Friday, April 12, 2013


My grandmother was an artist in the kitchen. When she was creating a work of art, whether is was as simple as breakfast or as elaborate as her fresh, organic, six layer coconut cakes, she donned her smock (an old, worn out, plaid shirt of Granddaddy's on which you could see her darning stitches if you looked closely enough) and an old pair of cotton ankle pants the color of the summer sky and set about her work.

The white flour would end up everywhere. It would be all over her clothes, in her hair and on her face. Her red speckled counter-tops were covered in patches where bits of her paints- the ingredients for her creation- had dripped off the spatula or out of the often neglected measuring cup. Not even the floor was spared from her creative mess.

Every single time, Grandmother's creations turned out perfectly. To the eye, they were beautiful; the smell made your mouth water; and the taste was a pure delight to our tongues and fulfilling not only to our bellies but to our souls.

I sorely miss all those times spent with Grandmother in her kitchen. She sang and chatted away every step of the way. I remember those special times and her words. But, somehow, the magic she worked in her kitchen evaded me. Or did it?

While I might not be near the artist she was in the kitchen, I did receive understanding of the importance of the kitchen. A place for sharing words of wisdom. A place for singing. A place for telling secrets. A place for spending invaluable time with those we love. A place that continues to do these things and more in our kitchen.

FYI: My 'L' post will be late. It's wedding weekend so y'all probably won't see it until Sunday. Sorry in advance!

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  1. Kitchens - Just my opinion with a added touch of nostalgia. I miss my mother's kitchen. The simpler kitchens without fancy stoves and marble/stone counter tops just seem more comfortable. Yes I don't cook so why should I care. I just think as many other things in our culture the kitchen has gone to an extreme. Maybe it's was all the fancy cooking shows.

  2. What a great post about such wonderful memories.

  3. Grandmother sure are special. Between you me and the lamp post out of my two grandmothers one was a great cook like your grandmother and the other wasn't not saying which!

  4. I absolutely love the way you take a precious memory with your grandma in the kitchen... and develop a story about why the kitchen is so important and full of love. I totally agree. This was a perfect. Great reminder about the kitchen as a place of love.

    Dana at Waiter, drink please!

  5. I want to stop by your kitchen, I bet it is just like your Grandma's.
    Enjoy your wonderful weekend :)

  6. I had many of the same experiences in my mom's kitchen, though neither she nor my grandma were magicians in the kitchen like your grandma. I still think the kitchen is the most important room in the house, great post. :)


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