Thursday, October 4, 2012

Empty Nester- Back At Work

Well, not REALLY back to work because I was lucky enough to stay home and raise the lovelies for 25ish years. Though I did work as an interventionist for a few years when all the kids were out of the nest except DoodleBug.

But now that I’m tired of sitting in the house day after grueling day, I’m working. And I really do enjoy it though it has been an adjustment in and of itself.

Here’s the deal so far:
  •  I still have to walk the dogs in the mornings. But now I have to get up at dark thirty to walk them by dark o’clock so that I can be at work by 7:15. 
  • The school that the lovelies attended has been housed in its new building for about 3 years now. There are two stories in this building. I’ve been climbing the hell out of some stairs. 
  • I’m back to paying attention to the school calendar. I wouldn’t want to show up on a day off! 
  • I’ve discovered that my VERY FIRM authoritative tone of voice was not lost but merely dormant and made its reappearance speedy quick from the very first day! 
  • I have to be flexible. Not my best quality. 
  • I have to be patient. Again, not my best quality. 
  • I immediately realized how terribly I have missed those wonderful educators at this school. They are, truly, the best of the best. And I have missed them. And I am delighted to be back amongst them. 
  • Getting back in to the groove is exhausting but I’m getting there. And I must say that it’s good to be out of the house and around students, teachers, staff and parents again! 
  • You’re never too old or self-assured to have that dream where you’re late for something very important. Like your first day at work. 
  • Time flies everywhere. Some of the little kindergarteners I had in small group before are now 5th graders. FIFTH. GRADERS. They look so grown up. 
  • Big Brother is watching now. Kinda creepy if you ask me. 
  • Elementary school aged kids move fast!
  • I am too old to be in kindergarten every day all day but they are just the cutest things! (Their teacher fell over a month ago and hit her head---she still hasn't fully recovered so I've been going in there for two weeks now--NOT what I was hired to do but that could be an entire post all by itself).
  • There's nothing quite like being greeted by two kindergarteners with: "There you is!" and "Where you were?"
All in all, it's been a good thing getting back. I do like getting out of the house for a while every day and it's not that big of a deal that I need to be in bed by 8:00 in order to survive the next day--there are no kids here to feed, check homework and get ready for bed! :)

But then, there is that broken toe issue....


  1. Ha - I was not allowed to use my teacher voice at home when my son's friends were visiting. Life is good - just came back from a walk near the lake with Erich and Freja.

  2. Suzanne- I think it's more like I use my mean mommy voice at school. LOL Sure do miss you but so glad you're living the good life out there!

  3. What broken toe issue??? Really? I like your list and how nice it is that you are working now and you do like it I can tell. I love how you said what the little kids said, so cute.
    Okay now, fess up about the broken toe.

  4. Kim- It's broken. It was hurting all week but mostly the last couple of days and so I had Birdie look at it---it's broken. And, as you know, there's nothing you can do with a broken toe. So we buddy taped it and that's that. And, to top it all off, I'm not even sure how I did it. I do love being up there. Those little kids are the funniest things ever!

  5. You may want to adjust your statement 'back to work'. You worked every day of those 25 years probably more and harder than you will ever work again, without monetary payment....but not without rewards !

    I will probably do the same as you when my nest is completely empty in 4 or so years

  6. ouch on the toe!! It does seem like it has been a good fit to return to the work force; sounds like more positives than negatives :) My MIL raised her two boys, then went back and got her high school diploma, her bachelor's and her master's and taught in the classroom for 20 years full time, then retired and substituted when she wanted to. She started teaching when she was 50 and taught special ed; I can't imagine the energy she must have had; I'm 54 and I'm dead tired at the end of the day and I'm not chasing around youngsters!

    You have my admiration!


  7. My special group in the daycare was the kindies...I loved them! So, I get why you enjoy it even if you have to drop into bed at 8! Hope the toe heals fast...that's a big owie.

