Sunday, November 4, 2012

Working It Out

I discovered, during my three weeks of an awful hayfever attack, that even allergies- if they're severe enough--can interfere with my fitness plan. And I did not like that one little bit.

I had to stop exercising for three weeks. THREE WEEKS. But I couldn't do anything that required exertion because I was certain that I would cough up a lung. Or two. And I kind of need those things. 

This meant I couldn't walk the dogs for a couple of weeks either. But that was ok because Birdie took my place. I started walking them again last week and it went fine. Even though I hacked most of the time. No worries, my lungs remained intact.  

This week, I started back on my Synergy workouts. And I realized just how much I have missed working out. NOT because I had a difficult time. On the contrary! I was back at it and doing even better and working harder than I was before that blasted allergy attack.

I actually missed working out. Hush you say! I know! But it's so true. I was so used to working out on that Synergy schedule, I missed it when I couldn't get it done. But I'm back. I'm stronger than before. The stamina is much better. The motivation returned. It's just fabulous!  

There is a change, however. This time, I have put my own spin on the Synergy plan. 

  • Monday/Wednesday/Fridays are for Sprint 8 and weights. 
  • Tuesday/Thursdays are for plyometrics and stretching. 
  • Then there are the 7 days/week of walking pups one mile in the mornings before school. 
  • Saturdays and Sundays are my down days. Unless I miss a workout during the week, then I make it up on the weekend. 
I feel like this is a doable plan not to mention an enjoyable one! BUT, regardless of the plan, I believe the key to this whole fitness thing is developing the habit of fitness.

I've tried so many different ways to get fit. Some of you have read about them on the blog. And I've enjoyed most of them but they didn't stick. Which I thought was due to my short attention span and the fact that I get so bored so easily.

But now that I tried the whole 8 week commitment to the Synergy plan, I can see how it was more about getting into the habit of working out. Once the working out becomes a habit, it really doesn't matter what you do. Your body just HAS to do something. I like this! I wish I had discovered it sooner. But I'm glad I know it now!

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get your fitness habit going! I can't even begin to tell you how much better you'll feel!

If you're already in the habit, what's your best fitness advice? 


  1. So funny you are starting back again. I sat down today and worked out a plan for me. I was going to do it last week and got the flu. So this week I will start again. We can do this thing.
    I like your plan too.

  2. Kim- I'm so sorry you had the flu!!! That's terrible! Glad you're feeling better! If you lived closer, I would have made you some of my healing soup! Stay well!

  3. Oh don't even talk to me about missing exercising! I caught the cold (from Hell!)...first one in about 15 years...and everyone said it took 3 weeks to run it's course. This Friday will be 3 weeks and I'm heading to the gym Monday so I've missed 2 1/2 wks!!!...:)JP

  4. JP- It's awful, isn't it?! I was not only miserable from the hayfever but also from missing the workouts! Hope that cold leaves you alone and you can get back into the workouts!

  5. Seems like you have a good workout schedule going! I do know when I exercise consistently 5 days a week, I do feel better and I sleep better too. I think my best advice is keep at it and don't get lazy (unless of course you are under the weather). It is hard to get restarted with motivation once we take some time off from it (at least for me that is :)


  6. betty- That's great advice! It used to be hard for me to get back into it too but I think it's better this time. At least I hope so.

  7. Hayfever sucks!!
    Sometimes our bodies just need a break. BUT!! After the break we have to get back into it!! AND that can be hard!! So glad youre feeling better and love being back at it!!

  8. Sorry for the allergies. I've battled those for years. I've been off my exercise routine for over a month now because of this darned knee and I'm so unhappy and the scale is showing it. ARGHHHHH! Hopefully after surgery on Friday I will be back in the saddle again! I can't wait.

  9. Sucks when you have a good thing going and something so out of your control derails you. It's not fair! But so good that you are feeling better and back at it. I love reading your stuff - I sure hope you know how motivating you have been Pam :)


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