Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's

April Fool's Day means hi-jinx for most folks. We're no different in our family so we have to be very, very careful each April 1. Especially around DoodleBug and Birdie. They're the best at fooling everyone. But that doesn't mean that Breezy and Deanie don't get us too. It's just that DoodleBug and Birdie go all out in their efforts.

And school? Let's just say that I'm quite happy that spring break is upon us this week. Because the students have way too much fun with April Fool's pranks. Translation: I am a sucker and fall for the pranks played on me by the students.

There is one other thing about April Fool's Day in our family though--- it is also Deanie's birthday!!! That's right- she's my April Fool's baby.

I've posted about each of the lovelies on their birthdays before (Deanie's birthday posts are here and here), so I'll keep this one short and sweet. And pictorial.

Happy Birthday my sweet Deanie girl! I love you!

I'm linking this post to the first post of the April, A-Z Challenge!
Just click the badge below and see what everyone else came up with for the letter 'A'. 

And, it's also Monday listicles day!

This week, our topic is 10 Places You've Been Kissed. I hope Stasha will forgive me for taking liberties with this week's topic- instead of the mushy, I'm going to list 10 Things About Deanie that Begin With the Letter 'A' since it is her birthday.
Next week's list will be 10 Things You Did That Made You Feel Like A Super Hero.

All you have to do to join in with this week's list is click on the button!

1. Adorable. Not just in the 'cute' way but in her actions and attitude. 
2. Appreciative. She's always so grateful for everything and to everyone. 
3. Active. Without a doubt, Deanie's unending energy amazes me. She works as an interior designer with a huge firm in VA, bartends in DC and has a ridiculously busy social life. On top of that, she's training for her first half marathon. Ah, youth.
4. Amiable. That's putting it mildly. She's friendly and outgoing enough for all of us!
5.  Affectionate.Deanie is a loving person- giving and kind. She reaches out to those in need and cares deeply for so many. 
6. Ardent. Deanie is devoted to family and friends and to worthy causes and goes all out giving 110%.
7. Artistic. In SO many ways- her voice will blow you away, when she dances it truly is poetry in motion and her creativity in the craft and art areas are astounding. 
8. Articulate. Ha! By articulate I mean, talkative. All. The. Time. This child's mouth never tires. NEVER. But I love it- she still calls me every single day.
9. Aesthetic. Deanie sees the beauty in practically everything and everyone.

Have a great Monday, y'all! 



  1. I'm glad you're doing the A-Z this year. I'll look forward to following along. I feel like I'm starting out a bit behind, but hoping I can catch up somewhere along the way.

    Happy Birthday to your lovely! The mouse costume is my favorite picture-so cute!!

  2. Joyce- I've done it before but I was so organized and ahead those times. Now, not so much. Hoping to use spring break to put some posts together. I like that picture too! Can't wait to read about your weekend!

  3. Fun pictures! Your daughter looks like she can appreciate having an April Fool's birthday :-) I don't think I would...

    Enjoy A to Z!

    Jenny at Choice City Native

  4. Just wonderful and I loved all of the pictures. You are so blessed.
    I hope you are feeling better. I do hope you get to enjoy your spring break doing anything but having to sit.

  5. Jenny- She has always loved that she has an April 1 birthday! Thanks- you too!

    Kim- Thanks! I am blessed and I have no idea why. My knee is still a little swollen and I am getting restless like you wouldn't believe. I will try to walk Tucker tomorrow. Wish me luck!

  6. Happy Birthday to Deenie! She is absolutely beautiful!!!
    I didn't realize it was April Fool's; I had to stop and think about it for a few seconds before I could continue reading! :)

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Loved seeing her pictures. She looks soooo full of life!

    I'm doing the A to Z Challenge too, but this is my first time.

  8. Mary- Thank you! She looks just like me. Ha! :) I'm just glad we don't have school today- the students are tricky! LOL

    Cathy- Thank you! I'll head over to see what you posted for today!

  9. A cute little girl who grew into a beautiful woman. How blessed you are!
    Laura @ The Sweet Simple Things

  10. Love all the pictures. She is so beautiful. Happy Birthday Deanie!
    We don't do April Fool's here, I just don't enjoy pranks.

  11. Laura- I must agree with you. :)

    Debby- Thanks! I didn't say I enjoyed them...just that they play them on me. LOL

  12. Such cute photos of Deanie when she was a little girl, and what a beautiful young woman she has become. Happy birthday Deanie! Hope you're up and about a bit again now , Pam .

  13. Deanie is a pretty girl.

    Great start to the A-Z!

  14. Happy Birthday to such a beautiful daughter.
    Love reading whatever you write Pam. Love it!!
    Take care and have an awesome afternoon.

  15. Deanie is absolutely beautiful, and I can see that she's great fun and very sociable from your photos. Just the right personality for an April 1 girl! (of course, she would be all those things, she's got YOU for her mother, you've got the same traits I'd say!).
    Love all the photos, but the one on the boat just made me long so much for my youth again! Just to be able to wear shorts so beautifully!

  16. Now she would be a fun person to hang out with! And so gorgeous, too! How wonderful for you to have all these lively lovelies.

  17. Diane- Thank you! I wish I could say that I am up and about but I'm just not. The darn thing is still swollen a bit and I am still suffering with limited mobility. I am going NUTS.

    Teresa- Thanks! On both counts. LOL

    Julie- Thanks! You're just too sweet!

    Mimi- Thank you! Aren't you too sweet! I'd like to take credit but I think she was just born that way. :) I feel the same way about those shorts. How I do miss them. And my slender legs.

    Stephanie- She really is. I love it when she's home. We have such fun together.

  18. Greetings! Found you through the A-Z Blogging Challenge (doing my blog tour homework). SO happy to find you! I love this blog! Your daughter is gorgeous! I love your writing style, humor, and your topics.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with tomorrow. :)

    Waiter, drink please!

  19. Wow--you tackled a lot in this post! I'm doing the A to Z as well and was able to connect the Listicles to A to Z, but not sure I will be able to do that every week!

  20. Wow--you tackled a lot in this post! I'm doing the A to Z as well and was able to connect the Listicles to A to Z, but not sure I will be able to do that every week!

  21. Dana- Thank you! You are too sweet! I'll be visiting you today.

    Marie- Yeah, it's going to be interesting trying to connect to the listicles each Monday this month. Next Monday will be what letter? G? I better start trying NOW. LOL

  22. Well happy birthday Deanie! All your girls are so beautiful. Also if I was training for a half I could not move, let alone work two jobs ;)


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