Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rude B*thches Are Out In Force

What IS it with some middle aged women who go out  and grocery shop on Saturday mornings? Two Saturdays in a row now, I've encountered these women and they have got SOME nerve.

When these women come to the grocery store at 8:00 AM on Saturday mornings all dressed up in self-importance and said self-importance dictates that they can invade my personal space, reach in front of me and nearly knocking me down all in an attempt to get that (box of veggie broth) item that will cause certain death to Ms. Gettheeffoutofmyway if she doesn't pick it off the shelf that very second in life, I move out of their way. But I do not move quietly.

And, if this keeps up, I might stop moving out of their way and start using my elbows followed by an Oscar winning imitation of Dumb Dora---"Oh my! I am so very sahry dahlin'. I simply did not see you standing theyah!"

OR, I might just say it this way and leave Dumb Dora out of it: "Oh my! I am so very sorry, Ms. Rude and Impatient. I simply did not see you standing there all dressed up in self-importance, standing in my personal space and rudely reaching in front of my face." Smiling all the while, of course.

And, to the young mothers I've seen out the last few weeks (you know who you are-like the one with letting her kids play chase through the aisles of Trader Joes bumping into other people's carts and that old man who was saved from a fall only by sheer luck that an employee was standing right there and you didn't even say, "I'm sorry." or ask whether or not he was ok and that one who pretends to be patiently explaining everything to her kids and thinks we don't hear her voice getting louder and angrier by the minute...) ---

It's the same damn thing. Seriously young females (because I dare NOT call you ladies), I've been there and I raised more kids than some of y'all. YOU are the only one who thinks that your kids are more important than those belonging to anyone else. Because we all know that OUR own kids are more important than yours.

The difference is, we teach (taught) ours that this only applies within the walls of our own homes. YOU, on the other hand, seem to think this belief reaches far beyond the confines of your home and into the outside world. Trust me. IT. DOES NOT.

Also, ladies, if you would stop taking your little kids out when they are sleepy and/or hungry, they wouldn't act like caged animals and you wouldn't have to be stressed or embarrassed. Thaaat's right. You SHOULD be embarrassed.
Just tell your kids to knock it off. And they will. And, maybe, consider teaching them to respect other folks. Although, seeing the middle aged jerks mentioned above, I suppose the real world examples aren't all that prevelant.

Judgmental? You're darn right I am. When it comes to people being rude and stupid, I most certainly am. Especially when these rude/stupid people are of my own gender.

Do any of these people live in your town? Or did they all move here? :)


  1. I'm usually in a rotten mood when I leave the grocery store. Kids unattended and running everywhere. Or putting your cart on an angle, virtually blocking the aisle, then meandering off to stare at a can of corn for 5 minutes. Arrgh

  2. I think we've saved some back, Pam. The world seems full of these entitled people. And I would not stop with young moms. There are young men with dogs off-leash where they shouldn't be, old men who fought for me and females my age who think everything revolves around them.
    I especially love the patient voice growing louder. I always think they're trying to impress us with their so-good parenting skills.
    Another great rant!

  3. I think these people live everywhere! Ugh! Those people wear on my nerves. I don't understand that need to be so pushy and rude. As my husband always puts it... they are not running out of groceries just wait your turn and stop being rude. He is never apposed to saying it to their face either lol.

  4. I definitely encountered a rude older lady at the grocery store recently and I was so mad that I didn't think of a good response til after she had moved along. I honestly considered tracking her down in the store to apologize that her life must be so miserable, she feels the need to pass that misery on to others. Ugh. Cannot stand that. And as far as obnoxious, disrespectful kids and the parents that do not deal with that behavior - I AM WITH YOU. That is a huge personal issue of mine.

  5. Unfortunately, before they move the procreate...a lot, so they leave their offsprings all over. There are so many here I'd like to ship them all another country, preferably North Korea...Don't even get me started on the kids...

  6. Nope, lots of them live here!
    I feel like printing out this post on a placard and wearing it when I'm out. Especially the bit about your kids being more important than any other people: very well put, it applies only within your own 4 walls.

