Monday, April 22, 2013


Y'all knew it was coming, didn't you? Sure you did.

It might not have had I not gotten the alphabetic order of 'S' and 'T' mixed up. Sheesh.

Anyway, sisters (aka, the lovelies), in random photos---

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Ok, let's see what y'all came up with for the letter 'S'!


  1. I love Sisters!!! Such great photos and every single one packed with fun!!!
    I love this so much.

  2. Greetings human,

    My human, Gary, tells me that evidently sisters are doing it for themselves. Whatever that means! What a fine collection of photos.

    You kinda thought you got the alphabet mixed up? I don't understand. We are on the letters I H and G. That's correct, right?

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar over at the alternative alphabet :)

  3. Le will always surround these lovelies!...:)JP

  4. Your lovelies are sooooo lovely!
    Seriously, 4 beautiful women, so happy and so, well, lovely.
    I know you're really proud of them, and I would be too. Great job!

  5. Great pictures and yes they are very lovely!

  6. The lovelies are just super lovely, what a great bunch of siblings. :)

  7. As one of five sisters, it makes me miss mine even more! Your lovelies are so lovely indeed!
    Nothing in the world like sisters...
    except maybe a baby brother, lol!

  8. So much life and happiness captured in those pictures, thanks for sharing!

  9. Kim- Thank you! I don't have any sisters but I do have three brothers. That's a bit different, I think. LOL The lovelies all love being and having sisters though.

    Lucy- Thank you!

    Penny- Thanks! Yes, I got it mixed up...though maybe not as badly as I originally thought. LOL

    JP- And craziness. Let's not forget craziness. LOL Thanks!

    Mimi- Thank you! I am one proud mama, that's for sure!

    Cathy- Thank you!

    Deb- Thank you!

    Alessandra- Thank you! I must agree with you! :)

    Sush- Hey girl! How have you been? I've got three younger brothers- they used to drive me nuts. Wait, USED TO? Ha! LOL Thanks!

    kel- Thank you!

  10. Your lovelies are just so lovely! They look like they're a close-knit bunch. So nice to have sisters who are friends too. :)

  11. Your girls are gorgeous. Just beautiful, every one!

    I'm always telling my three little girls, sisters are a gift. Don't ever forget that!

  12. You sure do have some lovely girls. But you knew that! They all look like so much fun...I'm imagining when all five of you get together that the rafters ring.

    A neat thing about this post is that I've seen some of the photos before and it's like looking at the family photo album. We always love doing that over and over.

  13. Great collection of photos. Makes me wish I had sisters :)

  14. Lovely pictures, full of life! I have 2 sisters, but only 1 daughter. I always wonder if she missed out, but she does have some special girlfriends, and she's never said she wished she had a sister (she's got 3 brothers!). Great post!

  15. You have some beautiful girls (who apparently like beer...that's a good thing!)!!! :D


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