Thursday, May 30, 2013


As in, SELF-discipline.

Apparently, I don't have much.

I've heard that self-discipline is not something we're born with. It's something we learn. You know, from practice. I practice self-discipline about as much as I practiced the piano when I was a kid--about once in a blue moon.

I don't play piano.

And I'm not self-disciplined. In most areas.

When it comes to something like raising children, I possess self-discipline. Putting myself aside to raise the lovelies was easy. And well worth it!

When it comes to general household chores, I possess self-discipline. Mostly because I can't stand filth and, if I don't clean around here, it doesn't get done.

When it comes to going to work, I possess self-discipline. If I didn't, no check.

But those are situations in which most of us HAVE to practice self-discipline. And, for me, the HAVE to makes the self-discipline easy-ish. When I am undisciplined in these areas, I am sending messages that I never want to be associated with--
  • I am not respectful of your time
  • I am not respectful of others
  • I waste time and money
  • I am lazy
  • I am not productive
  • I am negative
  • I don't care about goals
  • I am reckless
And it goes on.

Did you know that, without discipline, we can become slothful? Unfortunately, I have some habits that do seem rather slothy--except when it comes to making up new words. Ha!

In my everyday, personal life, the slothfulness really shows up. And these are the areas that I'm really going to have to work on diligently.

It's a matter, for me, of getting myself on the same, self-disciplined, schedule that I have myself on the my 'have to' activities.

It's going to include fitness, weight loss, household projects, the garden (thaaaat's right, even the garden will have to go on the schedule or I will neglect it), my book that list seems to grow and grow. Which is probably one reason why I lack discipline in these areas. They become overwhelming and that leads to neglect.

It's past time to put some value on these things and start changing my evil ways, so to speak.

I'm sure that developing self-discipline will be positive as it does tend to---
  • builds character
  • make for a more orderly life
  • make for a less stressful life
  • result in positivity and productivity
  • positively impact others
 Will it be easy? Hell to the N.O.

But I need to do this. And I'm going to.

Just as soon as school is out. :)

How's your self-discipline?


  1. Self-discipline isn't my strong suit. I usually choose to do the things I want to do over the things I "should" do. Unless, like you, it involves work I am doing for someone else.

  2. coop- It's not mine either. But it's going to be. I hope. Maybe. We'll see. LOL

  3. Makes me tired just thinking about it. ;)

  4. I am wearing my old glasses and I thought you said " you don't care about goats." I think discipline is always hard but I really do like the fruitfulness it adds to my life. It helps having a OCD dog who likes routine and gets very upset when I don't follow it. Not to mention all the people I live with. I don't think I was that self disciplined but when I started having kids, it kind of becomes important. I have gone to homes to visit with no discipline and I can't wait to get out of there. I think it is a worthy goal. Are you feeling better?

  5. Yeah, I'm pretty self-disciplined, and I play piano It takes me a lot to get adjusted during summer because I'm off work and I don't have as much to do, so I have to get self-disciplined about something else.

  6. I am gonna cheer you on with your goal, good luck :)

    I think most of us know how hard it is to acknowledge we lack in area and are struggling to work on it.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  7. Mine is not good. Grand in relation to work, bad in relation to food, I don't like to deny myself!
    I think you're very self-disciplined in relation to exercise and food, maybe you're being too hard on yourself.
    I'm embarking on exercise discipline now that school's out...yes, we're on hols, officially!!!!

  8. I am very much like you. I did have that fight with my daughter that made me push myself to do more and I did but self-discipline has not come easy for me. I have a long road ahead of me too but I do know you can do it!
    Wishing you complete success.....


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