Saturday, March 2, 2013

Start and Stop

I found this Start and Stop Poetry idea right HERE and thought I'd try to have some fun with it.  Seriously, I am NOT a poet and I do realize this fact. But this is a good exercise in writing and it really is fun!

I thought that, since it is Dr. Seuss' (Seuss's?) birthday (and because my poetry is so childlike), today would be a good day to put this out there.

These are supposed to evoke imagery in the mind of the reader. Mine don't. Because I am not good at imagery writing. Please keep your expectations at levels FUN and LOW. LOL

The Squirrel

Outside my window
A clever fellow dressed in gray sits and waits
As if he knows someone will come rushing out soon
In pursuit of a furry meal
While the cardinal and the wren munch
Without care on the newly placed seeds
Outside my window.

This one started out when a friend got snowed in up in the mountains and I became quite jealous.


Winter has arrived
Up in the mountains
Where there is snow
That has barricaded my friend for the weekend
The solitude, the cold, the hot cider and the visual wonderland
Coupled with the crackling fire
Provides ideal protection from the outside harshness
Winter has arrived. 

Then, because we were promised flurries and never got them, this one was born. It might reflect my resentment of not getting any snow but it sure doesn't evoke any images. Oh wait! Maybe you can visualize the disappointment on my face. Ha!

Broken Promises

Winter has arrived
Up in the mountains
Where there is snow
And in the upstate
Where there is snow
And in the midlands
Where there is snow
And here in the low-country
Where the temps are finally low
But there is no snow
Winter has arrived

Now you try it!

Have a fabulous weekend, y'all!


  1. I do think your last one showed more annoyance than anything... but that IS an emotion!!! The first two were definitely better. If you were truly serious about poetry and not just doing it for fun, the only suggestion I would make is to try writing down on a tablet words that have "pop" on both subjects and then think about how you could work them into those same poems. Your themes are quite good. If you "crisped up" your words you might be surprised at how "poetic" they actually are:) As a For Fun Exercise, they are quite good as they stand...

  2. Come north
    Snow abounds
    Makes me eat
    stuff out of bounds.

    Gloves frozen
    Shovel handy
    Dreamin of
    Beaches sandy!

  3. Robin- Nah. I'm good with the fact that I am NOT a poet. I just thought this was a fun thing to do- and it was! :)

  4. Pam, I kinda liked these poems... they definitely brought images to mind, and to me, that makes them effective. I think they are better than you give yourself credit for! I checked out that link... neat idea. Maybe I will try it too :) Though I am not quite as brave in sharing, LOL. I think I have every one of those Laura Numeroff books. My kids (and I) love her! :)

  5. Jessica- Thanks. It's just a little fun exercise that MIGHT help me with my writing. Then again...LOL I hope you do try it. I didn't mind sharing these since they were just goofing around. I have several others that I'll keep private though. I love those books too. Right now, I'm really into Fancy Nancy books. Deanie gave me the entire collection for Christmas! You must read them if you haven't!

  6. You're waaaaay too hard on yourself!
    I enjoyed reading all of your poems (really) but the last one is king, I can feel your annoyance and frustration in it!
    And thanks but I won't have a go!!!

  7. Very interesting! You did a great job. I use to write poems but haven't done that in years.

  8. Mimi- Nah. Just realistic, but thanks anyway! I'm so sad that we seem to be getting ZERO snow again this year. Sigh. Oh come on! Just try it!

    Debby- Thanks! Lucky you on writing poems. I just don't get it. I appreciate poetry but I can't write it.

  9. Winter in the Bahamas:

    Water falling from the sky,
    Blowing off the crests of building waves,
    Seeping in thru leaking port lights...
    It's all wet and wonderful compared to snow.

    I love free verse!

  10. Rosemary- I suppose I would enjoy that if I had lived the last 30 years in a place that had harsh cold, snowy and icy winters. But, around here, we hardly get anything below 32 degrees and snow only falls once every 5+ years. So, I miss it and love it and hope for it every single year! The husband, on the other hand, would sell everything and live on a boat in a heartbeat. I'm afraid the temptation to throw him overboard would just be too strong. LOL


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