Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Obstacles and Opportunities

It's really all about how you look at it, I suppose, as to whether things are obstacles or opportunities.

Developing a mindset is helpful for me. I've made up my mind in the last several years that road blocks/diversions/mean people/negative people/anything that tries to be an obstacle towards all things good and positive, are NOT going to be successful.

I also made up my mind that viewing obstacles as negatives, as things that prevent my path to good and positive destinations is a bad thing. If I see obstacles that way, I will miss the opportunity to learn and grow from and experience challenges.  

Just a simple mindset adjustment makes a huge difference for me.

But what about the times that those obstacles are people? People who are in close proximity to us on a daily basis? How do we overcome those obstacles and turn them into opportunities?

It's not easy. Some days are way harder than others.

It seems as though these people go out of their way to try and make our lives miserable. As miserable as theirs. There are times when these obstacles appear insurmountable. But they aren't.

They can be turned into opportunities to--
  • recognize those people for who and what they are
  • learn how to cope with this kind of person
  • realize it's them not us
  • understand why we need a mindset to ward off the negative effects of these obstacles
  • decide that they will not win
I'm sure there are many other, more profound, ways to deal with people obstacles in our lives. And I might even be able to come up with one or two...if I was feeling profound. I guess an empty nest gives me too much time to think...just not deeply. :)

How do y'all turn obstacles into opportunities?

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  1. I am not always so good at blocking out the obstacles and I am sure I have been an obstacle a time or two and I feel bad about that too. Trying hard to be way more positive :)
    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  2. Lucy- Oh yeah, forgot about the times that I was an obstacle myself. Must have blocked that out. LOL I'm trying to be more positive too. It's not as easy as it sounds.

  3. It is amazing how changing our mindset about situations and people can really make a difference in the outcome.

  4. It's funny how you can totally change your mood just by looking at situation differently.


    Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi

  5. I find it difficult to circumvent people obstacles!
    My brother doesn't see obstacles, never has done. He wants something, he finds a way to get it done.
    So sometimes I just think of him, kind of "what would John do?" , he's that inspirational.
    I must do a blog post on him sometime!

  6. Good post. Even when we realize all those things, acting upon what we know is still tough. The hardest thing is to let it go. I think if we recognize how much power we've let them have over us, it helps us to take back control of our own emotions.

  7. People obstacles can be really hard. Basically I just have to decide to let the Lord deal with them and then just go on about my day. Sometimes it works and sometimes not so much.

  8. I love this, and I love your outlook! What a positive message. If only more people would understand this we would have so many happier Facebook friends! (Why does social media seem like a psychiatrist's couch to so many people??)

    I am so grateful for this challenge because I have found so many great writers... and you are one of them!

    Dana at Waiter, drink please!

  9. I haven't really thought about it. My life isn't really full of obstacles, but I suppose if they are there, I just go around them. I do think allowing others to be themselves and not impose my opinions on their behavior is a good thing.


  10. As always that is how I should be looking at life. I think it is so easy to get bogged down with obstacles that I forget to recognize the opportunities. Thank you for the reminder. Not to mention spell check or you would think I was writing in a foreign language.

  11. Darlene- It really is. I had to work hard to get to this point, and there are those who try to derail me every day, but I do it because I've seen that it works. Nothing worth doing is ever easy though, is it? :)

    Valerie- Absolutely! Even when people insist on trying to make life difficult.

    Mimi- Absolutely do a post on him! He sounds like someone I could definitely learn from! :)

    Judy- Excellent point. I still find it hard to let things go. Though I am much better than I used to be. There's always room for improvement! :)

    Cathy- True. I try to decide that, but then I always take it back. Maybe I'll learn one day. :)

    Dana- Thank you! Ha- you're right about that with the psychiatrist couch. Hadn't thought of it that way before! Oh my! You are too kind! Thank you for the compliment!

    tm- Right. Now, if you could just explain that to the people trying to stop my going around them. LOL

    Kim- It is easier to get bogged down...wonder why that is? More food for thought. Which is ok because at least I won't gain any more on THAT kind of food. LOL Hooray for spell check! :)


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