Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl and Sadness

It's the last day of football season in the NFL and I'm trying to keep that sad thought out of my head while enjoying all the pre-game festivities.

I really like hearing all the stories the network shows on the individual players. Except when it's players on the team I'm not pulling for. I don't like it when those little segments make me like one of those players. I want to not like them because then it's easier to pull against them.

Y'all probably know that my team didn't even get near the play-offs much less the Super Bowl. I might have mentioned that before once or twice. Ha! This usually means I'm not thrilled with watching the Super Bowl at all OR I'm pulling against a team OR I'm just sitting back and enjoying what I hope will be a good game.

Which is it this year?

This year, I am actually pulling for one of the teams. But I'm not going to tell y'all which one it is because that might jinx it and I don't want to risk it. Yes, that's right. I'm one of those superstitious sports fans. I am one of these:

I can't help it. There have been way too many instances where something like that has happened and a game has been lost. Besides, like they say, "It's only weird if it doesn't work."

NOT that that is what the trouble is with my beloved Panthers. No. They are so deep in troubles that no amount of superstition can bring them out. Believe me. I've tried. There's some bad mojo on them brought on partially, I believe by the poor choices made by the owner. Shoot, they can't give season tickets away up there. But things are going to change. I can feel it!

But I'll watch the Super Bowl anyway. And thy not to cry over it marking the end of this football season and laugh at the commercials (although I think we're gonna be crying at one of the Budweiser commercials about the Clydesdale and his trainer) and try not to be so disgusted at the half-time show (because it really should be a marching band out there) and eat the traditional chili/taco pie dip/wings that we have every Super Bowl Sunday.

And then I'll sit here and wait for August. Our first pre-season game will be announced in the spring.

Of course there IS March Madness and I do fill out a bracket and enjoy college basketball. And if we get some actual winter weather, that would help keep my mind occupied.

Otherwise, it's the yearly waiting game from February to August. The most grueling months of the year.

Are you watching?


  1. I don't watch. I am not really into sports BUT my entire family watches (wait not my son) but everyone else. They love sports, so I get to hear all about it and I understand. Oh, and I have few relatives, including my Father that are furious that the Ravens? (Baltimore, right) are in it because they really believe they are the Browns because something about them moving from Cleveland and traitors and something like that, who knows how they think. Anyway, I totally understand how you feel. Enjoy the game :) Oh,and I do agree with you, I think the half time show is out of control,what happened to good old bands, they should reward top College bands and have them do half time shows.

  2. I love a great game and great commercials. I like the half time show just the way it is; when else is there time for cooking and a bathroom break? I don't have a vested interest in the teams this year; I was born a Lions fan and I'm a married Patriots fan. 2 heartbreaks this year a never and an almost! But watching that last game, the Pats just didn't want it this year.

    Football being my #2 and baseball my #1, I don't know if I've ever mentioned that on my blog ;), I only have 2-1/2 true torture weeks between the Super Bowl and the first game of Spring Training. I'm still looking forward to an evening of good football, fun commercials and snuggling with hubby and our cats.

  3. Lucy- Yeah, I know all about the Ravens story. But it's way past time to move on. I have a group of friends from college who are from Ohio and they still aren't over it either. LOL Sometimes watching people watch the game is fun too. LOL

  4. Nani- Good point about the half time and the bathroom. LOL I'm a Panthers fan (was a Cowboys fan before that)and neither of them are doing a darn thing. I might have known about you and baseball. LOL Have a wonderful night!

  5. no, not watching, but enjoying the fab commercials.

  6. I went and looked up the commercial and cried and watched again and cried again. I shared it with my mama and Mike.
    I didn't get to watch the game, had planned on it but other things came up.
    Take care Pam, have a blessed evening.
    P.S. Football will be back, never fear. :o)

  7. Aw, you're such a football fan :) I was rooting for the 9ers -- looked like they might make a comeback, but wasn't meant to be. Fun night anyway! Hope your team won! :)

  8. Yes I watched the game and it was a good one. I don't watch any other football during the year but I do love Super Bowl Sunday!

  9. Did the team you wanted to win, win? Mine didn't. Overall, it was a good bowl game, but the ending was disappointing, due to missed calls imo. I loved the Budweiser commercial, I had just mentioned that I hadn't seen any bud commercials yet, and then it was the very next commercial. Again, too many of the commercials were boring or pretty lame in everyone's opinion around me. And a power outage right after halftime? Makes you wonder if a marching band (which I would prefer as well) would have prevented the outage.

  10. Rosemary- Sure wish the commercials were fab like they used to be!

    Julie- It made me cry too! I loved it!

    Jessica- Well, MY team didn't make it. They only won like 5 games this season. But I did pull for the Ravens so that was good! Now I wish I had bet on it. LOL

    Judy- Even longer when you have to sit through all this heat that's coming. It always comes. And stays. UGH.

    Debby- I'm in front of the tv every weekend- college on Saturday and NFL on Sunday. I MISS IT ALREADY!! :(

    living- I did pull for the Ravens. But they aren't my team. I'm always hopeful that they'll make it. Before I die. LOL


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