Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Sometimes going to school can make a day better.

Especially when there are people in the world who have a bad attitude..

Do you have days that you are surrounded by people with attitude? Do you feel the urge to smack them?

Somehow, and I really don't understand HOW this happens, there are people around me who often forget and mistake my patience for acceptance. Or understanding.

That can be a dangerous thing to do.

Because, after encountering these bad moods for a time, it ALMOST always results in the offenders seeing MY attitude which DOES always put their attitude to utter shame.

But then, a thought pops into my head of something a student said during the school year...something that is hysterical. Like one day during the last month of school---

Student: Mrs. Librarian, I know what it is!

Mrs. Librarian: You know what what is?

Student: It's your hair!

Mrs. Librarian: Oh, I got a hair cut yesterday.

Student: I like it! It makes you look almost pretty!

Mrs. Librarian: Why, thank you, sweetie.

And then I start laughing.

Yep, kids. You just never know!

How nice to be reminded that life is just too short to let the bad attitude of others ruin your day. I just hope I remember that as I venture out to Wally World this morning. Ha!


  1. I SO agree! Attitude is everything! I try my best to avoid those with bad ones.

  2. LOL on the urge to smack them. Your so funny! I LOVE your attitude!

    Cute story about the student lol

  3. Love the little anecdote at the end. Kids are so honest! lol

    I hate being around people with an attitude, whether it's a grumpy attitude or a chip on the shoulder. Actually, chip on the shoulder seems way more difficult.

  4. Oh now I get it, Wally World is a challenge. But oh do I come home with stories. :)
    Someone said that to me in high school, I would look almost pretty if I wore makeup. ( I was wearing makeup.)
    Well your signs made me laugh. Have a nice day.

  5. It is definitely a challenge.

  6. Kids can be so insensitive at times, not even realizing what they are saying. All we can do is laugh when it happens because they wouldn't understand why we were crying many times. Some would understand and just dig in even harder. I was always good at finding those kids when I was in school.

    Wally World is always a challenge. I usually come out of there ready to spit nails!

    I enjoyed reading your post and especially like the image about high fives. :)

    Have a great week!

  7. All true! And, while violence is always a poor response to a bad attitude, I really do get the chair high-five. Now that made me laugh!

  8. Don't piss Moma off!! Lol. Hugs

  9. I try,try and try to always have a good attitude but I cannot tell a lie, I'm a venter and sometimes I have a moment when I am not the cheery wonderful sunshine and rose person in the room but I definitely am not a downer every time someone sees me, it typically is an event that will set me off and then I am back to seeing the brighter side of life, I usually can find a joke pretty quick,right after I vent,most times.
    Loved your images,they had me smiling :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  10. BB- I do too but, sometimes, they it's like they're just put right in my path.

    Sandy- Thanks! So good to see that you stopped by!

    Judy- I hate being around them too. And it's like they just won't let up until they bring you down with them.

    Kim- You are so funny! We all got such a laugh out of the comment. This was a student who thought she was giving a compliment.

    Cathy- It sure is!

    Suzanne- This particular student thought she really was handing out a compliment. Which made it easy to laugh about.

    Stephanie- It made me laugh too! I'm glad I only do that in my mind. LOL

    Barb- You got it! LOL

    Lucy- I try to be that way as well. But it gets rather difficult when there are people around trying to bring me down. Trick is to not let them win I suppose. You're a venter? Who knew? LOL


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