Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just a Little Chattin'

It's a chilly, rainy election day here in our area. But there's no school today so what better time to join Patrice on the porch for a bit of chattin'?! You can get there by clicking on the picture below!

Everyday Ruralty

  1. Are you planning on doing most of your Christmas shopping in stores, or online? I haven't even given it a thought yet. I'll probably do as much as I can online but some of it will be actual shopping in stores. But NOT on THAT shopping day when everyone and her brother will be out there. I'd hate to spend Christmas in jail. 
  2. Have you ever been to a bonfire? Yes, several times. They're fun!
  3. What would "simplifying life" mean to you? A great big purge of all this 'stuff' I've accumulated over all these years and living with the bare necessities. I feel better just thinking about it. 
  4. Tell me about one blog you really enjoy reading. I can't decide which one to share...there are just too many that I really enjoy!    
  5. Have you ever had someone who isn't in your family, but felt just like family? Oh sure! I have several people just like that! My family has always had those types of close friends and the tradition continues. 
Now it's your turn! Head on over and join in the fun! AFTER you vote, of course. 


  1. Ah, simplifying. To me that means uncluttered surfaces and spaces that hold only thing I really like or care about. Not quite there yet, but working on it. :)

  2. Some years ago we moved to Pennsylvania for 10 months. We packed up only our kids, a few clothes, school books, and 5 plates, 5 bowls, etc. and rented a house out there. We closed and locked our house in Wisconsin. I'll have to say, I did not miss a single thing while we were gone, and it was a relief not to have to manage all that stuff.

    I'm going to do most of my shopping online. Can't stand waiting in lines. I'm way too impatient for that. Have you ever been to a Michaels on a Saturday? Yikes!

  3. I'm going to do most all my Christmas shopping online. I can't stand crowds ... and think of the time I can save shopping online. ;-) I can get more quilting done that way (which is good considering that the one I'm working on now will be a Christmas gift).

  4. I was talking to my kids the other day and asking what they would like to receive for Christmas this year. The all looked at my like I lost my head. I have always had my Christmas shopping finished by September. I do still go out to the stores over the holiday, for last minutes things and to enjoy the decorations! (I HATE shopping in the crowds and seeing moms drag tired kids, and the rudeness!!). This year however, I havent started!!

  5. How fun to have the day off from school! I think the kids still have school here though we'll be voting at an elementary school, I like your school district better to have the kiddos home. (and you too of course)

    I've been trying to simplify a lot but under the circumstances it is hard to do, but I do agree, an uncluttered life is a better life I do believe!

    enjoy your day!


  6. I just cracked up about not shopping on that day. I just can't ever decide why anyone would ever do that I don't like shopping that much.
    I am glad you are having a cool day.
    Our storm is on Thursday. Yay for cool weather.

  7. MMS- I would love to simplify around here but the husband is a messy keeper of stupid, insignificant things and I can't get him to stop. I hate it.

    MKM- It would be heaven on earth!

    Judy- I have been to Michael's on a Saturday. Once. Never again. LOL I can only dream of an uncluttered house with the husband I have. I really hate living in this mess.

    Kathy- I hate crowds too. It's never worth it to me. I was going to knit some gifts this year but no time with teaching again. :(

    Deb- I'm never done early but I also never wait until the last minute. I hate the crowds and shopping so I will use the internet as much as possible. There are a few local things I want to get though and I have to go to the stores for those. UGH.

    betty- It's been so nice. I took my time getting up. I walked the dog, voted, went to the grocery store, worked out...and then it was 10:00. LOL I have no idea what to do this afternoon. But coffee is on the list!

    Kim- I'm enjoying our cool day with a cup of espresso right now. And I even had to turn on the little heater! I love it! Hope you cool down and stay that way for the season! Us too!

  8. Oh, it's my dream to downsize, too....not my home, but the stuff in it!!! I agree with the Black Friday shopping...it's just not for me, but there are people who love it and especially those who go with family and friends as a tradition...that's neat!! HOPE you have a great rest of the week!

  9. First I have to say...I know stores have really good sales & people are there to save money or even buy that special gift they normally couldn't afford. But it's hard to root for them rather than laugh when they're cussing out everyone in their brother at Jesus's Birthday...With that being said. It's funny what you said about going to jail for Christmas...me, my daughter, & my niece think its fun to go to Wal-Mart around 11:30 on Thanksgiving night. It's soooo hilarious to see these people standing there with their hands on Power Wheels & whatever is "hot" this year arguing who was there first. One year a man was arrested because a sales associate wouldn't let him look under the black plastic to see if it was the right tv to stand next to.

  10. So good to have you at a Chat again. I know you've been busy since you went back to work. I love the answer about not wanting to be in jail. Black Friday could challenge anyone's patience!

  11. I don't go shopping on "that day" either. The very thought of it makes me break out in hives, LOL! Cyber Monday is cool, though. I can still get the deals without dealing with the madness.

  12. I do a lot of my shopping online when the kids give me their lists.
    Other gifts I have already bought during the year. I think I have been to maybe one bon fire but that was back in HS. Yes I have had people in my life who were not family but felt like it.


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