  8. What is sad is when you go to your 8th grade classroom and the kids still greet you with "there you is' and where was you?" Ah yes, the future of America...Hope that toe heals up fast. You're courageous to go into a kindergarden class, they don't pay me enough to put up with that!
    Have a great weekend darling! :)

  9. I didn't realize that you broke your toe. ouch!

    It's quite an adjustment to go back to work after being used to not being at work ... I went through that adjustment when I had the opportunity to go back part time for a temporary assignment last year. I enjoyed it, but I was glad when it was over ... I forgot how exhausting work can be. ha!

  10. Ouch, a broken toe.
    Sounds like all is well and so glad you are enjoying it :)

  11. Cindy- You’re quite right! I guess I just never really thought of it as work. You’re also quite right about the rewards! They’re still coming!

    betty- I think there are more positives…or else I’m not talking about the negatives. LOL Your MIL sounds amazing! Not sure I care to do this for that long! I bet her students LOVED her! I’m 54 too and I’m not near as energetic as I used to be. I come home and go to bed by 8:00!

    Stephanie- It has been fun but, hopefully, my REAL position will start next week and I’m done with kindergarten. Whew!

    Alessandra- Yeah, by 8th grade they really should have a handle on that. LOL Thanks! Ha- they don’t pay me enough either.

    Kathy- I didn’t either. LOL It has been an adjustment for sure. I’m getting used to it now though and can actually stay up, some nights, until 8:30. LOL

    Betty- Real good! They are exhausting me and I have no idea how I’m doing it. LOL

    Lucy- I know. I can’t believe I’ve done it again! Thanks!

  12. Hi Pam. Children can be tiring, but that is such a cute and lovely age that you are spending time with. Just make sure you don't go overdoing things with your broken toe! Enjoy the weekend.

  13. sorry about your toe--yep those kids are fast and you are so right--those 5th graders look so grown-up, even the boys, these days----wow that poor teacher that hit her head, i hope and pray she recovers soon :)

  14. Broken toe = sore thing.
    Again? You broke it before?
    Those "kindies" (as Stephanie calls them, love that name!) seem like fun! if exhausting! Enjoy your weekend, hope you put your feet and broken toe up for most of it. How does your Hubs feel about you going back out to work?

  15. I would love to go back to work part time, so I'm happy that you got to do it.

    Be careful with that foot though!

  16. Diane- It's all about overdoing with that age. LOL Thanks!

    LP- The teacher made it nearly all day today. It was a pretty bad fall. I should start in the computer lab next week! Then I get all ages not just kindergarten!

    Mimi- I did break it before and this time is was even easier. LOL I'll survive. They are fun and I'm sure I will miss them when my regular schedule starts next week!I didn't really consult him about going back. I sort of just do what I want to do. :)

    Vicki- It is nice to get out of the house and even better to be spending time teaching!

  17. I went back to work for 7 years when my children were around 21 and 23. It was really good for me and loved my time working at Hallmark!
    (didn't actually make any money since I was their #1 cutomer)

  18. Debby-I would have had the same problem working there! The good thing about working in the school is that there's nothing to buy! LOL

  19. Yep, working with young people is awesome. I'm not in the class room but I get them there. Working out of the home now is truly different than working from home. So far the only compliant though is it's cold here now and I have a cold suburban, a cold bus, a cold suburban, a cold bus and again a cold suburban but thank goodness they both have big engines and it only take 5 miles to warm up. Did you get my picture of the snow yesterday? And "those books" I bought them and .... well, I'm enjoying them, really!
    Take care Pam and have a blessed weekend. Take care of that toe, put it up to keep the swelling down and IBP will help with the pain.

  20. Congratulations on entering the world of work again! You'll get into the swing of it in no time at all. What are you doing there? It sounds like you are a teacher .... the authoritative tone gave it away!

  21. I hear ya girl on the exhaustion and trying to get back into the groove. I've slept a total of 6 hours in naps since Thursday. I bet though it is so satisfying to hear "There you is!"

  22. Just found your blog and I love your humor. I'll be checking back often especially when I need to 'lighten up'


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