Friday, April 19, 2013


Some of you might recall that when Birdie was in Texas working on her master's degree, she taught herself how to quilt.

She made a lovely baby quilt for Breezy. And yes, it was a hint. The lovelies are really ready to be aunties and the pressure is on for Breezy and BestSonInLawEVER to give them a niece or nephew. Sorry, no picture of this one.

Then, at Christmas this past year, she made Breezy a big quilt. The lovelies draw names every year. Birdie drew Breezy's name and so Breezy got a quilt.

I decided that, if I was ever going to get a quilt, I was going to have to demand ask for one. I mean, as Queen Bee around here, I should have a quilt, right?

So, I demanded asked for a Christmas quilt. And, for my birthday, I got this:

Here's a little closer shot at some of the squares---

Can you see what she put underneath? Polka Dots! I LOVE polka dots! And they're red and green!

I LOVE it! It's perfect!

And now, I shall demand beg and plead for an autumn one. And a spring one. And a summer one. OH! And there's the one that I saw on public television where each square looks like a painting. Yeah, and then...

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Ok, let's see what y'all came up with for the letter 'Q'!


  1. What a beautiful quilt! Lucky you!

  2. Wow, that quilt is gorgeous, I can see why you are demanding, I mean asking for a quilt LOL

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I would demand a few more!!!!

  4. Wow, those are beautiful quilts, your daughter sure is talented! :)

  5. Beautiful quilts!! As a quilter, I know how much work (and love) went into those quilts. ;-)

  6. Oh how beautiful! Both of them.

  7. Quilts are like big, beautiful hugs that you get to keep. Those polka dots make me think of ladybugs. Lovely work and I hope that she is busy fulfilling your wish list :)

  8. What a beautiful quilt and what a talented daughter! I can imagine how thrilled you must be with it.


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