Monday, November 26, 2012

Picture Perfect Listitcles

It's Monday and time to join Stasha over at The Good Life for Monday Listicles! I've missed joining in the fun for a week or two because I've been having computer issues. But I get to do it this week! 

Each week Stasha gives us a theme for our lists. This week, we have the List of 10 pictures on your cell phone OR 10 names you considered for your kids.

 All you have to do to join the fun is click on the link or the button! 

Ten Pictures on My Phone (those of you who know me, know that I've posted more than ten pix here...)

1. When the kids are grown up and on their own, you often receive photos on via text message that assure you they are, indeed, still young at heart. They should probably learn that mom not only knows how to save those pix to her phone but also how to get them onto her computer for blog posts.

Here we have Deanie and Breezy when Breezy and BestSonInLawEVER visited Deanie in DC. And, no. It was not Halloween....

And here we have Deanie. At work. At a REAL job. It was Thanksgiving week. Makes you want to run out and hire her to decorate your home or office, right?

2. Of course, considering the above photos, one might wonder whether it's really a good thing that we have a new member to our extended family. But hey! Crazy is crazy- and we do know how to have fun! The new bundle in case you missed yesterday's post---

3. You also take a lot of photos of your dog when the kids grow up and go out on their own. Especially when said dog is so talented....

He can throw the disc----

Drive us home from Mimi's house---

And pee on fire hydrants---

4. Did y'all know that Breezy is an artist? I took a picture and asked her to paint it for me. It's not finished yet, but here it is so far---  She's pretty darn good, eh?

5. This year, on New Year's Day, while Tuck and I were walking, I saw this on the sidewalk. Not quite sure what to say about a mini bottle alongside a bag of dog poop...

6. I saw this in Michael's a ways back and still have not been able to find the pattern. They couldn't either. I really want to knit this.I think it might have been crocheted. Which sucks since I don't crochet. At all. Ever.

7. I often take pictures of bad parking jobs when I'm out and about. I especially like to do it when I see the driver coming back to their vehicle.This one isn't that bad, but still...

8. This is Sammy. He belongs to my BFF. I take care of him when they go out of town.

9. This wasn't planned, but it was on my Banana Gram board during a late night game and they just had to take a picture of it. I won. Of course.

10. I love this tree that we pass on our walks. See the heart shaped leaves? They're red- my favorite color! They look a bit purple, but I don't like purple so, they're red.

Those are my favorite 10 (or more) pix on my phone! What are your favorite photos on your phone?


  1. I like all of the pictures they are so great and that picture your daughter is painting is just fabulous. Oh my goodness she is a artist.
    I love the pictures of the dog and what kind of tree is that with the heart shaped leaves?
    I like all of the pictures they are just awesome.

  2. Kim- Thanks! She really is- I can't believe how great her paintings are. I don't know what kind of tree that is but I just love it! I'm going to email you soon!

  3. You know my favorites are the one with Tucker in them, but the cat is pretty cute too. :)

  4. LOL..those pooch shots are a so fun

  5. Tucker is so talented for driving and throwing frisbees!! All cute pictures! Your daughter is very talented with her painting!! Honestly, I don't think I've taken any pictures with my phone. I'm so tech challenged, I don't even know how to take a picture I think and I don't have a smart phone. But I did enjoy looking at yours!


  6. I love that tree too! And congrats on the new addition - very cute!

  7. Those leaves in the last photo look almost like hearts. A perfect Valentine tree!
    Have you seen this:

  8. Yay! you had a cat photo too! The firehydrant made me giggle! The turkey hat is pure awesomeness...I'm going to have to find one of those for Irishman. heh

  9. Such fun photos and yes, Breezy is quite the artist!

  10. I enjoyed these-especially your talented Tucker!

  11. Dog has some mad talents!! Your phone photo collection is just like you: happy. Your girls grew into wonderful women!


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