Saturday, February 23, 2013

In Case Y'all Were Wondering

Cause I know you have been DYING to know all about my job, I thought I'd show y'all my lab. Well, not MY lab, but the main computer lab at school where I spend 97% of my time.

I have windows in the lab but they just look out into hallways and the media center. So I have to provide my own sunshine---

I keep that collage of pictures behind my desk---

No. My desk isn't always that messy. It's usually a lot worse.

When I stand with my back to my desk, this is what I see straight in front of me. Dead ahead is the Smart Board. The bulletin board to the left is about internet safety.

 There are 30 computers in this lab. This is to my right---

Those windows peek into the media center(I still call it the library). Sometimes, when a class is in there and students are at the computers under those windows, I go over and make faces at them. They LOVE it when I do that. Don't worry, they don't get into trouble. The media center specialist (I still call her the librarian) is hip to my shenanigans and she approves.

This is to my left---

I don't like that stuff on the wall too much. Mostly because it includes the G and H keys for the home row and home row is really FDSA on the left and JKL: on the right. But it was already there so I used it.

That's our word wall. I use the white board for it since I never use the white board. If I need a board, I use the Smart Board. And that podium to the left of the chair is where I put my laptop.

When I stand with my back to the Smart Board, this is what I see---

This little desk is just to the right of my desk. It's where I have my intervention groups. See those little squares of paper on the cabinet? Those are the 4th and 5th graders' incentive charts. When they fill up a row with stickers, they get a piece of candy. I don't use this for the kindergarteners. Because there are 16 of them and that would be a crap-ton of candy and they don't need sugar anyway- their natural energy levels are OFF THE CHARTS. But they do get a sticker IF they earn it.

There's another lab downstairs that the kindergarten classes use. It's usually a train wreck in there but I'm not responsible for that one. Then, upstairs, is another lab with 32 computers in it. The 3rd, 4th and 5th graders use it with their teachers.

I made these guidelines to illustrate proper keyboarding position and they're on the right side of the lab. The lab is so big I had to make two- one towards the front and one towards the back.

I teach keyboarding to all 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. That's about 560ish students. I have small group intervention with 16 kindergarteners (in groups of 5 and 6) and then my 4th and 5th grade intervention groups. And then I have taken on a couple of students just because they need help. Intervention is the best part of my job.

We're about to begin learning to use Microsoft Word, make a Power Point presentation and a spread sheet in Excel. So I'll be putting up more boards with shortcuts and such on them.

And that's it. Not very exciting. But more fun than you would think. And not just because of the students. The people I work with make it worth going there every single day. They are so positive and funny and caring.

Yes, I miss my free time. Especially since I never get it anymore with the husband around here every weekend. But I like what I do so, it's worth it.

And it makes me appreciate not having to get up at dark o'clock and walk the dog by dark thirty. Instead, I get up at dark thirty and walk him by sunrise o'clock. Ha!

Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. Hi Pam. Really interesting to see all those photos of your workplace. Love the collage that you have put up of all the lovelies!! Also, love how you make faces at the students. Why do I know that that is so YOU!!! I would be right there behind you, doing the same thing!!

  2. Brings back memories...especially about the wonderful people at school.

  3. Love the pics. Since my daughter is a teacher, I've helped her set up her classroom a few times. It's one of my favorite parts of being a mom of a grown-up. :) I love that you make faces that the kids in the library, err media center.

  4. Thanks for sharing your workplace, it looks wonderful. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Let me get this straight, your school has three computer labs? And they all look like that? I wanna work there too. We have one, broken down, small, pieceofyouknowwhat lab for the whole school, pver 1,100 kids...I use it about zero times a year...Really like your pics though, I might take some of my class just to sho the difference between a state that spends on education and one that doesn't....

  6. Diane- Thanks! It's a fun place to work. Especially with all the fantastic people I work with! Haha! I can just see you standing there making faces with me! What fun that would be!

    Suzanne- We miss you!

    sweet- When DoodleBug finishes student teaching and gets her first teaching job, I told her I was looking forward to helping her set up her classroom!

    Debby- Thanks! Hope you're enjoying your weekend too! We're sitting here thinking we might need a boat soon with all this rain. LOL

    Alessandra- Yes, we have three. One of them isn't nearly as large but it still has 26 computers. I'd love to see some pix of your class.

  7. Wow! You have some great education tools there. I bet you are a great teacher. I would love to send my kids to your class.
    Thanks for showing us where and how you work. Loved it!

  8. Pretty neat labs have always been a place I love!...:)JP

  9. This was fun,getting to share in your work space. Of course, I love the way you bring sunshine into your room and add fun into the Media Center, kids love that :)

  10. Betty- I wouldn't say great. Not even close. But I do know some great ones! Thanks!

    JP- Really? I've never really given them much thought until this job. LOL

    Gail- It certainly is.

    Lucy- Thanks. Yep, I just had to add the lovelies in there somewhere. LOL The kids do love it when I make the faces at them. They are so funny!

  11. It looks wonderful! I bet you have a good time in there. It looks like a fun place to work.

  12. It's really interesting. Looks like a great place to work. I taught a language lab at college once but the lab wasn't half as big as this, you're lucky with all that room to move around :)

  13. I'm not sure if I'd miss the 'free time' when I'd have some work to do. How exciting to be with you in your work place. I enjoyed it.

  14. Kim- We do have a good time. But I still miss being home every day.

    Clairity- It is a large space but I can't help feeling like they really haven't made great use of it. But it is a good place to work.

    Anni- I know. When I have free time again, I'm sure I'll miss the work time. I just can't be satisfied. LOL Thanks!

  15. Well, now, no wonder those five minute time limits don't bother you much LOL What a wonderful place to work. Are you sure it's work? Except that you're expected to teach the kids, it's more like a play space. A far cry from what I had in school. But then everything now is a far cry from then.

  16. Loved this glimpse into your world! :)

  17. I was thinking your desk is pretty neat... Nice work space! Holy cow, you have a ton of students!


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