Friday, March 22, 2013

Take Five for Friday

It's Friday! Woot! And it's time for the Friday Five hop over at Jesse's Spot! Now there are two really good things about Friday. First- it's FRIDAY! Second- Friday Five! 

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Four more school days 'til SPRING BREAK. One of the things that makes spring worthy of my love. LOL

I was thinking that I might rather get paid for every time I have to say, "Use your brain/no talking/listen/follow directions/read the directions..." Not only am I having to use my stern voice lately, I'm even starting to talk that way to other adults at school. At home. In the grocery store. On the phone. Sheesh. I definitely NEED a break.

HEY! Guess what I heard on the national news last week? I heard that our weather prediction service is flawed. I was SHOCKED. Ha!

Actually, winter has decided to show up. Now that it's spring. If I had known that shaving my legs was the cause, I would have shaved them weeks ago!

I'll leave y'all with this...these guys were so hilarious--

Two Snaps for Friday Y'all!


  1. I could totally waste a significant amount of time watching comedy clips on youtube. Some days you just need that! Spring break will be so nice and relaxing...can't wait! Happy weekend Pam, thanks for linking up! :)

  2. They call it 'flawed' when they are wrong? Which they usually are and I could do a better job looking out the window. I think I must expect more of science.

  3. shaving your legs effects the weather. I didn't know that. It might be a better indicator than a grumpy groundhog. I've known about the car washing and rain.
    I learn so much on blogs.


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