Monday, February 25, 2013

You Bought WHAT?

It's Monday and time to join Stasha over at The Good Life for Monday Listicles! Each week Stasha gives us a theme for our lists. This week, our topic is our 10 Dumbest Purchases. 

This one is going to require some major thought because, for the most part, my purchases are not spur of the moment but, rather, researched and thought out. So, I decided to sit here and look around the house for things I wish I had never bought because it's just taking up space or didn't work or wasn't what someone claimed it to be and I discovered that maybe I don't research and think as much as I thought I did. Go figure.

Of course, if I had gone with the 10 Dumbest Purchases made by the husband, this would have gone a lot quicker. And WAY over ten. :)

Next week's list will be 10 Things You Are Proud Of.

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1. Just about every gift I've ever given my dad who goes out and buys everything he wants/needs when the spirit moves him leaving very little left for the rest of us. Though he really thought the slippers with the LED headlight in the front I got him the Christmas after he rammed his toe into the lounger one night was funny

2. Nothing that I've ever bought from the Dollar Store! How I LOVE that place. L.O.V.E.

3. That one exercise video that was made by the spawn of Satan Amy Bento- Hi/Lo Xtreme. Nobody wants to workout that hard for any reason EVER. Not to mention that nobody is truly THAT coordinated.

4. Nothing that I've ever bought at Michael's. Another store that I ADORE!

5. Those organizer thingies that go on the back of the front seats of the car. Really dumb. Cause nobody in this family ever put anything inside one of those.

6. I haven't bought one of these BUT I'm pretty sure that Rollie Eggmaster thing would totally suck.

7. These 12 x 12, three-ring scrapbooks that I really liked but didn't think it through as they do not fit on any shelf in our house.
 Besides, I really wanted these:
Only NOT in pink and blue. How trite. Anyway, now I'm stuck with the wrong ones and trying to justify spending the money on the ones I want. Sheesh.

8. Shoes for the lovelies when they were babies. How dumb. Babies don't walk. Duh.

9. All those little trinkets that sit on the shelves because I like them or they look so pretty. Yeah, well, you have to dust those darn things.

10. O,O,O!!! Remember the Veg-o-Matic? Well, I don't remember whether it was the ACTUAL product or a reasonable facsimile BUT, I got one and I used it like twice before the darn thing broke into a gazillion pieces! Just use a knife. Or a food processor. LOL

What's on your list of dumb purchases?


  1. The trouble with my dumb purchases is that I'm never allowed to live them down...there have been a few! The dumbest? Anything that looks like it could organize my life stuff. NEVER does. I'm so smitten with organizational ideas and tools. I just can't seem to get other people's ideas work for me, though. I am slowly learning to ignore their siren calls in the stores.

  2. Books I need but don't know if they are written:

    How To Organize Your Life
    Rejuvenate The Romance
    Eat More, Weigh Less
    Only One Animal
    How To Say No

    I shall have to work on the other list. I think I need absolutely everything I've ever purchased.

  3. Slippers with lights?!?! Fantastic! I'm sure everyone got a good laugh at those.
    I just recently rediscovered the dollar store. I forgot how many awesome finds they have.

  4. Stepanie- We do that to my mother. It's all in good fun though! course, that's easier to say when you're not the object of the ridicule. LOL

    Gail- Hahahahaha! I could use a couple of those titles!

    coop- Everyone did get a good laugh. And Dad loved them! The Dollar Store is the BEST!

  5. First time I've seen that egg rollie thing. Hilarious! But looks like something my kids would see and say, "Mom, you need that!" Not.

  6. That's easy...The dumbest thing I bought was one of those things you slide under furniture, that any 80 yr. old woman can do with one hand, to move furniture. Almost got a hernia.

  7. Diane- I just saw it for the first time yesterday. We thought it was sort of disgusting. LOL

    shore- Yeah. We got those too. But I find it easier to just use the husband. LOL

  8. lol re Veg-o-Matic!
    My kitchen is so small there would not be room for a thing like that, so i definitely have to use a knife!
    A juicer attachment for the food processor ranks among my daft purchases, and now it's sitting in a bag waiting for me to put it on a website where you give away unwanted stuff. In case anyone wants it! Well, it cost about €30, so I can't throw it away, lol!

  9. I want lighted slippers! And really, you are so right - baby shoes make no sense. I think by baby #3 I had that figured out. I am definitely a sucker for dollar store-type things and Michaels! :)

  10. I LOVE Michaels too, especially when I happen upon a super clearance.

    I hope in a couple weeks I don't have a Vegimatic story about the dehydrator I recently bought. Have NOT opened the box at all...and have been procrastinating for too it's not looking too good right now.

    I found your blog today through Monday Listicles.

    Have a great day!

  11. Oh at this stage of my life I don't buy anything that takes up too much space...give me a new knife any day!!!...:)JP

  12. Haha I just loved this and found myself laughing at everyone. Oh my gosh so the vegamatic didn't work??? I never knew that but secretly wanted one.
    Oh the house shoes oh my gosh I think that is hysterical!! I want a pair. Kinda like my husband buying Nik a ball cap with a light in the brim. That rollie thing is so funny. I have to show my kids this. :)
    Who would have thought. :)
    Now I feel better, thanks. I will think about dumb things I have bought I think the dumbest thing has been a rowing machine.

  13. I think my dumbest purchases are whenever I've bought a diet cookbook. I know darned well how to eat and how to be healthy. I don't need to spend $18 - $35 to tell me something other than more protein, more green and leafy veggies, fewer carbs, no sugar, no gluten, and enough exercise.

    Hey, I bought one of those headlamps too, and I think they're so cool!! We even got them for the little grandsons for Christmas. :-)

  14. I think LED lighted slippers are a great idea, really, I'd like some myself. My stupidest purchase? That's easy, I bought some contraption online that was supposed to cool my car during the summer, even with the windows all the way up. It was called 'auto cool', pretty dumb uh? The commercial said it would cool the temperature inside my car up to 20 the heat of the desert....Yup, I'm a freaking genius...

  15. My one and only purchase from one of those late night shopping network channels was a dress that you could wear in something like 20 different ways. I got what looked like a toga in the mail and couldn't even wear it one way, hahaha :)

  16. Your dad sounds a lot like my husband. And who cares how pretty veggies are cut. They still taste the same...


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