Monday, June 3, 2013

Listicles: Apperarances

The final countdown has arrived! Two full days, two half days, one teacher workday and then SUMMER VACAY! Hallefreakingluiah!!!

It's time for the wonderfully entertaining Monday Listicles! 

This week, we're listing The Top 10 Things You Notice First About Someone NEXT week the list will be 10 Beauty Tool/Products You Can't Live Without.

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Top 10 Things I Notice First About Someone
  1. Facial expression. I'm probably not going to approach or be approached by someone who is snarling.
  2. Odor. I have oversensitive senses and my sense of smell is ridiculous. Therefore, whether someone smells of perfume or BO, I can't take it. I will back off from them speedy quick. I've tried holding my breath but that just doesn't work Besides, if I pass out and it's a bad breath issue and they try to give me mouth to mouth---Ew.
  3. Firmness, or lack thereof, of handshake. I always notice their handshake. And, unfortunately, I tend to judge their personality based on their handshake. If it's like holding a damp dishrag, I'm not really going to pay attention to much of what they have to say nor will I pursue a relationship. If it's too strong, same thing.
  4. Their vibe. If it's good/positive/happy I'm good with talking with them. If it's not, forget it.
  5. Whether most of their comments are negative or positive. I don't mind if it's a mixture but, if all that comes out of their mouth is negative, I'm moving on.
  6. Where their eyes look while talking to me. If they are able to look me in the eye while talking, great. If not, I wonder what they are hiding or lying about. Or if some dude is looking at my chest instead of my face---let's just say that I'm not silent about it.
  7. Their accent. Some accents I could just sit and listen to all day long. Others, not so much. If it's so thick, and I'm including redneck speak here, then I'm not really listening because I'm not willing to take the time to interpret what they're really saying.
  8. Body language. Tells me a lot---is the person in a good mood, bad mood, sad mood, angry mood...absolutely determines whether or not I'll be conversing with them that day. 
  9. Stature. Like posture---do they carry themselves with confidence or do they slouch.
  10. Real or fake. It's pretty easy for me to assess the genuineness of people. If they aren't genuine, I'm out. 
 And I just realized that this is a list that makes me sound quite judgmental. In my defense, I just really don't want someone's bad mood or anger issues. I've got enough of those myself. I'm not going to be thrilled with their sad stories and pity parties either. I live with someone who has bad moods, anger issues and pity parties on a nearly daily basis. This, of course, excludes someone with a true need.

So, yeah. I might be way more judgmental than I thought. Or maybe we could call it protective??? Ha.

Ok, let's hear what's on your lists! 


  1. I never thought about it before until I read this list but all 10 of them tell you about someone when you first meet. The first time I met the kids pastor he almost broke my hand because he squeezed it so tight. I like a firm handshake but that was crazy. My hand hurt for two days. When he was here for the wedding he reached for my hand and I told him, "Oh heck no way are you shaking my hand." I felt bad but he did such a fine job on the wedding, I told him I would shake his hand very carefully. I think if I met you we would get along just fine. My accent is very light. :)
    I am counting down your days to summer too.

  2. Interesting list - and when I got to #9, I straightened up - just so you know. :-) I have always loved a firm handshake, but just the past few years my fingers have been getting cranky about it.

  3. #1,2,3,and 6 are on my list, especially # 3, you can tell a lot by a handshake. I've got two more weeks before freedom, can't wait for it!

  4. Interesting. Now I'm scared to open my mouth to say hello if we meet. I have a non accent so I don't know where that puts me, lol! But I can make almost any accent in the world come out of my mouth, so if you have a preference and we are gonna be talking just let me know, lol!

  5. I'd probably say eyes and a smile. I definitely notice negativity too...that is a trait I find hard to handle. Enjoy your week!

  6. Your list is very astute. It actually shows just how much we pick up on from people in a very short period of time. It also explains why some people draw people to them (consistently) and other people repel people from them (consistently). I don't think your list judgmental at all. I think you are simply calling it the way that it is.

  7. What you said! If you're judgmental, then so am I. And I never really think of myself that way. First impressions are the only way to get a second chance, aren't they? I wonder what kind of impression I give on your list. Oh, I shouldn't have started thinking about that!

  8. Interesting list and 10 items seems too many. When I first meet someone new I initially need to check off if I owe them money or they owe me money. A neutral balance is best. Really I think it's the second, third meeting that starts to reveal more important stuff such as common interests.


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