Saturday, April 20, 2013


There are times that we all probably need a little break from difficult or unpleasant times/situations/people/etc. And it's quite nice when we have the opportunity to take that little break.

Some folks need a break from work. Others need a break from difficult people. A few may need a minute away from their spouses or children or parents or friends. Just a little minute or two to catch our breath or reevaluate or sit down.

Life gets busy. People get mean. Situations seem insurmountable. So we take a break. A respite. So we can come back renewed. Rejuvenated. With clearer vision. And a more positive outlook.

Some members of our family are taking a respite.

DoodleBug is taking a respite from having difficult roomies and living downtown and paying rent and utilities. During her respite, she will be living here at home.

Which means I am taking a respite from living in an empty nest!

It's a Win-Win! We've already been enjoying chats about education and shopping and arranging her room and watching documentaries on the History Channel, Castle and The Big Bang Theory and solving the world's problems and cooking--well, I cook, she eats...

Who's the happy mama now?


The hormonal balance in this house has been set right once again. :)

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Ok, let's see what y'all came up with for the letter 'R'!


  1. Ah, yes, we all understand the need for a respite and boy it is a Win-Win because I know mom is going to enjoy it :)

  2. Oh, how wonderful that Doodlebug is going to be home again with you for a while! I'm very happy for you Pam. Enjoy!

  3. Difficult roommates are a rite of passage I've come to believe and can really suck. Glad your babies home, I love those same shows!

  4. Great word for today. We all need respite to recharge our batteries!

  5. Great word and theme for the letter "R." I think everyone who is doing this challenge is feeling the need for a Respite right about now. Thank goodness there is only one more week.

    Congrats to you on getting Doodlebug back in the Nest for a while:)

  6. There's nothing better than a FULL NEST!:) I hope you enjoy every minute! :)

  7. Respite is sorely needed by most of us these days. Wonderful that you can provide that and get some for yourself at the same time. Enjoy!

  8. I need a Respite from work..but that is a story for another time!!

    Congratulations on having one of your kiddos returning home..I loved it when one of my daughters, (her hubby and their dog) stayed with us for a few months!! Enjoy every moment!!

  9. So fun to solve the world's problems with grown up daughters, isn't it? Now, if only we were in charge!

    Enjoy this respite from the empty nest.

  10. Lucy- I already am enjoying it! We are having a ball! Until her friends start coming over and making noise...LOL

    Diane- It's so great having her home! I'm loving it!

    Jen- I agree. She's been with these for a long time. She needs a break. And I'm glad- LOL

    Deb- I agree! Thanks!

    Robin- I know! I started to put it up regarding the challenge instead of DoodleBug. LOL

    Lisa- Absolutely!

    Stephanie- Amen to that! Thanks!

    Shawn- I could use that one too! Thanks! Birdie came home last summer with a dog. A shedding dog. This one doesn't have a dog. Yay! LOL

    Joyce- Yes it is! And yes, if only...LOL Thanks!

  11. Totally understand needing the respite. From time to time we all need them. I see you watch Castle. It's fast becoming one of my favorite shows, second to NCIS.


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