Sunday, November 25, 2012

Here He Is!

We had the BEST visit with our nephew and his sweetwonderfulprecious wife and their new baby boy on Saturday!

Without further ado, here he is:

Little baby hands---so CUTE!

Just look at that face!!!

He sure got a lot of kisses from all his cousins!

The UNC/Maryland game was on television. Even though his mom is from Maryland, he's going to be a Tarheel fan. He frowned when they didn't score. But suddenly---


All is well in the land of college football...and this little man is a future quarterback! His auntie can just tell these things you know.

The sweet parents-

Their precious little family--

A kiss from mom-

Thanksgiving pix soon, but I really wanted y'all to see the new baby! Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend- we sure did!


  1. So adorable. His parents are cute too :)

  2. What a perfect little human. Before you know it, he'll be shaving.

  3. You take really, really good photographs. Those are wonderful. I am so glad you got to play with a baby for Thanksgiving. It looks just like a great time and the lovely parents are just adorable.

  4. He's so little and cute, they really look like a happy family, congrats !

  5. Beautiful new family. He is adorable. Congratulations to all

  6. Hi Pam . Congratulations on the new baby in the family. Always so exciting and a real blessing. He's gorgeous! His mummy and daddy look so happy and proud .

  7. Adorable of course--handsome parents, too! And that mouth is just too wonderful.

  8. He is soooo adorable!! I'm sure there were "fights" to get a chance to hold him and I'm sure no one wanted to pass him on to another person to hold. I would have wanted to hold him all afternoon :)

    beautiful family they make!


  9. So precious and adorable. Nothing better than some baby time!

  10. Congratulations! Beautiful family and such a gorgeous baby boy!

  11. Nothing makes me feel quite as hopeful as a newborn baby. I love the TD pose and especially the way dad is beaming : )

  12. MT- Thanks! We fell in love with him in an instant!

    Gail- Isn’t he? ARGH! Don’t even think it! LOL

    MKM-I just have to agree with you!

    Kim- Thank you! It’s easy when the subject matter is so dang cute. LOL We did enjoy him so very much!

    Deb- He is just the cutest!

    Alessandra-They are happy- just the sweetest little family!

    Kim- Thanks! They are all so sweet!

    Diane- Thank you! They are so sweet and happy! All of them!

    GP- Good genes. LOL

    Betty- You might be close to the truth on that. LOL He was so good while we passed him around! You should see him in person!

    Debby- You got that right! I’d forgotten how sweet it is to have one around.

    Jhona- He’s such a love! And so are his parents!

    Joyce- I know just how you feel! I just couldn’t resist that one! LOL His dad is our nephew and he is so amazing! So is his wife. I’ll have to share their story with you one day.

  13. I love babies. I want ten more babies- oops! I'm too old! Dang! I should have thought of that earlier!!!


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