Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Soggy Tuesday Chattin'

We're back to a soggy Tuesday with temps way too warm for the rain to turn into anything wintery. Sad, but true. Once the rain leaves, the temps are predicted to go down. I just can't catch a break. But all is not lost since it IS Tuesday and we can meet on Patrice's porch to share some time together!

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Everyday Ruralty


1. Is there a room in your home that you'd like to redecorate or remodel? More like a room we NEED to remodel. The master bathroom remains a disaster. And I'd better just stop right there before I go off in a direction that just isn't very nice.
2. Did you watch the Oscars? No. I don't keep up with Hollywood. I just wait until the news the next morning and hear it all in less than 2 minutes. I much prefer it that way. Those giving speeches go on and on and on and I can't stand it.
3. How many pair of blue jeans do you own? I used to never own less than 5 pair at any one time. But I refuse to buy them in the size I need right now. They will be my first purchase when I get all this excess weight off though!
4. What was your favorite toy as a child? I don't really remember. I used to enjoy my basketball and hula hoop. But I think, for the most part, we all played outside and got creative putting on plays and such. Inside was only for rainy days and I'm not sure what I played with. OH! Barbies for a while! I do remember those! 
5. If you could visit a country in Europe, which would you choose? That's just too hard. I would love to visit Scotland because of my heritage. But I would love to visit my friends in England. And Ireland. And then there's my German heritage to consider. And the beauty of the entire continent. I would just have to go and stay for about 6 months and see all of it!!!
Ok, that's it for me. What's on your mind today?


  1. When you do buy jeans again, I suggest the stretch jeans. I have some made by Lee and Levi. The brand doesn't matter, but the stretch fabric makes all the difference in terms of comfort. You might want to start getting one pair in each size as you move down the scale. Everyone should have ONE pair of jeans!

  2. I did watch the Oscars but hate how long the show runs. They take themselves just a little too seriously for me , but I do love all the clothes : )

  3. I have trouble finding jeans that fit just right and feel nice too. I remember playing with Barbies quite a bit. It sure would be cool to go backpacking through Europe, though I think that would take more energy than I have now. Have a great rest of your week.

  4. We live on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. This spring we will renovate our shoreline protection and make an entertainment area there. Then, I want to pave the driveway. Hubby loves his gravel drive and gets into raking it, ordering new stone every two years. I am finished with weeding it, trying to shovel it without leaving piles of stone on the lawn. Inside is ok right now...it's outside that needs attention at our house. :)

  5. I saw a preview of the Oscars, and I realized I lead a boring life, movie wise. I HADNT SEEN ANY of them!!

  6. The Pres and I were just talking about our plans once it warms up and we return from vacation!...:)JP

  7. The Pres and I were just talking about our plans once it warms up and we return from vacation!...:)JP

  8. I used to hula hoop for hours. If I did that now, I'd have a great waistline. I love my jeans. Europe for 6 months would be a dream! Have a happy week!

  9. Most of my pants are jeans, I seldom wear anything else. I bet I have 10+ pairs. I loved visiting Europe and want to go back and see more. I want to try to live in London!

  10. Robin- I had a pair in a size bigger than I am now and it was just too disgusting. Maybe I should try now. But I'll probably just wait. I am familiar with that stretchy fabric though- it's nice!

    Joyce- Agreed. And the clothes are so pretty- and some are even comical. LOL

    Arlene- I know what you mean. I remember the days when all I wore were jeans. And didn't look half bad in them either. LOL

    Rosemary- I won't even get started on what needs to be done on our outside. Like painting. And landscaping. UGH. It's terrible. And what's worse is that the husband is more than capable and qualified to do it all and just doesn't.

    Deb- Don't feel alone. I haven't seen them either. :)

    JP- Vacation? What's that? LOL

    Patrice- Me too! I wonder if I can even get inside one now. LOL

    Debby- That's because you can still get into a pair of jeans. :)

  11. First time here and so happy to have found your blog. You are a riot of fun!
    Anyway. I agree with not buying jeans til you are the size you want to be. I said the same thing.
    I am off to visit the others but I will be back to read more of your blog.

  12. We should meet in Europe and travel together. :) Wouldn´t that be fun?!

  13. ha. ha!! i love your answers. you always make me laugh. thanks!! you are right - the news will tell you everything about the Oscars the next morning. ( :


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