Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ice Cream

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My love affair with ice cream has been going on since before I was old enough to remember. How do I know if I was not old enough to remember? Because I'm sure my parents gave me a taste from a very early age and because how can anyone not love ice cream?

I love it so much I'm writing a blog post about it. 

I don't love all flavors of ice cream. Some flavors I won't even try. Mostly because I'm quite satisfied with the flavors I love.
  • chocolate
  • vanilla
  • strawberry
  • peach
  • cherry vanilla
  • butter pecan
  • praline
And that's about it. If I HAD to pick a favorite, it would probably be chocolate. But I love them all.

I love each flavor by itself. I love vanilla in a coke float. I love any of it in a banana split. Or a hot fudge sundae.

I have the most wonderful memories of home churned ice cream during the summers when I was a kid. It seemed to take forever but it was so worth it! Peach was my absolute favorite homemade ice cream.

I remember my dad making it on the back steps and letting me try my hand at churning. I much preferred the eating to the churning. I remember my granddaddy churning ice cream on the porch. I remember bunches of us churning it at family reunions at my great grandfather's house.

I remember there were always loads of us around whenever the grown ups pulled out the ice cream churn.

Ice cream reminds me of--
  • the sounds of all the kids at the neighborhood pool--of kids having fun... laughter, shrills of delight, splashing, Marco! Polo!
  • us kids running around the backyard playing Freeze Tag or chasing lightning bugs. 
  • waking up at my grandparents' house to the chirping of the birds.
  • the squeaking and slamming of the screen door.
  • bees buzzing past my head, barking dogs
  • approaching thunder storms
  • the ice cream truck...
Nowadays, I don't buy ice cream. I'm trying not to eat sugar- even the organic kind because, well, glucose is glucose regardless. And because I can eat ice cream all day long--that's NOT an exaggeration--and it tends to aid in packing on the pounds.

It's a shame. Publix has this fabulous organic chocolate...Oh my.

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  1. If it's in the house I'll eat it. I tell myself if I put fruit on the vanilla it's better for me! How does that sound? Cause in my head its A OK!!

  2. Jen- Amen to that! I'm the same way. It's A OK in my head too. LOL

  3. I almost wrote my I post on ice cream too. But I knew if I did, I'd be thinking about it too much, and then I'd have to go get me some! LOL

    Ah, ice cream. What can I say? I love it, I hate it. Ice cream- is at the route of all my fatness. I can't stop eating it, once I start. I'm like a shark in a feeding frenzy. It's not pretty. Try to avoid buying it, otherwise, it's all I think about eating.

  4. i was this close to writing about ice-cream---i esp. love the way you tied in the way ice-cream makes you feel----i don't like too many flavors either---and it's funny, although i don't care for fruit flavors in my ice cream unless it's banana--my fav in homemade is peach too and i can see my uncle churning it---great post <3

  5. jaybird- I've been thinking about it all day. But I'm at school so I can't go get any. I hope I don't stop by the store after dismissal. LOL I'm the very same as you with the stuff.

    Lynn- Thanks! I love to put bananas in my chocolate ice cream. SO GOOD!

  6. such marvelous memories. Funny, I have the same ones too. Of hot summer days and my Papa cranking and all of us taking turns and it did seem to take forever too. I enjoy your memories.

  7. Kim- It sure did seem to take forever. You know those electric ones they have now? I don't like them. We still use the hand crank ones. It's just not the same if you don't work for it! :)

  8. I love all the things icecream reminds you of!

    Damyanti @Daily(w)rite
    Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2013

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z
    AZ blogs on Social Media

  9. For the first several years we were married my husband had ice cream for a bedtime snack almost every night! Eventually he decided it really wasn't such a healthy option. I rarely buy ice cream anymore. If we do have a treat we usually go to our favorite ice cream stand by the river and watch the boats go by while we're enjoying it.
    Laura @ The Sweet Simple Things

  10. Damyanti- Thank you!

    Laura- That paints such a nice picture--sitting there with ice cream watching the boats. Calm and peaceful.

  11. I love ice cream too. In fact, I just stopped at UDF and got a cone of black raspberry chocolate chip. Yummy!

  12. I love Mint Chocolate Chip but you are right, good ole chocolate works great :)
    I love hearing your memories too and homemade ice cream, wow, I never was lucky enough.

  13. Oh! The ice cream truck!! I loved that sound.
    Cherry Vanilla sounds divine. Never had that before.

  14. Cathy- I bet DD2 would LOVE that flavor!

    Lucy- DD1 is the big fan of mint chocolate chip in our family. I like it too but I have to be in the mood for it. You have to try homemade- it's so good!

    Betty- Hey girl! The ice cream truck just came through our neighborhood today! It was all I could do not to chase it down! LOL

  15. It's not ice cream if it's not chocolate! I totally love it, well actually, gelato, that's much better. :)

  16. One time I had watermelon ice cream with chocolate chips for the "seeds" from Baskin Robin. But then they never had it again, damn it.

  17. Alessandra- I've had gelato and I love it! Of course, I'm not sure how authentic it was, but it was so good!

    Mrs. Tuna- That sounds interesting. I'll have to check it here and see if they have it.

  18. Hmm...I'm a sorbet girl, me. I think it's that sugar (er, glucose) thing. Ice cream is full of dairy fat and since I've been little I haven't liked that. But just give me a spoonful of sugar!

    Churning ice that was fun! And almost magic! Your post brings back magic memories for all of us.


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