Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Do Not Care. He's a Pouty Baby.

I never jumped on the bandwagon when my favorite NFL team drafted themselves another rookie quarterback last year. I just didn't feel that was the way the Panthers needed to go. Of course, they never asked my opinion on the matter. Why should they?

Nevertheless, I do have an opinion. (Surprise, surprise.)

It's not that I'm against Cam Newton personally. I'm sure he's a nice young man. And he does have some very good abilities on the field-- he certainly isn't afraid to run the ball down the field (though I now wonder if that has something to do with his ridiculous concern over his own stats) and he's one of the best at faking a hand off AND I've seen him take a couple of hits.

While I don't find losing particularly enjoyable, this does not stop me from believing in my team. But our quarterback's behavior on the field is starting to sour me towards my beloved Panthers.

And I'm tired of it.

I'm having a hard time supporting a team who's supposed leader goes and sits on the bench by himself with a towel over his head and pouts when things don't go well.

During pre-game this past Sunday, Terry and Howie went on and on about the press is criticizing Cam too much and that he needs to just learn from and he would be better for it blahblahblah. They also said they like that Cam doesn't like to lose.

Who does like to lose? Nobody that I know. But it's not the losing fellas. It's how one reacts to the losing. And our quarterback acts like a baby.

Two Sundays ago, the game announcers had a lot to say when Cam fumbled in the end zone. NOT because of the fumble but because of what happened afterwards. Louis Murphy saved Cam's ass recovered the ball for the TD. Did Cam run over to applaud Murphy's efforts? Nope. Did Cam run over to say, "Thanks!" Nope. What did he do, you ask? That little baby was already over on the bench with that blasted towel over his head. Pouting.

What about when things do go well? Cam acts like it was all him. His little celebratory act isn't a dance of joy or a throwing down of the football as most do. Nope.He doesn't even meet his teammates first thing to do that jump up in the air thingy. He pantomimes opening his shirt and revealing that big ol S for Superman.

He's not Superman. He wouldn't get a touchdown or throw for one or hand the ball off for one without the rest of the offensive line. Maybe he's unaware of this fact.

Yes, he is a young quarterback. But should that excuse arrogance? I don't think so. Should it excuse juvenile behavior? Only if he's like, 5 years old. But never without reprimand.

Maybe if someone cleans his clock one time. Maybe if someone sat him down and gave it to him straight. I don't know. But something has to give.

And do NOT get me started on the coach.

Child, please.

I'm thinking that maybe a reincarnate of Vince Lombardi is needed here.

Anyone know how to do that?


  1. I don't watch football, but reading your post makes me want to get on the band wagon. You are a riot. I hope he reads your blog, maybe he will get over the pouty. I think I saw the picture of him sitting there with his bottom lip sticking out. I remember thinking, I know what would happen to my kids if they did that.
    Well, no one was like Vince Lombardi. That man was a king among men. :)

  2. Kim-I doubt reading this would change his juvenile ways. But maybe if I said it the way I really wanted to...LOL LOVE me some Vince Lombardi!

  3. Oh I so love football. Of course my team is the Steelers, but I know exactly what you mean. Back in the 90s I hated watching Troy Aikman or Steve Young who would berate the other players when things did not go well. A few years back Peyton Manning criticized his offensive line and early the next year his Offensive line refused to block for him on one play. It was amazing to watch. He grew up and is IMO better for the lesson learned.

    Maybe if the NFL went back to paying these guys the salaries the old time players received they would realize they aren't so special.

    I feel for you, but it seems all too common for some to get that big head and not include themselves in the "team" spirit of what the game is supposed to be.

    One of my favorite players (not on my team) was Chad Johnson. He knew what his job was. When an NFL player files his taxes, he is considered an entertainer. So entertain me.

  4. Seems like he is a bit of a prima donna instead of a team player. One can only hope he will mature and learn some common sense and how to behave if the team is losing or loses or if he doesn't make a good play. Hope the day was a good one!


  5. Being somewhat of a football nut myself, I totally feel your pain. Thankfully though, my team is THE SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS NY GIANTS.....oops, was that too loud? I totally agree with you on Cam Newton, and all the other rookie quarterbacks for that matter. All I hear is talk about RGIII, what is he some kind of new razor? THe kid is a rookie for crying out loud and they're talking about him as if Joe Montana reincarnated. Let him a couple of superbowls first, or even one, before you send him to the hall of fame. SOmetimes announcers are so annoying, no wait, make that all the time. Love me some Ely any given Sunday...:)

  6. I'm not into football, but boy this pertains to everyone in every walk of life. Grow up, already!! Be an adult, act honorably.

    Good post, Pam!

  7. living- LOVE me some Terry Bradshaw but that's about as far as my Steeler love goes. LOL Nah, I like the Steelers too. I guess, since you know who OchoCinco (Chad Johnson) is you know the story behind my use of 'child please'? LOL

    betty-I not sure maturing really does it where arrogance is concerned. Not with athletes anyway. But we can always hope. Thanks! Hope your day was a good one too!

    Alessandra- Oh. Are you a Giants fan? LOL I love the Manning boys- they both tend to show humility and team spirit and support. (Though my brother would disagree with me where Peyton is concerned). Oh yeah, RGIII. It's like they're gods or something.

    Judy- Never though of that, but you're right. I guess I have my nose buried in football or something. LOL Thanks!

  8. Yes, I do. Now that you had a chance to get that off your chest are you ready for another weekend of football?

  9. living- I am so READY!!!! Bring it on!


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