Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's Coming Up Hodge Podge

I'm beginning to think that three day weekends at the end of school is not necessarily a good thing. I'm all confused and the week will seem so much longer than if we had to be here five days....

The good news? We have the Hodge Podge to keep us happy!

1. What question do you often ask yourself? Why in the world did I do/say that? My hope is that, one day, I'll ask a similar question PRIOR TO speaking/acting (SHOULD I say/do that?) so that I won't have to ask myself this anymore.

2. Do you grow roses? What's your favorite color of rose?  Ever been given a dozen roses?  Where was the prettiest rose or rose garden you remember seeing? I have a few sweetheart rose bushes in my flower bed but I'm not a rose grower per se. My grandmother grew them and my FIL was a master at growing anything and everything, including roses. I'm not a huge fan of roses...I suppose the yellow would be a favorite. I have been given a dozen roses on many occasions but I've finally gotten it through everyone's head that I do not appreciate killing roses to sit in my house and die. I much prefer a plant to be planted in the yard. As far as rose gardens go, there's probably a lovely one or 500 downtown Charleston. LOL

3. Do you read the freshness dates on grocery store products?  Will you use eggs past their 'use by' date?  Take medication that's expired? Buy a dented can? I don't buy anything from the interior aisles at the grocery store--I only shop the perimeter. But, if a product does come with a sell by/use by date- I won't buy it if it's anywhere close to either. I try not to take medicine at all but I NEVER take any that has expired. The husband will eat/take/drink anything, expired or not. On the rare occasions that I've purchased a can of anything, I've never purchased a dented can.

4. Should athletes be role models? SHOULD they? The word 'should' makes me feel all judgmental if I answer this question. Not to mention it's a rather involved answer so I'll just take the 5th on this one.

5. Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay of Nepal became the first explorers to reach the top of Mt. Everest on this date (May 29) back in 1953. What's something you hope to achieve in your lifetime? Right now, I just want to survive to the end of the school year and then I want to survive the summer. And the wedding planning and then next school year and then...not very lofty, eh? Honestly, after raising the lovelies, I haven't thought about other achievements. Writing a book? Seeing the US? I'll have to give this some thought. Later. When my brain cells come back- you know, after school. :)

6. What would you do if you had twenty acres of land and the money to develop it any way you choose? First, I would move there in a completely eco-friendly home and not tell anyone where I was--except for the lovelies and a friend. And then I would set myself up with the most organic farm anyone has ever seen; dig a ginormous hole for a pond; get some horses and doggies and kitties and chickens! And I would live there forever and ever in peace and quiet. :)

7. If I invite you to a party with a 7 PM start time, what time will I actually see you there? Right at 7:00 pm cause I would arrive early and sit in the car until 7. LOL

8.  Insert your own random thought here. Being sick at the end of the school year SUCKS. And it's driving me nuts.

Breezy and Deanie came home over the Memorial Day weekend and we all (along with my Bestie and Birdie's Bestie and another friend and Mimi) went out ALL DAY LONG on Saturday to help Birdie begin the search for bridesmaids dresses and the wedding gown. She has great ideas on the bridesmaids dresses but actually found her wedding dress! WooHoo! So, as of today, we have the venue and the dress! Which are two of the most difficult things to secure around here. 

Time management has become the name of the game!

Have a great rest of the week!  


  1. When is the wedding? So glad you've got the dress and location settled on.

    We HP people think alike in terms of punctuality. You won't be the only one sitting in your car waiting for the clock to tick 7:01 : ) Funny how many people mentioned that today.

  2. I'm one that will arrive early and wait for the clock to hit 7:01! Too funny! I enjoyed your answers today.

  3. Bless your little heart! Those last few days of school are so hard, aren't they?!!! Our schools got out last week.

    Your twenty acres sounds pretty nice. I could go for that!

    Wow, finding 'the dress' went fairly quickly, didn't it?! Now, if the rest of the preparations will just fall into place that easily :)

  4. Glad you all found the dress and the venue and hope the rest will come easily.

  5. That is one of the rules from Michael Pollan's book Food Rules to only shop the outside isles. I do that too except to buy a few things that my family has to have. However I have stopped buying diet soda! My friend who I mentioned was also planning a wedding found her wedding gown too!

  6. Hopefully everything else for the wedding will fall into place as easily as the venue and dress.

    I'd probably ride around the neighborhood waiting for 7:02 so I could show up "on time" - but not be the first one there. ;-)

  7. I have heard about Perimeter shopping but I haven't quite got the hang of that tip yet.

    Anyway, so glad you got the dress and the venue moving right along!!!

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  8. Joyce- The wedding is May 10, 2013. The location is always difficult when you live in a popular wedding area. I was wondering where the other punctual people were because there sure aren't many around here. LOL

    Jhona- I'm punctual to a fault. People call me anal about it. A lot. LOL

    Kathy- I hope the rest falls into place like that! Fingers crossed. And yes, the end of school should be called Crazy time! :)

    Cathy- I hope so too! Thanks!

    Debby- I like it because it's not only healthier but it saves money too! Win-win! I thought the dress would take the most time. Gladly, I was wrong! :)

    Kathy- I hope so too. I've been known to just not show up at all if some people make me run too late.

    Lucy- It's healthier and less costly. I'm glad too. Now for the remaining 1000 things on the list. LOL


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