Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Five!

It's Friday! Woot! And it's time for the Friday Five hop over at Jesse's Spot! Now there are two really good things about Friday. First- it's FRIDAY! Second- Friday Five! 

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I realized this week that I sometimes speak of y'all (my wonderful bloggy friends) during the week and I'll say something like, "My friend (and I'll say your names) from (and I'll say where you're from) is so funny or so sweet or so creative," etc. and I go on and on... I just feel like I know a lot of y'all personally. And it's a quite nice feeling.

I'm not sure who puts something in the food or water at school that makes the students act like wild things but I sure wish he or she would STOP. It's not funny and makes for a long week.

There's a school in a neighboring county that is located in a dangerous area. Or is it? The problem seems to be the speeding cars being driven by idiots who refuse to slow down even though it's obviously a school zone flashing lights and signs and crossing guards. As a matter of fact, the stop signs that are held by the crossing guards are getting knocked OUT OF THEIR HANDS by the passing cars. AND at least 1 crossing guard has been hit and seriously injured. The drivers are also yelling obscenities at the crossing guards and you and I know that the elementary students are hearing all of it. This has been an issue for a couple of years and I recently heard on the news that the school district is tired of it. Really? All this time and you're JUST NOW tired of it. I just don't get it people. How this was allowed to continue for longer than the first time is beyond my level of comprehension.

In the newer schools, music is piped through the hallways. The classical tones are quite nice actually, but the rest of it is making me hate songs like What A Wonderful World because it's ELEVATOR music. And, when it's not those, it's Zen garden or something like that. Sadly, I'm getting used to the Zen garden. But if I EVER get used to the elevator music, I'm out.

My Friday Fives seem to be about nothing but school. That's a little sad too, isn't it? My life is now consumed with other people's kids. Good grief.

Hey! We have a wedding and a college graduation to look forward to! My bestie's daughter is getting married in April and DoodleBug graduates from college Mother's Day weekend! How's that for having a life? LOL

Anyway, I've gone over my 5 minutes (shocker) so I'll stop!

Have a fabulous weekend! I'll be praying that we get some winter weather!


  1. I like it all. Really music in the halls? Isn't that a bit much. It just sounds like mind control to me.
    When do kids ever have time to think?
    Okay, I will stop there. Have a lovely, lovely weekend. I hope it rains and rains for you.

  2. Kim- Yep. Music in the halls. And, when I don't have a class, I can hear it in the lab. Right now, I'm listening to the Zen garden. Sheesh. The classical isn't bad at all. I can listen to that all day. What makes you think that the kids think? LOL You have a great weekend too. I hope we have rain that turns to SNOW!!! ;)

  3. I talk about my blog friends the same way. Funny, isn't it, how comfortable we can be with people we've not yet met?

    Those kids take up a big chunk of your week - no wonder they're on your mind when Friday rolls around.

  4. And did you know some farmers play music in the barn so the cows give more milk and other farmers play music to keep the predators away? To hear each talk they work for both.

  5. Stephanie- I know, right?! True, I am with them for too, I mean, a long time. LOL

    Gail- I did not know that. Wonder what they're trying to get from the kids? LOL

  6. I do it too! talk about blog friends as though they're friends, which they are!
    I am shocked about the danger those crossing guards endure; can the police not spend a few days there and sort out those drivers?
    I like the idea of music in the corridors! Our secretary sometimes puts oils (that I bring in) on the radiator in her office, and the scent wafts all over the corridor. Of course, we then waft along too!!!

  7. I've noticed that people are just less tolerant all the way around. The fact that you are seeing it in places like crossing areas at schools shows JUST HOW INTOLERANT people are. It is really out of hand. People are moving into the Beyond Obnoxious Zone. Politeness is becoming a thing of the past. Every time I see a parent teaching their child manners I compliment them. It is soooo rare.

  8. Is the music meant to sedate the kids?? Sounds like your spring is going to be busy, Pam. You can be glad you don't have winter. I just hope your summer doesn't come too soon. Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Mimi- You would think the police would get out there but I guess they haven't. It seems to take serious accidents or deaths around here to get something done. The classical music is nice. It's the elevator music I really hate. Oils on the radiator? I might like that myself. But we don't have radiators. At least not in the new schools.

    Judy- I'm not sure what it's there for to be honest. I really would enjoy just a little bit of winter. And that summer? It'll be here all right. And it'll be here in the next month or so. You have a great weekend too!

  10. Looks like you have busy times ahead! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  11. Robin- It does seem that way. As one of the teacher's at school said the other day, "The world is out of control."

    Plum- Busy and FUN! You have a great one too!

  12. Whoa, that is scary about the crossing guards! At our school crossings, they typically have a police officer too, just kind of hanging around. I think it really helps to keep things under control. I agree with Robin, sadly, people seem to be so much less tolerant and polite these days... I guess the best I can do is continue to stress the importance of that with my own kids. Music in the halls - that's different! Very cool, except the elevator part, LOL. Sounds like you have some exciting things coming up to look forward to! Yay Spring! :)

  13. Jessica- It is scary. This is a school in Berkley County so I don't know what the deal is about the police not being there. Must not be a 'rich' school. I agree with you about what to do- at least passing it on to your own kids makes a difference. It did with mine too.


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