Sunday, January 13, 2013


While living in a nest full of four lovely daughters, I found many things to smile about throughout every day--
I'm sure y'all smiled at the same things-
  • their squeals of delight
  • the way they laughed at something funny
  • watching one sister help another
  • watching them blow out the candles on their birthday cakes
  • their wonder at the joys of Christmas
  • the joy they experienced when they learned something new
  • during dance recitals, orchestra concerts, choral and dance and band performances
  • during soccer games, softball games and powder-puff football games
  • when they got their drivers' licenses
  • when they told a joke
  • went to the prom
  • got married
  • graduated from high school and then college
 The list is endless, isn't it? So were the smiles. I have to say that raising four daughters was nothing less than a pure delight.

But what in the world is there left to smile about when these lovelies grow up and move out into the world?

More than I thought, actually...
  • the memories of raising the lovelies
  • the realization that one or more of the lovelies will be coming home for a family gathering
  • my phone when it alerts me that one of the lovelies is calling (which, lucky for me, happens daily)
  • Tucker
  • new babies in the family even if they aren't your grandchild
  • wonderfully, delightfully funny and loving friends
  • my crazy brother's lame jokes
  • the birds at the bird feeder
  • the garden
  • my Christmas cactus
  • the kids at school
  • the birds Tuck and I see at the ponds and on the marsh when we get to walk AFTER the sun rises
  • the other dogs at the dog park when we get time to go over there
  • a baby or child, or elderly person's laugh
  • a cold winter's day (ok, that might just be me)
  • a surprise package in the mail, or a letter or a card
  • hugs
  • big, fuzzy, floppy socks
  • the P90x guy...wait, that's more of a laugh
See? There are still many things for us to smile about when the nest becomes empty. And it doesn't even all revolve around our kids.

Life offers us many, many wonderful things to bring us joy and happiness. Little things that remind us that, no matter what phase of life we may be experiencing, there are good, pleasant, enjoyable moments that will bring a smile to our faces.  And a certain warmth to our hearts.

What are you smiling about today?


  1. My oldest just went back to college today. :(

  2. What a great post and yes even when the kids finally leave the nest they still give us many smiles and much happiness.
    Then as I've reported I do have some twins on the way...many smiles with the grands to come and the ones already present and accounted for!

    Have a great day!

  3. Hi Pam. I'm smiling at your delightful post today! You're right though, there are so many, many things that we have to be grateful for, and your list is pretty impressive.

  4. Patrice- I'm sorry. I can certainly empathize with how you're feeling. But she's having a good time, right? And doing well? We need to catch up!

    Sush- Maybe one day we'll get some of those marvelous grands like yours! I'm ever hopeful!

    Diane- I'm so glad the post brought a smile to your face! I'm heading your way to see if your post ever made it.

  5. SO VERY TRUE!!! I think that no matter how bad life gets, theres always at least one thing to be thankful for or to make us smile!

  6. What a wonderful post! This is SO important for all of us to read -- remembering that while the past may have been filled with so many joys and achievements and milestones, we're not finished yet and each day of our lives has its special joys.

  7. Anything that makes us smile must be good. Today I'm smiling because my piano practice went well. That always makes me happier.

  8. Deb- I think so too. At least I think I do. I hope I never find out how bad life can get. My mother has always told me to look for the good no matter what though. So, hopefully, I will.

  9. Kathleen- Thank you! Very true- and I do remember that most of the time. I still get caught up every once in a while and forget, especially when I think of my childhood and my grandparents. I still miss them so much.

    Stephanie- I love that you're taking piano lessons. Maybe I should try those cello lessons I've always wanted.

  10. Today I'm smiling because it was 61F out. It gave me a chance to wander around town just taking in the smells and the fresh air. And being an empty nester, I didn't have to ask anyone to join me today.


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