Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just Give Me Some Hodge Podge

Today is my Thursday! Tomorrow is my Friday!

And, on Saturday, my baby graduates from college. Wow! How did THAT happen?

Good thing I have the Hodge Podge to keep me grounded!

1. When the children of today grow up, what do you think they'll say about this period in time? What do you most hope they remember? I'm not sure what they'll remember but it'll probably be related to technology. I hope they remember everything they learned about recycling from the tiniest to the largest. And I hope they realize that that sense of entitlement they walked around with is, in actuality, nonexistent. 

2. National Teacher's Day is celebrated in the US of A on the first Tuesday in May, this year May 7th...share how a particular teacher positively impacted you. I really only remember one teacher who had a positive impact. She was my high school sociology teacher. She might be the reason I double majored in college with sociology and psychology. Who knows? That was sooooo long ago.

3. What's a dish your mama made, that if set in front of you today would whisk you right back to childhood? Several things BUT I'm going with her twice baked potatoes. Lordie but I LOVED those things! I still do, I just don't eat potatoes now. We had them every Sunday lunch after church with a roast and veggies and homemade bread and sweet tea and...I'm so hungry now.                                                                      
4. Mother May I was a game we played when I was growing pieces, parts, or plugs required. What games from childhood do you remember loving that were also pieces, parts, and plug-free? FREEZE TAG was my favorite. We also played football, softball, pickle (loved that one too), Tarzan--which means we swung from the trees on vines which was crazy but a lot of fun. 

5. Besides your own mother, tell us about a woman who influenced you as a child? Aunt Betty. You can read about her here.

6. Mamma Mia! What's the best play or musical you've ever seen? Oh, girl. I do NOT do musicals. Or plays. They bore me to tears. The only ones I've ever gone to after the first one were the ones that Birdie had parts in---of those, it's probably "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Musicals? I like a few that I watch on TCM. But I can always walk away from the parts I don't like.

7. What are three smells that make you feel nostalgic? Fresh cut grass in the summer; summer rain; fresh baked bread.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.The only thoughts going through my head right now are ones of helping plan Birdie's wedding and watching DoodleBug graduate Saturday! And DoodleBug's trip to Europe next week! There's just not room for thoughts of anything else right now-- LOL

Have a great rest of the week and a Happy Mother's Day weekend! 


  1. Freeze tag was always fun!

    Sounds like your plate is really full right now!

  2. I so forgot about Freeze Tag LOL

    You are going to have the best weekend, enjoy every moment :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  3. Where in Europe is Doodlebug headed? Wherever it is, I'm jealous : ) Congrats to her on her graduation!

    I started to say the Sunday roast meal is a smell that makes me nostalgic too. I'm also hungry.

  4. I was the queen of freeze tag back in the day ;) And we are totally having twice baked potatoes for dinner tonight! With grilled pork chops. Love them!!

  5. HOw about hide and seek? We played that a million times at least. You sure have a packed weekend, sounds so exciting, make sure to take plenty of pics. :)

  6. Enjoy the graduation. Those are big days in our children's lives. Cut grass is one of the best memories and also the rain. With today's closed windows and air conditioning we miss those smells yet they are still there. I think I have to change that. The guy is mowing our lawn now, I should go outside and breathe it in!

  7. You are one busy woman this month! Hope you have time to catch your breath and enjoy it all.

  8. Oh, freeze tag was so much fun. And you don't do musicals? Me neither! Nice to find another one of us. We are in the minority apparently.

    Happy Graduation celebrations - and Happy Mother's day!


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