Monday, October 8, 2012

Complimentary List

It's Monday and time to join Stasha over at The Good Life for Monday Listicles! Each week Stasha gives us a theme for our lists. This week, we have the 10 COMPLIMENTS theme. All you have to do to join the fun is click on the link or the button!

  1. Kindergarten teachers. Good lord but they have a hard, exhausting job. They are on their feet all day long and have to listen to crying and whining and tattling and, if they do get a half a second to sit down, they have to do it in a chair made for really short people. They have to tie shoes and zip/unzip book bags and say the same things over and over and over and over again and again and again and again. They have to open small bags of chips and milk cartons and juice boxes. They have to endure snotty noses being wiped on them and coughs and sneezes right in their faces. And they do it all day long in the midst of teaching the little darlings how to say their letters and count and be respectful and be a friend. At the very least they deserve to be commended every single day.
  2. Maintenance workers. I don't care where you work/shop/whatever, if you don't appreciate the job these people do, you are completely out of line. These are the people who keep things from falling apart completely. They keep things running. They put their hands in places we would never even consider putting ours. They fix things that break so that we aren't inconvenienced--at least not for long. They build things, paint things, put things together. And they do it all without receiving any appreciation and very little pay. 
  3. Besties. There's nothing quite like a best friend. These folks stick with us through thick and thin. They love us when other people don't. They're better than family because they stick around because they want to, not because they have to. They aren't afraid to correct us when we're wrong, they cry with us when we're hurt, they cheer us up when we're sad, they take phone calls from us at ungodly hours, they laugh at our jokes. When we're in a really bad mood and yell at them, they just wait it out and forgive us without being asked. They make us feel like we are the smartest, wisest, prettiest, best at everything we do and they never ask anything in return. 
  4. Grandparents. Grandparents are the absolute BEST. In our grandparents eyes, we can do no wrong. And, even if we do, they love us anyway. They do things for us that our parents won't, they laugh at our silly jokes, they are sure that we are the best kids in the world EVER. They take us anywhere we want to go, they make the best food in the world and they are always smiling. They love unconditionally from the moment we take our first breath until the day they are no longer with us. Though I believe they are still loving us from Heaven.
  5. Daughters. I always wanted daughters, even when I was a kid. And I got 4 of them. And they are the BEST. Daughters are fun and funny. They are smart and energetic and a pure delight to be around no matter what phase they're going through. They are talented and skilled and they know how to have fun. They aren't afraid of showing their love for us or their disdain--they are honest. A smile from them can lift the weight of the world from your shoulders and melt your heart like hot butter. A frown from them can break your heart. Their laughter is contagious and the pride they bring you is insurmountable. Daughters are perfectly wonderful.
  6. Brothers. Brothers can get on your last nerve and then, turn right around and have you laughing so hard you nearly wet yourself. They are your protectors even when you don't want them to because you're in high school and the people they're protecting you from are your dates. They take your future husband for a walk and let him know that if he ever hurts you, they will have to answer your brother. And it won't be pretty. They treat you like a princess from day one and teach you self-defense. They give the best hugs and never let you down. 
  7. Computer geeks. Call them what you will, I love them. And I have a favorite. He's Birdie's boytoy, Evwardo. He is so computer savvy you wouldn't believe it. And he always comes to my rescue with a computer issue. As a matter of fact, he's there for all of us when we have a computer issue. More importantly, he's there for Birdie. He's got her back and thinks she's the greatest. He's a keeper. (Ok, that one got a bit off topic).
  8. Sons-in-law. I only have one right now and he's a gem. A true gem. SILs take care of our daughters and appreciate them and love them. They put up with our daughters' quirks and moods. They do all they can to make our daughters happy. They support and encourage our daughters dreams and goals. They show our daughters compassion and loyalty and love. Or, at least, ours does. :)
  9. Musicians. These people could be complimented on their talent alone. But there's so much more than talent here. Musicians have the ability to calm an angry soul, pick me up when I'm down, motivate the intensity of my workouts. It can bring me joy, fun, peace and even stimulate romance. Nothing brings me out of a bad or sad mood quicker than music. Nothing can move me quite like music can. There are so many different genres to choose from and there's always something that does just what I need it to do. And music, unlike people, will never let me down.
  10. Pets. In my case, dogs. A dog is just the greatest. They love us unconditionally even when we're being total jerks. They let us know they love us even when we think no one else does. They celebrate our happiness with us and snuggle with us at night. They wait patiently for a pat or a treat or just a bit of love. They look so darn cute when they stand there with that squeaky ball in their mouth with those big brown eyes asking you to please play with them. They aim to please and, in a relationship where we have the best deal, they don't seem to mind.      
Enjoy your Monday! You might as well, it's here whether you want it to be or not. :)


