Friday, February 1, 2013

Randomosity II

I've got more of those random thoughts running around. Guess y'all are the victims once again.

It's nice when the college your youngest attends is just downtown because, when she begins student teaching and the little kids get her all sick because she has yet to build up her immunity, she can just come home and let you take care of her. :)

I am NOT a fan of suck-ups. You know, the ones who never come around until someone's dying or only because they hope to get something when someone does eventually pass on or to get one up on someone else. I am related to a few people like that. I don't like it.

The bus strike hasn't happened yet. They keep threatening but, to be honest, I think a lot of the hulabuloo is someone (I'm not mentioning names) at the county level overreacting and causing widespread panic among the schools. Not that I think they won't strike. I just don't think they'll do what some people are saying---you know, in the middle of the day while the kids are still at school and all that. Time will tell.

DoodleBug and her roomies came over for dinner Wednesday- as usual. All three are student teaching. All three love it. All three are in bed by 9:00. LOL

Random, strange house noises carry way more meaning when the husband isn't home.

DoodleBug and I hosted a Thirty-One Party last weekend. I really shouldn't ever do that again. EVER. Why? Because I wanted one of everything, that's why.

We'll be watching the Super Bowl even though our team isn't in it. They didn't even get within a country mile. Again. But, instead of pulling against a team, which is what I usually do during the Super Bowl (you know, like if the Patriots or Atlanta had made it?) I will pull for the Ravens. But only because of Michael Oher and that movie The Blindside. Hopefully, I'll just be able to enjoy some good football.

On the same note, we usually host a gathering for the Super Bowl but I had decided not to do so this year since I now have to face elementary students first thing Monday morning. Of course, Birdie put a halt on the halt. When, exactly, do we get to stop hosting things for our kids friends? I mean, the lovelies are all out on their own now. Sheesh.

I don't know about where you live, but around here, they shouldn't let locals do the local commercials. They're so bad they're downright stupid. And embarrassing. And it's not just the ambulance chasers these days. It's local restaurants and car dealerships.

Speaking of local commercials, there's one that talks about remote banking. You take a picture of your check and in it goes to your bank account. And then there's the one about bank texting---would that be banxting?---to let you know your direct deposit is there and gives you your balance. (I guess it's just going to suck-for-you should your phone be lost or stolen). Anyway, it's all put out there under the ruse of making YOUR life easier. I'm thinking what they're really doing is making their lives easier by keeping customers out of the bank so they don't have to deal with us. Hey, WAIT! Can we do that with students?????

Finally, I have two videos for y'all. I have to say- they are both inspiring. But in totally different ways. LOL

Deanie sent me this one:

I sent her this one:

Apparently, we're in different places in our thought processes.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Funny how bedtime changes when you've got a real job - like student teaching. LOL It's so funny to see how 'kids' change, when they used to stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning. Hope you have a good weekend. Probably better for you that your team isn't in the SuperBowl. Maybe a little less stressful?? :-))

  2. I know what you mean about the strange noises and when Skye barks for no reason at all! Thankfully with the kids living here I don't have that issue anymore when Mark is gone. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Judy- I know, right?! DoodleBug tells me that she has such a greater understanding of my being anal about my bedtime now. Yes- a lot less stressful this way. Hope you have a great weekend too!

    Debby- It's always easier with someone else at home. And I know it's sort of stupid because if it's going to get me it can get them too. LOL

  4. Are we voting? I vote for the coke ad : )

  5. I will be watching the super bowl as well with my son and his family. Neither of our teams came close either (Steelers and Cowboys). I'm hoping the 49ers win, but it really doesn't matter either way, I think the coaching brothers are very good and will make this a real game, too bad the half time show won't interest me and the commercials will probably suck again. What happened to the commercials btw?

    What is a thirty one party?

    Oh, and I have plenty of those suck ups in my family as well, just hate it!

  6. We don't watch the superbowl so we haven't partied. We are watching our weather closely so that we can make a quick get away to the South.

  7. DH will probably watch the football game, which means that I will too - sort of. I'll probably quilt or work a puzzle. I do like to watch the commercials - hope they're good ones this year.

  8. I have some family members just like that too.
    I enjoyed both the videos but was partial to the Coke one *wink*
    Enjoy the Super Bowl!!
    Oh,and I hope the Bus Strike can be avoided,those are a bear.

  9. Saw your blog pop up on the A-Z sign up list. So glad I stopped by! Looks to me like you are a lot of fun. I'm your newest follower :)


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