Tuesday, May 7, 2013

When They Come Back

Most of you have heard that there is no shortage of good things happening in our family right now--
  • Birdie's engagement (contest for the new SILs nickname is forthcoming).
  • DoodleBug's graduation (which is Saturday--Happy Mother's Day to ME!).
  • DoodleBug's upcoming trip to Europe!
  • DoodleBug moving back home for a while...Wait, WHAT? 
Yep, I've got one back home.

My first discovery? I had adjusted to an empty nest.

My second discovery? It was easy to readjust to not having an empty nest.

That's right. It took 4 years to adjust to an empty nest and about one second to adjust to having one back home. Go figure.

Of course rearranging furniture sucked. So did finding room for all the stuff we don't have room for in our tiny house. But it's working out nicely.

It was easier when Birdie moved back in for just a few months because she had a storage unit.

DoodleBug's storage unit is our house.

And, there's another issue.

Having DoodleBug at home has resulted in a new television program addiction (and I would like to say that partial fault goes to Joyce at From This Side of the Pond for even talking about this program in the first place...Gee, thanks, Joyce). It's The Voice. We're hooked.

Every Monday and Tuesday night, DoodleBug snuggles up in my bed with me and Tucker (the husband ducks down into the man cave- which is usually safer than getting in the middle a girl time) and we watch (and critique) each singer--not harshly though because...well, you've never heard either of us try to carry a tune, so...

What attracted us? The coaches. We love them.

And then there's the whole time spent together. With one exception.

Let me interject a piece of information here: DoodleBug and I also spend time doing other things. Fitness related things. Her idea. Oh, fun.

No, really it is. Every other day we run. And then, on the off days, we run sprints. It's torture. Pure and simple. Afterwards, she makes sure I get in my 50 pushups.

See? Torture.

Ok. Back to the (now ritualistic) watching of The Voice. Before we snuggle down to watch, DoodleBug begins her (also now ritualistic...and evil) chanting of "Want a Frosty and some fries, Mom?/How about a Frosty and some fries, Mom?" Until I relent. And give her some money.

And then we eat. And snuggle down. And watch The Voice.

We've also solve many of the world's problems.

And Tucker might really enjoy getting his belly rubbed.

Furniture, Frosty and fries, snuggle time, fitness torture, television watching...daughters ROCK! 



  1. Daughters rock when they have a Mom who rocks with them! You are obviously a rockin' Mom because you have 4 beautiful and great daughters!

  2. I know what you mean about when they move back. After a few years of empty nesting, one moves back and then another. I have 2 of them at back home now. The only thing that really sucked, was giving up my office and my guest room. And we too are in a small house (1300 sq feet)

    OH well...

    Sounds like a very special time with your daughter. Enjoy!

  3. I am so very, very happy with more good news and I love the snuggle on the bed with Tucker and the Frosty and fries ritual.
    Your cup does over flow and you haven't mentioned this yet but school is almost out, right?
    Kudos on that graduation too.
    So awesome Pam, I am over the moon for you.

  4. Daughter so rock! And you better be glad she puts you through all that exercise torture, or you'd be seeing that Frosty and fries on your hips! LOL

    Sounds like so much fun at your house. Enjoy.

  5. I'm really enjoying The Voice this year...I love the coaches! I think Shakira is adorable and she was probably the one I was least excited about. I've always been a Maroon 5 fan : ) Enjoy your daughter time...I'm sure it requires some adjusting, and you know one of these days you'll be readjusting again so enjoy! I still climb into bed with my mom when I visit for some heart to hearts, so maybe we never really outgrow that.

  6. Just try to enjoy every second!

  7. Enjoy,enjoy and just enjoy :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  8. OH This makes me smile!!! What an amazing time!!!

  9. what great relationships you have with your children.

  10. Barb- You are just too sweet! Thank you!

    Lady- We have the same amount of square footage. And I gave up the guest room, but have been able to keep my office. So far. As soon as another one comes home...it's over. LOL

    Kim- It does overflow. And I need to remember that, daily. School is not as close to being out as I'd like. We have this week and four more. Mentally, however, I'm done. LOL

    Judy- I am glad...and sore. And the darn fries and Frosty are going to the hips anyway. LOL

    Joyce- Maroon 5 = LOVE. I have them all over my iPod. I am enjoying it- most of the time. But have you seen her room???? Sheesh. LOL

    Cathy- Thanks! I am!

    Betty- Remember and survive, eh? LOL Thanks!

    Lucy- I am, am, am! LOL Thanks!

    Deb- Thanks! We're going to be busy for quite a while around here.

    Jennifer- I cherish those relationships. I used to think everyone had those with their daughters. But, apparently, I was wrong.

  11. I got hooked last season to The Voice and I'm loving it this year too! I use to watch Idol but not this year.


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