Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hope y'all are having a marvelous Easter! (I almost wrote Christmas...LOL).

Birdie and Evan ended up coming over for lunch so I cooked AND- Tucker and Strider had a visit from the Easter Bunny:

For those of you who voted- a million thanks!!!

For those of you who missed it----

Please go HERE and cast your vote for my cousin's grandson's band! They are the ones with the following under their picture (my cousin's grandson's name is in BOLD--he plays the bass guitar):

School Name: Chapin High School
Video Description: Cameron Daly is the lead singer of MinorEffect. Others in the band include Chad Huff, Braydon Manley, Nick Auch, and Daniel Amick. This band of 11 graders from Chapin High School have been together throughout high school writing their own lyrics and creating original songs. This youtube video is called, "What A Waste" and was filmed in the boys' jam room and on the dock at Lake Murray where they live.

Here's the LINK to their website.

Here's the video:

See y'all tomorrow for the first day of the April A-Z Challenge!


  1. best of luck to the band!

    looking forward to seeing you during the challenge!

  2. Those dogs are more spoiled than mine are! I love to see young people form and play in bands!!...:)JP

  3. Betsy- Thanks. They lost by 2 votes. :( It was a great effort though. Here's to the letter 'A'.

    JP- They are rather rotten. LOL

  4. Happy Easter. I did vote but I see they lost by only two votes :(

  5. i went back to vote for the 2nd time, as they said yesterday you could vote onceevery 24hrs.
    Gutted to see they lost. and by only 2 votes.
    Hope that being in the contest will raise their profile, they're a very good band.

  6. Oh no! I'm so sorry they lost!


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