Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Five!

It's Friday! Woot! And it's time for the Friday Five hop over at Jesse's Spot! Now there are two really good things about Friday. First- it's FRIDAY! Second- Friday Five! 

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I moved my desk around at school so I could visit blogs because I was tired of only being able to see the computers and the Smart Board when I looked up. Now, I can see the office and a little bit of outside through the front doors which means- SUNLIGHT! I'm not thrilled with the position of the desk, but I am delighted to be able to see the sunlight! There is one downside- when the younger students walk by the window that faces the hallway, I can see them picking their noses. Ew. At least they don't wipe it on my windows. Double Ew. Though it is rather disgusting to watch them eat it. Triple Ew. 

Note to people in charge of sales in clothing stores: A. $2.00 off is NOT a sale and B.When you do mark it down for real, just call it what it really is, S#*T nobody wants.

Note to every driver in our town: If you cannot park your car within the white lines, STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE PARKING LOTS.

While I'm on the subject of annoying things, if I hear "I didn't do anything" EVER again in my ENTIRE life, I might have to shoot myself. It's particularly annoying when someone says that and KNOWS you were watching the whole time. Sheesh.

I have time before leaving for school so I usually turn on the local news for the weather (yes, even though they never get it right). During this time, there's a local commercial on for a bank that uses a kid to do something---you know, 'it's-so-easy-a-kid-can-do-it kind of thing. But I'm telling y'all right now, when it comes to electronics and technology, they should probably use an adult. Because kids know way more than we do when it comes to such things.

There's another commercial for some sort of local kitchen remodeling place and, at the end, they show a kitchen they've remodeled. They should really consider NOT using the remodeling that turned out UGLY. Honestly, it's just flat out hideous.

And then there's that woman with the voice that grates on my LAST nerve who speaks for Hudson Nisson. I wouldn't buy a vehicle from them if I wanted to just because of her voice.

I've obviously got way too much idle time on my hands in the mornings before school.

I know people who claim to not buy 'new' anything- clothing, household appliances, furniture, etc. They are also quite creative and make furniture and paint old 'found' items to look like new, or at least something quite desirable. I love it! And I often wish I had the 'eye' for these types of projects. But then I see where they will 'like' a place like IKEA on facebook and I have to wonder if that's not a sellout. Probably just me overreacting. Imagine that. Ha!

Ok. Seems this Friday Five turned into a full out bitch session. Sorry about that. I guess some things just need to be said. Ha!

Have a fabulous weekend! And, if you're getting snow, enjoy it a little for me please. :)


  1. Your post made me LAUGH (and I needed it today!) :)

  2. Eat it too??? GROSS!!! Ive seen some elderly people do that too!! AND Ive even seen someone pick gunk out of their ear and eat it!! GROSS!!!!!! I sent you some pictures of snow on facebook..

  3. I was just bitching about our local supermarket on fb today and you wouldn´t believe the responses I got. I think sometimes things just NEED to be said! lol!

  4. Your bitch sessions are the best! They make me smile...mostly because I agree with you. Well, maybe not on the specifics but, you know, things aren't much different anywhere in N America.

    I'm a recycler of 'stuff' and I like IKEA. It's cheap and that's probably why we like it.

  5. HaHa, Pam. I laughed all the way through this. I could just hear your sweet, angelic, patient voice . lol

    2 1/2 year olds can take an IPad, find Netflix, scroll through their favorite shows, and watch. Scary!

    Yeah, we all get annoyed. And IKEA is not my favorite. I hate being herded through a store. Way too Big Brother for me.

    I'll enjoy our piles and piles and piles of snow and this bright, sunny day - and hope it all melts before May. Have a great weekend!
    (Wait! I don't want to be accused of telling you what to do.) ;-)

  6. Plum- I'm sorry you had one of those days where you needed a laugh, but I'm glad I provided it for you!

    Deb- Oh gosh, I thought you were going to say you would send me pictures of old people eating what they get out of their noses or ears. LOL I'd appreciate the snow picture so much more! hahahaha

    Betty- I can just imagine! And, of course, none of those people who do that will read it. LOL

    Stephanie- Hahahaha! Thanks! I do have to get that stuff out sometimes. And it's not like it isn't true. :) I like IKEA too but some of these people poo-poo places like that and profess only their creative side and recycling, etc. and then go and advertise their love of IKEA. That's what I don't get about it. It's ok to love all of it but when they only profess one side...does that make sense? Other than me being judgmental of course. LOL

    Judy- I'm not sure whose voice you were hearing, but it sure wasn't mine. LOL Thanks so much for the wonderful picture! Even the dog pee part! LOL DoodleBug and Birdie are cracking up at your last statement! As am I! :)

  7. You're so funny, thanks for a great laugh, even though it was a bitching session.
    I don't know how you come up with this stuff, but I agree with ALL of it, just wouldn't be able to think it up!
    Ewwwww re the kids picking their noses, you're going to have to find a way of avoiding that!

  8. I loved all of this... When I come across a "sale" like you mentioned above I will say to *whoever,* "This isn't a sale, this is a typo." Either mark it down or leave it full price, but don't take a couple dollars off and call it a SALE. Pllleeeaaassseee.

  9. Well, in Minnesota, most of the Parking lots are snow covered so no white lines to see. Maybe that's what would help relieve some angst: no white lines at all!

  10. Mimi- Thanks! The nose issue is rather disgusting. I do try to turn away when I see them out the window but then they knock so they can wave. I'm stuck. LOL

    Robin- Thanks! Amen, Sista!

    Michele- You would think ours were covered in snow too. But we don't have that excuse. So, I'm going with stupidity. LOL

  11. LOL, this post so made me laugh. I love a good bitch fest - we definitely need one every so often! I totally agree about the faux "sales," and stupid parkers drive me nuts. Seriously, is it really that hard to get in between the lines? Also, gross on the nose pickers, thanks for making me nauseous with that thought! LOL. Happy weekend!! Wish I could send some of this beautiful sunny snow your way :)


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