  7. Well you said Trader Joe's that is the first thing. I don't know if people think they are more special or what but I just quit going there because of people doing the same thing. I have never encountered more rude people in one place than there. In fact the last time I went there after some person dressed like you say pushed my cart out of the way and shoved my body while I was reaching for something I did pinch myself and looked at them and said, " Oh good, I thought maybe I was invisible or something." They looked at me and huffed off.
    I just never go there anymore.
    We have some local health food stores that stuff like that never happens like that when I am there.
    Man, I would hate to work there.
    You make me laugh and yes, kids like that drive me nuts.

  8. Always good to read the comment section on a rant post. Looks like everyone is in agreement. Really no one likes rude people. Even rude people don't like rude people. Do you think there is a rude hour? Like rush hour except the rude traffic is all in the stores being rude. Some stores have late hours. You could try that and then you might only need to put up with drunk people.
    Hey excuse me I'm trying to reach for those cheetos!

  9. The grocery store use to drive me insane, just absolutely insane. Now, I take several deep breaths,take my time and smile,smile a lot. It seems my demeanor has helped me a ton BUT I also go when I am not in a hurry,or hungry and at times that I know the store will be less busy because I agree the grocery store seems to be a place of stress for many,many people and rudeness pops out from all angles!!! And, my family still asks, "Did you kill anyone at the store?" So, I totally feel your pain and as you can tell from that question way too many times I came home ranting and raving LOL

  10. Kim- I always go when the stores open in order to avoid these situations. Apparently, they’ve all started showing up at the same time. I have no idea what time to try now. LOL

    Stephanie- It certainly does. Oh yeah, I pass some of those guys with the off leash dogs. One of them loves to jump up on me. The dog, not the young guy…darn it. LOL I absolutely agree with you about the moms trying to impress people with their sucky parenting skills but I thought I was already being mean enough. LOL

    Kody- Amen to what your hubby says! Maybe I’ll try that next time! LOL

    Jessica- LOVE that! I think I need to write all these things down and memorize them for next week! Cause I know they’re going to be in there. LOL

    Alessandra- Hahahahaha! North Korea! LOVE IT!

    Mimi- Assholes is exactly what they are!

    Kim- Yep, and they are at Whole Foods too. I love what you said! That’s another one for me to memorize for next week! LOL

    Bill- I don’t think there’s a rude hour because, no matter what time of day I go out there, those jerks are waiting for me. LOL I always go first thing in the morning because they haven’t been there. Now, in the last few weeks, it seems they’ve all decided to shop first thing. At least if drunks were in there I could claim they just fell over that I didn’t actually shove them down. LOL

    Lucy- I always go early in an effort to avoid those people but they’ve recently started showing up at the same time. One of these days I might not be able to stop myself. LOL

  11. My mama complained about this yesterday too. Walmart was horrible she said. I hate rude people too. There isn't any reason a person can't just wait their turn.
    It's like driving the bus, putting on the yellows, slowing down to pick up the kids and people just won't stop, they have to hurry through the yellows just before I turn on the reds. Why, it takes 3 minutes at the max to pick up a load of kids, can't a person just wait instead of racing through the lights and risking a kids life. Just don't get it people, just don't get it.
    Take care Pam and have an awesome weekend.

  12. After three months without one single chance at a grocery store encounter of any kind, I am thinking I could handle almost any wild, female shoppers. Almost. The fresh broccoli would have me in a trance and I probably wouldn't even notice being blind sided by elbows or running rug rats.
    It's better in the Bahamas.

  13. Oh, what a relief, I am not alone!

    Some of people's actions are just totally unacceptable and can only hope what goes around comes around.

    Years ago, during the Civil War, when I was raising my children. Some rude AH's knocked an elderly gentleman and his buggy completely over. I was not aware until I rounded the corner and saw my young children helping him to his feet and gathering his scattered items. I was so proud!!!

    All those torturous beatings did work!

  14. I had to cut my trip to the supermarket short today because of all the crazy kids running around. It was just too much for me!

  15. We definitely have some here. Some people think that the world belongs to only them and they are most likely the ones who are bringing it down!

  16. Hmmm, I think we still have quite a few left here, Pam. However I'd be more than happy to round 'em up and send them your way!
    Rude, crude and socially unacceptable is my feeling on the subject and I have been known to say, My aren't you feeling self important today to some...
    Just sayin'!


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