Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lawd, It's Hawt

Anything related to running is not conducive to low-country summer temps. (Yes, I'm quite aware that summer is still 6 days away but try telling that to the thermometer.) Not the running itself nor thinking about it; watching someone else do it; see someone doing it in a movie; reading about it online or in a magazine. NOTHING about running is conducive to low-country summer temps. NOTHING.

Knowing this as I do, why is it, you ask, would I venture out late Friday morning around 11:00 to attempt a run? 


I see other people doing it all the time. From morning through afternoon into the evening. They seem to be ok. And they're not all young. There are a few out there older than me and Methuselah.  

But I'm not doing that anymore. From now on, if I don't get out there to run before 6:30 A.M., I am NOT going. 

Thus was born my great idea. I call it My Great Idea of the Summer of 2013. 

Three mornings each week of the summer, I will go up to school and run my Sprint 8s up and down the stairs. Oh yeah. My brilliance is astounding, eh? 

It's not that bad really. I've done it once already and I not only survived, I made it through all 8 rotations! And so, when I took that late Friday morning run, I was able to do it. It was hot, but I was able to get through the whole thing AND felt like I could have gone further. I didn't because I also don't like throwing up and going too much more would have resulted in that very act. Because it was hot.

Here's my point- Sprint 8 is fantastic for improving your fitness level. It works. It's for real. 

Go to Dr. Mercola's site HERE, if you're interested to learn more about Sprint 8. Mercola's site is the first place I learned about it. And I've seen the results- improved level of fitness. 

What improves your fitness level?


  1. I love Dr. M but his products are soooooooooooooooooo expensive.

    And it is hot here in GA!

    I ride my bike - every day.


  2. Sandie- I only buy a couple of things from him- my bug spray and sunscreen. Everything else I learn about from him, I buy from other sources. That's one thing I love about him, he doesn't push his product, he gives you the info and you can buy it from whomever. I bet it's hot in GA! Are you near the coast or inland?

  3. What improves my fitness level? Walking away from the fridge with my hands and mouth empty!

  4. Just cause everyone else it doing doesnt mean you have to do it.......OH MY GOSH!!! That was my mom talking!!!!!!!

  5. Cathy- Hahaha That doesn't help my fitness level but it sure helps my waistline! :)

    Deb- Right?! LOL

  6. I've been making those kinds of resolutions and something always gets in the way. Does that mean it's not meant to be? If it were that hot here - and it sure ain't - I would be abandoning the plans even faster than I am! Good for you for getting down to business.

  7. THe desert gets pretty hot too, so I try to work out in the early morning, cause 110 F is hot even if it's a 'dry' heat. Cycling does it for me, though I'm going to add a lot of swimming this summer too, I hate to work out in the heat..

  8. I really need to get swimming, I have never been a runner, I do walk but I am not really allowed to walk anymore and I can't do any high impact exercise. The only exercise I am approved to do is swimming and no aerobic swimming, just good old fashion stroke swimming lol. I hate swimming and it is so time consuming, you know, you get all wet, you have to fix your hair and makeup ( I wear makeup) all over again. Just a big pain in my rear but I need to do it and stop the whining, it will be good for me and my body :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality


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