Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Listicles

I'm so glad to be back with the Monday Listicles! I've missed them! I'm also glad the A-Z Challenge is over. My heart just wasn't in it this year. 

But my heart is always in the making of the listicles.

This week's list is all about 10 Things You Love That Cost Nothing. Next week, 10 Real or Imagined Brand Names. Not quite sure what that means but I've got a week to think about it. Ha!
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10 Free Things I Love
  1. My morning walks with Tucker. Especially on the weekends when we take the nature trail down to the marsh. The sunrise is always so pretty. Yesterday morning, we saw egrets out there. And some laughing gulls. And hundreds of fiddler crabs.
  2. Having DoodleBug move back home for a while. Wait. No. That has cost. It has cost my quiet time, an increase in the grocery bill, extra work when cleaning the house and cooking...Never mind. Of course, it has ADDED to my happiness. So, it works out.
  3. Birdie's engagement! Of course, the wedding will be a completely different story. Ha!
  4. Our nephew's baby boy! That kid brings us all such joy!
  5. Running sprint 8s. I absolutely love doing this and it's FREE! Well, except for the week before Spring Break when Tucker darted in front of me and I fell and it cost me 4 weeks and 4 days of sitting before I could run them again.Torturous.
  6. Sitting quietly. Sometimes I just love to sit and hear and say nothing. About two minutes later, though, I get bored and it's over. Which is one very good reason why I don't do Yoga.
  7. Rain storms. There's almost nothing I love more than a good thunderstorm with pounding rain. Especially in the early morning hours. On days that I can stay in bed and listen and drift in and out of sleep. Marvelous!
  8. Time spent with any one of or all of the lovelies. I love any amount of time I get to spend with my girls. They are the BEST! We sit around the table and talk/laugh/play for hours. And then there's the beach just 3 miles from our house. We never need to go out and spend money in order to enjoy ourselves. 
  9. Gardening. I mean, after all the plants are purchased. The part where you spend every day looking at each plant closely, weeding, watering...time spent with in the garden is truly therapuetic. 
  10. Time spent with my BFF. She and I don't get nearly as much time as we'd like but, when we do, we usually go to one or the others house and sit and solve all the world's problems. As with spending time with the lovelies, we don't need to spend money to have a good time. 
I'm pretty sure those are my TOP 10 things I love doing that don't cost anything.

So, what's on your list?


  1. Awww such a cute list!
    Hugs from loved ones are at the top of my list & dancing around the house to great music :)

  2. Plum- Thanks! I love dancing around the house too---when I'm all by myself. LOL

  3. Rainstorms and besties--doesn't get any better than that!

  4. Would love to hear what sprint 8s are. I run with my dog too and sounds like you took a tumble. Not fun. I worry about this and he also darts in front of folks I run with. That would be horrible. (if he made a friend trip.) Love those dogs but sometimes they are just wrapped up in their own clumsy world.

  5. Lovely list and thank you! You reminded me of things I take for granted. I am a very grumpy person today. :)

  6. Great list! I think my number one would be taking a walk with my hubby.

  7. Robbie- Agreed! Thanks!

    South- It was horrible. Although, it could have been much worse. You can read about Sprint 8s right here:

    Kim- Thanks! Apparently I'm the only person NOT grumpy in my family right now. LOL

    Cathy- Thanks! I don't like to walk with the husband. He talks too much. LOL

  8. rain storms is an awesome one!!
    I could sit with a cup of tea and listen to the rain forever!
    especially at my mother in laws because she has an old wood stove in the corner of the kitchen and a tin roof. it's like music.

  9. I love to listen to the sound of rain on the car roof when I'm sitting all warm and dry inside. Wait! Maybe that's not free cuz you need a car?
    So many of us are solving the world's problems with our BFF's...why isn't it all fixed by now?

  10. I hate rain, but that's probably cos we get so much of it here, lol!
    I love watching snow fall, could watch it forever...we don't get much of that here.
    I love looking out at my garden when the grass if freshly cut, and edged. I always think what a difference it makes! Much more than weeding does, but that has to be done too!
    Great list yours.

  11. I think we handle 'sitting quietly' about the same. lol Enjoy your time with DoodleBug. Loved your list today. :-) Your walk with Tucker sounded wonderful!

  12. It is so nice walking this time of year. The weather is gorgeous. The sky is so blue. It is possible to just walk and appreciate all the beauty out there.

  13. Your happiness is screaming from the 'page'. I am so glad you are enjoying your daughter home and how exciting a wedding to plan.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality


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