Monday, November 5, 2012

Great Listicles

It's Monday and time to join Stasha over at The Good Life for Monday Listicles! And I AM LATE again. Hey, at least it's STILL Monday. Each week Stasha gives us a theme for our lists. This week, we have the List of 10 Great Not Too Distant Memories. All you have to do to join the fun is click on the link or the button!

Ten Great Not Too Distant Memories

1. When Breezy was 2 years old and Deanie was just a month old, I took a picture of Breezy looking at Deanie with such affection. The other day, Breezy texted that picture to Deanie with the caption, "I love you THIS much!" Deanie forwarded it to me with the message, "How sweet is my sister?!" I would post the picture for ya'll but I'm still on the loaner computer.

2. There was a scarecrow contest at school on Halloween. The following day, as I was walking into school, I over heard one kindergartener excitedly tell another one, "He WINNED! He WINNED!"

3. Last week during one of my kindergarten intervention groups, one of the little darlings sat down at the table, smacked his hand on the table and said, "Let's go Mrs. Lofton. We've got recess."

4. A couple of weeks ago when I had laryngitis and couldn't talk at all, Breezy sent me this text: "It's freaking killing me not being able to talk to you!!!!!!!!!!!"

5. I got this text from Birdie a couple of weeks ago--"So Evan needs ties for Christmas cause I don't really like any of his."

6. Last week, DoodleBug sent me this text: "Wanna take me to the grocery store tonight?"

7. My brother and SIL are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. I asked what I could bring and my brother said I needed to bring my pumpkin pie. It's my recipe but he loves it so much we call it Uncle Tony's Pumpkin Pie. He asked me to make 10 of them so he could freeze some for later. Funny thing is, I'll probably do just that.

8. Emails with my friend Kim in CA.

9. Phone calls from an old friend.

10. Listening to a friend who is a first time grandparent.

What great not too distant memories make you smile?  


  1. A lot!!
    AND, thanks a bunch for sharing yours,they made me smile too :)

  2. I love your memories.

    Here are mine. I remember just an hour ago how I smashed my finger with a commode lid I had stored in the closet to install at my convience.

    Zander who is four today having a wonderful conversation about the bad guys that come to his room at night. He is having pretty good luck with them now using the magic words, "Nana, said get out!"

    I remember today how I panicked when Hubby did not come out of his stress test when I thought he should. Even though I fuss about him, the thought of him not returning to me scared the hell outta me. I should remember that when I am fuming about some senselessly unimportant thing connected to him...and remember, how scared I was when I thought I may be without him.

    I remember the pleasure of picking grass seeds out of my rescue dog's fur and wondering how she could love me so. Wishing I could love as deep and hard as a rescued dog loves me.

    I remember how I was excited about finding leopard spotted ballerina shoes in Walmart.

    I remember recovering an old ottaman and giving it a new prettier chance at life again.

    And all these memories are just today. I have millions and I fear tomorrow I may forgot the things I found so precious about today.

  3. I loved all the memories you shared! Too cute about the pie of yours that is such a favorite! Too cute with the love between your girls from "birth" to now! Too cute too about needing of new ties (honestly I'd be no help there, I have trouble picking them out :)

    All great recent memories!


  4. These are great... the texts and emails from your girls clearly show what a great relationship you have with them - such an obviously good mom. They're lucky to have you! :) I love listening to little kids - the way they talk together, the things they come up with - awesome. Sounds like being back to school is going good for you! :)

  5. What great memories! I love #1 and hearing about the texts from your daughters to each other

  6. What sweet memories. Kindergarteners are great at getting smiles out of us, aren't they? And it's clear that your daughters adore you.

  7. Your girls are as sweet and funny as you!! Love this list!


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