Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chitty Chattin'

Summer temps have, as usual, preceded the official beginning of summer around here. Luckily, this year, we've been getting some nice rain so the garden is very happy. I am too. As long as the AC keeps working!

Of course, not even heat can stand in the way of sitting on a porch and enjoying the company of good friends. Pull up a rocker and join Patrice and friends for a little porch chattin'!

Everyday Ruralty

  1. Is there a friend or relative who has been on your mind a lot lately? Yes. Patrice and all the chattin' participants! I've been MIA for so long and I've missed chatting with y'all!
  2. Do you sunburn? Not really. Whenever I do, it turns to tan by the next day. I've always been like that. Now, unfortunately, when I get sun, I only get splotchy. Ain't aging grand...
  3. If you were visiting my farm for a week (or weekend) would you want to cook with me, pick veggies or pull weeds with the farm crew, or just feed Wendell carrots until he outgrew his horse suit? Sorry Patrice, but Wendell wins out on this one! Break out the carrots! 
  4. Do you like to tell jokes or hear them? I used to like to hear them...though I don't care for distasteful ones. You know, the ones that are insensitive to race, religion or those that are belittling to anyone/anything.  
  5. Do you wear sunglasses often? Yes. Every time I go outside. I have extreme sensitivity to bright lights, sounds and smells. If I don't wear my shades, I have to close my eyes. That makes getting around somewhat difficult. Especially when getting around involves driving. 
Have a fantastic Tuesday, y'all!


  1. I agree, I'd be feeding Wendell too.

  2. Cathy- Right?! Isn't he just the best?! :)

  3. I'm with you on the shades. I wear them summer and winter. Some people think it's crazy to wear them in the winter, but if they realized just how much sunlight is reflected off all the snow, they'd see why. ANYWAY, enjoyed the chattin' on the porch. Stay cool.

  4. Judy- I know what you mean! Anytime we're near snow I have to have my shades too! Did yours ever melt? LOL

  5. I'm the same way with my sunglasses and I also don't enjoy rude jokes. Just not funny to me.

    Here's my chat:



  6. I have to wear sunglasses and hats, I need nice wide rimmed hats!

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  7. I always carry my sunglasses with me - even in the winter when it's mostly raining. You never know - a bright ray might just pop by.

    Isn't it funny how our joke meter changes? I used to really enjoy most jokes but now it's rare to actually find any of them truly funny. But every now and and then there's a real rip-snorter and I enjoy those enough to make up for the others!


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