Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oysters Roasting on an Open Fire....

Jack Frost nipping at your nose----YEP! Jack Frost is here and Christmas is here and the lovelies are here and it's a great day to celebrate the holiday in the low-country with our 4th annual Christmas oyster roast! I wish all of y'all could come on down and join us!

I wanted to take a moment this morning to thank each and every one of you for all the gifts you give year 'round. What am I talking about? All of you give me so much each day via your blogs- your honesty, your kindness, your inspiration, your humor, your encouragement, your support, your love...! I can't even begin to tell y'all what a blessing you each have been in my life!

I look forward to many more bloggy times together AND, perhaps, with a little luck, a gathering together for us all!

Meanwhile, I wish all of you and your families the MERRIEST OF THE MERRIEST CHRISTMAS! AND, at some point, just stop and give yourselves a big 'ol, SC low-country hug from our family!

Love y'all!


  1. A gathering! Yes! That would be a lot of fun, wouldn't it? Fingers crossed for the luck.

    Sending you back a West Coast hug...

  2. Thank you :) I love having you as a blog friend. Have the merriest Christmas ever and hold your children close. Get yourself in the pictures!

  3. I thought of you and that amazing oyster roast, and truly was thinking the same thing, 'oysters roasting on an open fire!' Good grief...

    Anyway, hope you and yours are having a lovely and merry Christmas too! Look forward to the next year with blogging posts shared with one another. Always love stopping in here.♥

  4. I've enjoyed reading every one of your posts, and commenting whenever I can (even if it's several days later!)
    keep on blogging...


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