Thursday, April 18, 2013

Perfect Princesses

Once upon a time (beginning in the mid 1980s) there were 4 Perfect Princesses...

Yeah, I know. This one was soooooo predictable. What can I say?

Pride. There are four things I take great pride in. Well, not things, but people--the lovelies.

It's just too easy. They give me such cause to be proud of them. And not just because of the usual things- their intelligence (which borders on genius, of course), their talents (which abound), their creativity (what box?), and so on.

It's the little things about them like... 
  • their individuality- my dad's mother always told me to let each lovely be who they are and never compare them with one another. This was great advice- each of the lovelies has her own, individual personality/quirks/etc. that make them the princesses they are.
  • their willingness to be there- each of the lovelies is always ready, willing and able to lend a helping hand in their own, individual way. If their way isn't called for, they're also willing to volunteer their sisters. Or their mom. 
  • their support and encouragement of one another. There's no jealousy among the princesses. They are happy for one another during successes and they commiserate then lift and encourage during the down times.
  • their compassion for the under dog. This is a blessing and a curse. I know because this one, they get from me. 
  • their ability to love unconditionally. It's amazing but true. They probably did not get this one from me. And, by probably did not, I mean they didn't. 
  • their ability to find the humor in life. They can find that chuckle, that ray of sunshine, that glimmer of hope in nearly everything and everyone. 
  • their continuous thirst for knowledge. Not a single one of them has ever stopped learning whether in the classroom or in life. 
  • their work ethic. They get this from my side- and it goes WAY back. Not a single one of them is afraid of working hard or hard work. And they always give at least 110%.
Yes, there are many other great and wonderful things about the lovely Perfect Princesses. But I didn't want to sound like I was bragging or anything. :)

Are the four lovely princesses truly perfect? No.

And those imperfections? Well, those make me just as proud as the other parts. I am amazed at how the lovelies recognize those things about themselves that need work. Their imperfections set them apart. They make the lovelies work harder. They keep the lovelies on their toes. They teach lessons that the lovelies might otherwise not have learned.

Am I a proud mom? Darn right.

Does it embarrass the lovely princesses? Darn right.

But do they ever have to question whether their mother is proud of them? No.

I'm so grateful that I was given these four blessings to love and admire. Even though they're not living in the nest any longer because they're all grown up, I still listen to them and find new things to be proud of every day.

Daughters. They're just the BEST!

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  1. Wonderful post Pam -you are blessed indeed with your incredibly beautiful daughters, both on the inside and on the outside. Your love for them just shines out from the page. Oh, I'm sure they're pretty proud of you too!

  2. You're a sweet moma with some truly wonderful daughters. I think it's sweet you're shoutin it from the rooftops.

  3. Diane- Thank you! They are truly lovely. :)

    Jen- Thank you! I can't help myself. LOL

  4. I smiled through this entire post :)

  5. What a perfectly lovely post about your princesses. I can feel your glow all the way over here!

  6. Joyce- Indeed they do! :)

    Mimi- Thanks!

    Cathy- Thank you!

    Lucy- I'm so glad! Thanks!

    Darlene- That glow might be embarrassment from the lovelies. LOL Thank you!


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