  1. Love your list and you compliments. Especially Nr. 1 is so true. That´s why I´m not working with kids...hahaha and I´m so proud of my daughter who does this daily.
    And you of course! :)

  2. much as I love my daughter and the fact she gave two great grandsons, I have to add the fact that having a SON is good too. As you say your daughters are fun and funny....a son can be too. MHO

    Oh, and the movie you posted about in the post "Scary Stuff" was The Trilogy and I begged Bud to carve me the very doll...with chain and all. I LOVE it.

  3. A fabulous list. I agree especially with the Kindergarten teachers and musicians.

  4. I love your take on the list. Yes, all of those folks deserve many compliments!!

  5. I love your list, and agree with everything on it! Have a great Monday!

  6. That is a great list of compliments,especially for the kindergarten teachers! I would add to my list if I did this those that work in retail and fast food; a thankless job usually not well paid but most of the time done right and most of the time done cheerfully.

    May Monday be kind to you!


  7. such a fantastic list that recognizes the hard work, dedication and specialness of valuable people inour lives. :)

  8. such a fantastic list that recognizes the hard work, dedication and specialness of valuable people inour lives. :)

  9. Loved your description of a day in the life of a kindergarten teacher : ) I remember the snot but also the love.

  10. Your list made me tear up when I glanced over and saw the gorgeous picture of your babies all grown up.

    Your list has improved my mood for the day. I have gratitude in my heart. Thank you.


  11. Love your take on this one. I went with the importance of learning to receive compliments gracefully but it is also just as important to learn GIVE them where they're due!

  12. A great list. I too think about maintenance workers or housekeepers in general. Especially every time I'm in a public restroom.

  13. Plum- Thanks!

    Betty- I can’t believe DoodleBug really wants to teach kindergarten. But I, too, am in great admiration for those who do it!

    Anni- I’m sure a son is great for some…I know my three brothers are pretty good—especially the oldest one! He’s just the best! Well, lady, you’ve gone and done it. I think you are officially crazy. LOL That doll scared the crap out of me!

    Wayne- Thanks! I thought I wasn’t going to survive my two weeks in kindergarten…but I did. Of course, now I’m sick. Go figure. LOL

    Stacie- Thank you!

    Kathy- How sweet! Thank you!

    betty- Thanks! You’ve got a point about the fast food and retail workers. I didn’t think of them.

    Robbie- Thank you! Some of them are never acknowledged at all. Someone said to me once that her sister didn’t do anything really. She was just a teacher. Wow. How stupid some people can be.

    Joyce- Thanks! Oh yes- plenty of snot and love to go around. Twice. LOL

    Ellen-Aw, thanks! They did all grow up- I tried to keep them little as long as I could. I’m so glad the list had that effect on you!

    Diane- Thanks! Oh, I have such a time accepting compliments. I’ll have to check out your thoughts on that one for sure!

    South- Thanks! Did I even tell you that the street I grew up on was South Main?

  14. Thanks for a post that made me smile and remember to be thankful just for the simple daily things in life :)

  15. Very nice list. I like them all.

  16. Lucy- You're quite welcome! I wish I remembered to be that way more in 'real life.'

    Kim- Thanks! I'm glad you liked them!

  17. That is a great list! Pam, I hope your have a wonderful week.

  18. This is really a great idea, my favorite one is # 10 obviously, I loveeeeeee Tucker!!!

  19. This is great! You are awesome anyway, but your twist on this topic gets you super duper extra brownie points.
    ANyone willing to teach my kid or unblock my toilet is my hero. Kids, grandparents and dogs rock and everything in between is perfect too!! Thank you for being a cool bean.

  20. wow i love this list--great job :)

  21. What a wonderful and heartfelt list! Family/friends would make up my list too. I especially liked numbers 1 and very true!

  22. I agree with teachers deserving compliments every single day! They amaze me...


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