer comfort and soothe it. The other side of that coin is the person who sees an opportunity to jab the knife in a little deeper and then pour salt on it. You and I: we will never understand the mentality of that second person.

  6. I always hate to read of things like this. You are right, mean people do suck! I'm always of the opinion if someone can't say something nice to someone, then don't say anything at all, but don't anonymously write an email to someone tearing them apart like this. That is just so sad. I peeked at Julie's blog and she seems just like the majority of us; trying to do the best she can with what she has to work with; she shouldn't be criticized for that, but encouraged and supported.


  7. They do and I never can figure out what gives them the right to say those things when it isn't any of their business in the first place. It makes me so mad too. I am so sorry for your friend. It sure hurts I am glad she has a sweet friend like you. Yes, mean people suck big time!!! I wish they would just stay under the rock they normally live under.

  8. Mean people do suck! Just gotta keep holding your head up high and doing what you know is best for you.

  9. How sad and yet unfortunately, how common! I have also seen this and I do wonder what the other person is trying to achieve. I mean the rational part of me gets that this mean person is so insecure and afraid and probably hurting themselves but still I wonder why they can't still act with compassion. Perhaps it's a maturity thing and they are still stuck acting out like an immature teen ager would.

    Sorry your friend experienced this. :(

  10. That is such a horrible thing to do, and I don't understand why someone would do that either.
    Well put!

  11. We try not to cuss in our house, but it does happen:) One day, my daughter got so frustrated with one of her brother's and she yelled and called him a "sour ass". She was in tears over the fact that she'd cussed and I was fighting back the giggles. The Hubs and I use this word combination to describe mean people! They really do suck and it's so wonderful that Julie has a friend like you in her corner!

  12. Betty- I hope so too. Yes they do!

    Carolyn- I know. But I find it hard to lean towards understanding because of their meanness.

    Kathy- Me too. I’ve been emailing with her. She’s truly remarkable! I’m so glad you’re encouraging her too!

    Julie- I know how you feel. Words like those used to bother me too. Now, not so much. Mostly because I realize that people who use them are jerks and not worth my time or energy. You’re quite welcome but you are the one who is such a great friend!

    Robin- True! So true! I think you hit it with that one- I guess it is easier to let go on someone when they have no idea who you are. But I also see that as being cowardly. At least they could own up to their meanness. Especially if they think they’re so right. I’m actually glad we’ll never know the mentality of the second person.

    betty- I’m like that too- about not saying anything if it’s not going to be nice. You’re right about Julie- she is trying to do the best she can with what she has. And most people do encourage and support her. I believe the animosity of the email was cowardly. I guess she heard from a mean coward.

    Kim- I know, I agree. And you’ve certainly had more than your fair share of those! Ha! I love your comment about ‘staying under the rock they live under.’ You nailed that one for sure!

    Plum- They sure do. That’s all we can do!

    Colleen- You’re so right: sad and common. I wonder why they do it too. And then I want to smack them. LOL

    Mimi- It is horrible indeed. I can’t imagine doing something like that to another human being. Thanks!

    Jhona- That is too funny! Kids provide us with such hilarity! Where would we be without laughter? Maybe that’s one thing mean people are missing- laughter. Thanks!

  13. I reckon that mean people are completely insecure, so attack other people to try and bring them down to their level. Purely because they are so unhappy and don't like being like that on their own. If you know what I mean?!

  14. Shaking my head in total "not getting it" fashion. I read her blog and seriously do not understand why anyone feel the need to send an email anonymously being mean,geesh all the crap I write? And, I never get any mean mail,it just makes no sense, all she did was write her feelings about her life? You don't like it? Don't read, kind of like changing the television channel. Now my stuff? I get a little more pushy, her, man, was just about her, go figure?Just don't get people, at all? Still shaking my head.

  15. IM gonna go give Julie a big ole hug!!!
    Unfortuneatly people who hurt other people are usually hurting themselves! Hurt people hurt people is a quote my dad says often.

  16. What a nice, supportive post for Julie! We're on her side! I don't understand what people think they gain by being a mean and nasty person and putting someone else down. My mom always told me that people like that are their own worst enemies. And I think that's true. Who wants to go home and be alone with that crummy self.

  17. Mean people do suck! But Julie is lucky to have a kind, caring, supportive friend like you!

  18. Oh I completely understand. Please let Julie know - been there, done that. I get random hate emails for my blog AND I get stuff at work. (Because I do a lot on TV.) Mean people can suck it. Oh wait.. I meant.. mean people suck.

  19. I know it was pretty silly of me to stop in, for I know that you're busy with kids these days - and now a crazy hurricane! Not like you have nothing to do. Just to let you know I miss your always-fun-to-read posts. :-) Stay safe.


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