Monday, December 3, 2012

Listicles of the Great---Me? Ha!

It's Monday and time to join Stasha over at The Good Life for Monday Listicles!

Each week Stasha gives us a theme for our lists. This week, we have list 10 reasons why we're great. I can easily tell y'all why the lovelies are great but when I have to turn it around and talk about myself...well, that's just not me. So, in the spirit of the fun, I asked the lovelies (via text message)--"I am doing a fun blog hop thingy about 10 reasons I'm great. Mine is going to be 10 reasons the lovelies think I'm great because I know all of you think that I am give me a couple of reasons why you think I AM so great." 

Let me tell you that the Christmas season is the BEST time to ask your kids this question. The sucking up is at an all time high. 

 All you have to do to join the fun is click on the link or the button! 

Ten Reasons Why The Lovelies Think I'm Great.  


1. I don't judge.(This really should be worded, I TRY not to judge).

2. I am always there for the lovelies no matter what. (I think that's called being a mom).

3. I am persistent. I don't give up no matter how frustrated I get or how many times I say I am going to give up. I see things through. (Um...stubborn?)

4. I am completely honest about just about everything. (Ok, I do try to do this.). 

5. I always speak my mind and stand up for what's right. (Are they saying that I am obnoxious and opinionated? Oh. Well, maybe..)

6. I am not influenced by the opinions of others.(Right. This one is right on the money.)

7.  I have a contagious laugh. (Because my kids are so darn funny.).

8. I always help people who need it. (This one's in the genes. None of us can escape it.).

9. I have a heart for the under-dog/misunderstood/helpless.(Another gene thing.).

10. I am not dictated by social protocol. (Which is really odd for a southerner.)

See what I mean? The Christmas season is the perfect time to ask your kids for a list like this.

What would be on the list of why your kids think you are great? Go ahead. Ask them! After all, they do have a Christmas list. 


  1. Wonderful list of attributes of you by your lovelies! I bet they weren't even "sucking" up because of Christmas. I believe each thing they listed is indeed trie attributes of you!!! Great list; definitely a keeper!


  2. My daughter always says I am her best friend. For the life of me, I can't figure out how I earned that. But I'll take it. I'd love to hear that laugh...somehow I'm not surprised that it's contagious :)

  3. betty- Thank you! They really are sweet girls and I do know they meant it. But I'm pretty sure I don't deserve it!

    Stephanie- That's what Deanie said as one of her answers! And I can't figure it out either, but I am proud to hold the title! We are all going to have to get together one day- and laugh and talk and laugh and talk...

  4. This is a fun one! I think I'll ask my kids to make a list. I hope they can come up with ten : )

  5. Joyce- Knowing you, as I do via blogging, I believe the problem will be STOPPING at only 10!

  6. Sorry, I don't have any kids, can I ask my chis instead? Love your list of reasons, I share many of them, I guess that's why I think you're so cool....:)

  7. Wow, great list! I'm not sure I dare ask my kids. lol Then again, it would be really fun to know. I think you're a great mom - cuz your 'Lovelies' take top priority and I know how much you love it when they're home!♥

  8. Alessandra- Of course you can! I was going to ask Tucker but the girls wanted to do it. LOL I think you're way cool too! Birds of a feather! :)

    Judy- You should! I can think of a list for you already and I only know you via blogging!

  9. LOVE THIS!!! So I texted my kids and said, "I need a list of 10 reasons why Im great". ALL three said, WHY? and then my middle son said, "You did something really bad, didnt you?"

  10. Deb- LOL That is HILARIOUS! Obviously, you have much humor in your family. :)

  11. Yes, I would have to agree with you that worrying about social protocol is usually standard for a Southerner's DNA. And I'm v honest too. That's why I keep my mouth shut a lot. Not going to say something I don't believe but not going to add my two cents if not going to do anybody or anything any good. You sound like you've got your head square on.

  12. South- I WISH I held my two cents worth but, usually, I hear someone spouting and, upon listening closer, I discover that it's ME. LOL

  13. Betty- They are great kids, I must agree with you. :) I'm sure your girls would have many wonderful things to say about you! I know I sure do!

  14. This had me smiling all the way through, your girls are wonderful and you are so self-deprecating #11! It is hard to take a compliment and wow, isn't wonderful to get such lovely ones from the people you love the most!! I just love this :)

  15. Wow I almost missed this one. What a great list!! I am so glad you cleared number 10 up for me. I have wondered if you were like some of the books I have read about ladies in Charleston. :) Reading though your list, makes me like you even more than I already do, I know we would have such fun together. :)

  16. We share 2,3,4,5,7, and 9. I'm not so good with some of the others. I'm working on the first one, but standing my ground with others.I could agree with 8, but not with the word "always". :)

  17. Nice!! And damn that social protocol, anyway!

  18. You are all kinds of awesome and he fact that they love you like crazy and write a list for you in a heart beat just proves it! I always wanted a great laugh :)


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