Monday, March 11, 2013

What's That I Smell?

It's Monday and time to join Stasha over at The Good Life for Monday Listicles! Each week Stasha gives us a theme for our lists. This week, our topic is 10 FANTASTIC SMELLS. 

Coming up with 10 fantastic smells is not an easy feat for me. I used to not have a problem with smells- good ones--until about 10 years ago when I suddenly couldn't tolerate nearly every smell around me. Especially perfumes, lotions, cleaning products, etc. When I smell these things, I can immediately TASTE them and immediately following the taste comes the headache. It really sucks.

Anyway, I did come up with some smells that I can still tolerate. To be honest, there are plenty more that didn't make the list because they would have put me over ten. That wouldn't be FANTASTIC.  But it WAS FANTASTIC that I now realize there are many smells that I can still enjoy!

Next week's list will be 10 Ways My Partner Is Awesome.

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  1. The ocean. We live only 3 miles from the beach and the air outside (on most days) is wonderfully beachy. This is one thing about living at the coast that I do not take for granted. It's FANTASTIC!
  2. Puppy breath. I love to smell puppy breath! It's FANTASTIC!
  3. Babies. When their diapers are NOT dirty that is cause when their diapers are dirty, well, that's NOT FANTASTIC.
  4. Fresh, organic, ripe pineapples. So sweet and mouth watering! Unless I pick one up that's too ripe. Then the smell is overly sweet and that's NOT FANTASTIC!
  5. Just about anything baking in the oven. When I'm baking the smells make our house seem even more cozy. It's FANTASTIC! You know, unless it's burning. Which is NOT FANTASTIC at all.
  6. Pipe and cigar smoke. I know this is odd coming from someone who can't tolerate many smells and who finds cigarette smoke particularly offensive and far from FANTASTIC BUT, I really do love to smell pipes and cigars. It IS FANTASTIC!
  7. Good bourbon. I don't drink it because it's just too strong for me, but I do love to smell it because it's FANTASTIC! 
  8. Suntan lotion. I love the smell and the memories it invokes from the time I was a little girl to taking the lovelies to the beach every day of every summer when they were growing up! It's FANTASTIC! And you can add the smell of Noxema (FANTASTIC) to this one because my grandmother put it on us when we got sunburned (NOT FANTASTIC) because of the suntan lotion not having enough sunscreen in it. 
  9. Coconut. Especially in cupcake form. The smell AND taste of those cupcakes is FANTASTIC!
  10. Coffee. I've never really been a coffee drinker until recently- when I discovered Trader Joes' organic espresso blend--but I've always enjoyed standing in the coffee section of any store and just breathing in that glorious smell. The smell of coffee beans is FANTASTIC!
That concludes my list of 10 FANTASTIC SMELLS. What's on your list?


  1. Suntan lotion is one of my very favorite smells too. It stirs up memories of summertime, the beach, and holidays : ) Have a great week!

  2. Lots of ocean responses but yes, it is the best smell ever.

  3. Fun list! I hate cigars, though. But cigarette smoke outdoors in the fresh air isn't bad. Coconut, yeah, like in suntan lotion. That is great! And I love lemons and oranges and a tomato sun-ripened from the garden. But when I grind coffee (each morning) I notice that there's something somewhat similar to skunk. What is that???

  4. You smell that bourbon, I'll drink it, that's FANTASTIC LOL Great list and strangely as a smoker I can't stand the smell of cigarette, pipe or cigar smoke. weird huh?

  5. How could I have forgotten suntan lotion? Especially good ole Coppertone, original scent. The gold standard. Loved your Saturday rant, by the way, about your recent grocery store experiences. Couldn't agree more.

  6. Joyce- For me as well. And they're all good ones! You have a great week too. See you Wednesday!

    Wayne- It is indeed. Unless, of course, the pluff mud overrides it...LOL

    Judy- Thanks! Citrus is one of those smells I can't tolerate anymore unless it's the actual fruit. Weird. I know. If I start smelling skunk when I make my morning coffee now, you're in big trouble! LOL

    Paul- You got it! :) That is odd--- I used to be a smoker and was bothered by the smoke within enclosed spaces. Go figure.

    nay- YES! That's the best! Thanks- I have to run by there after school today...hopefully rude lady won't be there. :)

  7. Oh, suntan lotion and Noxzema! What memories. And pipe smoke. I always hated cigars. And babies. And baking. These are all memory-laden, too.
    Isn't it weird how great - wait... fantastic! - coffee smells? But I really don't like the taste of it anymore. Haven't had a cup of coffee in almost 20 years. I still love to smell it though.

  8. Puppy breath. My all-time favorite smell:)

    I don't know if you just hated your Thursday dedication or missed it, but I wanted to make sure you knew it was there!

  9. My favorite has to be that you are three miles from the beach. You get to smell that lovely ocean smell every day. Even if I was grumpy I think that would make me ungrumpy every day.
    Okay so you asked my favorite smell of all time is new baby, Lilac, Stock, and those kinds of flowers.
    Not to mention, sunshine on grass. You know how it warms up and there is this nice hot green smell?
    Gosh I thought that list might be hard but I think I could go on and on.
    I hope your Monday is fantastic!

  10. Im with you on the perfume!! YUCK! Except for POLO. I swoon every time I smell that!! I acutally followed some random man around Walmart for 25 minutes just to smell him!! I think he caught me, because he ditched his cart and left the store!!

  11. A few people have mentioned puppy breath - I don't think I have actually ever smelled that. But I'll take your word for it!

  12. I just commented on another post wondering if ppl who live near oceans ever get tired of the smell. I would inhale it deeply every day!

  13. That's an interesting list of smells you've got there. I just realized I'm quite picky about smells though freshly brewed coffee has to be one of my favorites :)

  14. Nice list!

    I completely forgot about how good a ripe pineapples smells...amazing.

    I absolutely agree with things baking in the oven...especially chocolate chip cookies.

    I do not like to be around smoke BUT for some reason, the scent of a Black & Mild does not bother me.

    I love coconut-scented bath and beauty products.

  15. suntan lotion definitely makes me remember being little. I love a lot of the same smells, including cigar and pipe (not cigarette), but I forgot to include it!


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