Friday, December 14, 2012

Brotherly Lessons

I've learned quite a few lessons from my oldest brother over the years. I'm not even sure he knows what a teacher he is.

When we were growing up, he taught me that, while he would chase me with a frog or other disgusting type creature, he would beat the crap out of anyone else who tried to chase me with one.

When I was just beginning high school, he taught me how to defend myself. I accidentally practiced on him. He went down really fast. Oops.

He taught me that he would protect me and my brothers when our parents were out from the man outside the window. Even though the man outside the window was only my brother's reflection.

He taught me how to push everyone out of the way and run past them to get away from a haunted house.

He taught me I should have behaved myself much more than I did in college because those stories would come back to haunt me. Via him.

He also taught me that no matter what hand life deals you, you keep your head up and stay positive.

He taught me that putting others first is never a bad idea.

He taught me to make good, positive memories and to try to live so as not to have regrets.

He taught me to get out there and live life instead of letting life pass me by. 

My brother and I have shared thousands of memories over the years. Most of them are filled with happiness and laughter. All of them are filled with love.

Do you have any brothers? Are yours crazy too? 


  1. He sounds like a really good brother. I have one too, and we were pretty close growing up. But time changes things and people, I haven't spoken to him in over 2 years for some silly reason. Sometimes I think people should stop for a minute and think about what their relationship with others has been like, before they cut off all ties.

  2. What a lovely list Pam. So nice you had a brother like that.
    He sounds awesome. Are you glad it is Friday? I am, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I have a lot of those same memories of my brother. :-) Brothers are wonderful, and if you can survive your childhood with them, it makes you a stronger person - although maybe one prone to a nervous condition. LOL

    And just so I don't say only mean things, I got a phone call from my brother in Denver yesterday. It was just a fun, chatty call and cheered me to no end! Even though we see each other seldom, my brothers are still so important to me! I think I need to phone my older brother.

  4. Brothers are special. Unfortunately, my (younger) brothers have memeroies of me beating the stuffing out of them. I got away with it until they grew up to be bigger than me. Thankfully we all outgrew the beating up on each other thing!

  5. I loved the lessons your brother taught you!! I have a brother who is 17 months older than me. Love him to pieces!! He is crazy too (and my mom's favorite which was okay :) He has a wonderful personality, gregarious, friendly, good guy, etc. Truly a blessing to have a brother indeed!


  6. Alessandra- I don't know what I'd do if that happened between this particular brother and myself. Perish the thought!

    Kim- Am I glad it's Friday?! Duh. LOL My oldest brother is the BEST EVER! I'm going to email you this weekend!

    Judy- So true! And we wouldn't have it any other way, right? :)

    Darlene- They sure are. Uh oh. At least you knew when to stop. LOL

    betty- Your brother sounds a lot like mine! I guess it would have been ok had he been Mother's favorite...but then, I wouldn't have been. LOL

  7. Wow, what a special bond you have with your brother,how lucky you are!

  8. I have four brothers and two sisters. I'm the middle of the pack. I have to say, my oldest sister and I are the closest of the group.

  9. I'm the oldest of 3 kids. My sister and I are BFFs but our brother.... He is odd man out on so many levels. Every family has one, and I guess in ours it's him. Sad, but true, we are not close. He reaches out and then pushes away almost simultaneously. We take what we can get in the brother department, usually it does not come easily. Thank heaven for sisters :)

  10. "He also taught me that no matter what hand life deals you, you keep your head up and stay positive."

    That is an awesome life lesson!

    My twin sister and I have an older brother, two years older than us. We've always been best friends - and when we get together we just laugh and laugh - my husband calls it "unseen humor" but I just call it love!


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